January 2019 archive

Great News for Team Leaders and Wedding Planners Wherever You May Be.

Zephyr now has an App so that tasks can be handled from your cell phone without having to log into the websites directly. So if your group leader knows he needs to schedule buses or set up a day at a theme park or bring in reinforcements to man the burger grills he can set up …

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Whats Up with the HO’s?

Not the Huggy Bear kind but these Ho’s the half holy ones that got us into this mess, to begin with! You may have noticed many of my pages have the HO HO HO message built within.  For those who are unaware that there are angels whose only purpose in heaven is to fly around …

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Angels We Have Heard On HIGH Not From Aliens

The confusion between them is common it usually has to do with respect of God verses disrespecting God. Those who seek to deny a creator and one to be accountable too usually go with the Alien theory which is easy to do if one sides with the darkness and not the light. I have issues …

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