March 2022 archive

To the Doubting Thomas’s of the Church and Outside the Church

Not long ago, I posted a prophecy I was given on September 23, 1990, 11 years before 9/11 and 16 years to the day my stepmother passed away. She had been my tormentor whose soul I pleaded for that she would not enter into hell.  My supplication for her soul began in 1982 when I …

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Friends don’t let friends burn in hell.

What about relatives and Co-workers? I have been pouring over countless hours of the divisions in the  Church what one minister has to say about the others.  I feel it is necessary to expose the false teachers to keep the sheep from straying or backing the wrong horse. No doubt teachers will be judged more …

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The 33’s of Scripture

You will find many places where 33 has a significant position in scripture. It was the age of Jesus (ancient of days) when HIS body was torn, and his death took place on the cross. However, it was only for three days; HE would be in the grave. Death cannot hold the author of love …

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God’s Love of Israelupdated

Children love these puzzles where they fit the pieces into where they can fit. This puzzle is not that difficult where it leads us is to a mystery in scripture, with my initials being B_A_B_(E_L) E_L are the initials I was initially born with adoption gave me B_A_B the first is last; these puzzles were …

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