July 2016 archive

Hauling True Value

I must admit I love the way the Lord has done this, being in the transportation industry I haul 18 wheelers driving around all the lost four wheelers. Many of them are not paying attention to what’s up ahead as they text and talk on their smartphones. Are smartphones making people stupid?  If they are dying …

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Robbing Yourself of a Blessing

When we become jealous of others and envy what they have been given,  we lose even more of what G-d purposed for us. We destroy a part of ourselves.   When we rejoice at another’s blessing we receive a blessing,  in fact,  everyone around us gets blessed because of our blessing. Jealousy started this entire …

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A greater king

In the story of Esther King Ahasuerus rewards Mordecai by having Haman parade him around saying look what this man has done for the king.  Jesus is the greater King and if that is HIS effigy out there in Egypt Haman is coming for me. What is sad and troublesome is the fact the church has …

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The Future of the U.N.

It is so nice to get all those countries together to let everyone know at once that Jesus is on His way. I suggest we start changing the name to the Federated United Nations after all it seems prophetic that it is headed that way.  Thank you, Eugene Wesley “Gene” Roddenberry for seeing the future …

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