February 2019 archive

The Manifested Presence of God

Last Sunday my Pastor began to preach on this subject claiming that when the Lord shows up the people present can’t stand up and fall backwards on the floor. I know for certain it is God’s desire that we fall to our knees in prayer and in private worship even prostate ourselves on the floor …

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Give Me That Old American Standard and why I hate the New American Standard.

There was a time in America when it was heaven on earth or close to it. We were dragged into WWII by the rich and powerful who profit from war.  The harlot is drunk on the blood of the saints and on our Protestant children’s blood.  Hitler would have never been a threat to anyone …

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Knowledge of the Holy

There is a great Theologian by the name of A.W. Tozer who did a book with the same title it is a must-read for anyone who inquires of the Holy. HEAVEN (sky above us)  and EARTH shall pass away but the word of the LORD shall endure FOREVER! Matthew 24:35  Heaven and earth shall pass …

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