May 2015 archive

The mind of G-d

The Lord has revealed to us in these last moments that the western side of the cross is where Jesus head was laid outlined thousands of years earlier as depicted  in the wilderness tabernacle. The west is the most technologically advanced of all the world. We have unfortunately more understanding of technology than we do …

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Our children are in danger.

This one is hard for me to do, however, we must keep reminding ourselves there is only one way to G-d, and that it is imperative that everyone hears the gospel having the unhindered opportunity to give their lives to Christ. Losing a child is a pain, I know all too well.  Whether it is …

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When does it become confirmation?

When a person receives a call from G-d when does it stop being a delusion for others and start to become a confirmation? Once confirmed that the individual is called of G-d it is usually customary to gather the elders anoint the man with oil pray a blessing of protection over him and assist in …

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The creation of Evil

Why would a loving G-d make such a horrid creature as Lucifer knowing the end from the beginning? Could it be that in order to have a perfect society one must lead and be sure the others follow? We really don’t have to blow ourselves up to figure this out. The truth is G-d did …

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