June 2015 archive

Free will gives us the choice to say yes.

It is the same will we are given to say no to sin and yes to Jesus. Love is a choice and not a feeling. Do you truly love your gay counterpart? G-d is going to test that love in the near future and it is closer than you think. [spreaker type=standard width=100% autoplay=false episode_id=6307840] Can you …

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New World Order on Hold?

Christians have been well aware for centuries Satan’s attempt to place all things under his feet, Jesus said he came but to steal, kill and destroy.  G-d tells us in his word they devised a mischievous device in which they are unable to perform see Psalm 21 below. That by it he will expose his …

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Deserving of its own Post

We are coming to the final days, and the world desperately needs a peace plan one that everyone can gather around. Did you know that G-d the Father loves His Son Jesus very, very much and because of that love, G-d will not allow wicked violent people to co-exist with Him? Like we do not …

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