February 2016 archive

I Support Ted Cruz Here’s Why

First of all, I met his father, and I know his Heavenly Father, I know he loves Jesus Christ I also know that in my last post…G-d and I prove to you that you have no say in your politics and that what Satan takes away from you or you give him he never gives …

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Satan Admits Defeat!

If heaven had a newspaper, this would be its headline. The very fact that the Protestant Church of England has had added to their treasury 700 billion dollars is an admission of guilt.  It is the money taken from “America” in 2008 to install a false Messiah proving they cannot make peace and need our …

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I’m Pentecostal I have the HOLY SPIRIT

With it, the power to discern good from evil, better from best the HOLY SPIRIT will lead us into all truth. However, some claiming they have the Spirit cannot even see the truth clearly in front of them, and why not? How can two walk together as one unless they are agreed? Holy people should …

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The Symbolism of the New World Order

My favorite comic growing up was Richie Rich, I thought even as a child, he did not do enough good with it. I like to brag on my Heavenly Father who owns it all. Now we want share it with the Church we are giving it to the faithful whom did not take from America’s …

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Funding the Church for Harvest

  UPDATED VIDEO… BETTER YET LET’S CALL THIS UNDERSTANDING A COVERING AND ITS PURPOSE… Before we begin ask yourself why evil would want to fund the church for harvest? If you conclude it would never do such a thing then you are correct,  it seeks to destroy the church not prosper it or promote the …

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