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Never Forget What They Are Like – Yes There are Monsters So Quit Lying to Your Kids.

Matthew 23:37 KJV (37)  (777) O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! Man is just a shell, a container to carry thought and …

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Martin Luther King Jr. Made The Appointed Times List

Black Lives Matter all lives matter and this man is at home in the kingdom of God, his time came before his time because he was hated by others whose lifestyle was threatened by his message. Red and Yellow,  Black and White we are precious in HIS sight Jesus loves the little children of the …

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A Match Made in Hell

God saw the match before the foundation of the world. Do you have any idea how much God loves you? He loves you more than his enemy hates you, and he does hate you being in the likeness of God and all? The road to hell should be a treacherous one filled with grief and …

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Setting Prisoners Free

It is amazing how many put up a fight to go to hell, the image is taken from my Wordfence Fire Wall, I can’t say enough of how appreciative I am of this. It is expensive but well worth the investment for the protection it offers.  It’s not quite as good of a protector as …

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There is a Real Matrix and Agent Smith’s

The crop circle below was done by our Heavenly Father to reveal the truth that there is only one door that leads to heaven. Jesus said HE was the only way to get back into heaven. The numbers of the doors point to a verse that asks the question, the ceiling answers, and in the …

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Saul his thousands, David his tens of thousands.

Jealousy plays a major role in the first rebellion as it does in most rebellions, the Angels were jealous of the SON and the covering given to the Son by the name of Lucifer.  Cain was jealous of Abel.  Rachel was envious of Leah, Leah’s sons were jealous of Joseph which is a picture of the first rebellion …

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Episode Twenty-Four 12 Birds in Flight We Will Fly Away

The truest wise men 888 in the center beaks and eyes adds to TWENTY-FOUR… Father, Son, Holy Spirit I jokingly refer to this one as the birds of Preterism. I’ll fly away. Made up with twelve birds. All the tail feathers are 6 x 8 OR TWENTY-FOUR as well. Psalms 24:1-10  A Psalm of David. …

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New Steps to Peace with God Released Due to the COVID-19 Scare.

They have six to eight hospitals in every state in the Union and several around the globe. Now they have the Whitehouse the W.H.O Ho, Ho, Ho. It is one of their brainchilds to bring in the NWO.  This is to keep the priesthood alive by making America like China. Protestants will suffer in the …

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G R U Listening to God on COVID-19?

Minions can be so helpful at times the image is a crop circle that reveals sound waves that penetrate the ear. Our God (Jesus) gave us two and one mouth for a reason. If we had two mouths and one ear had “evolution” really went wrong, then we would be offending twice as many people, …

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A Pictures Worth A Thousand Words

This has to be one of the webs greatest Memes for today.

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