April 2022 archive

A very bad interpertation of the word can cause a world of (to) hurt.

I often listen to KRDU FM on iHeart radio in the big truck; it’s California’s Christian Talk Radio. One of the programs I love to hear is “Thru the Bible Radio,” a broadcast with J. Vernon McGee, who is now at home with the LORD. He was a Presbyterian like D. James Kennedy of Coral …

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The Only Top King Forever the King of Kings all Three Sections Combined.

April 10th, 2022, was Palm Sunday Easter week, and I had chosen to spend it with my only son. We met up in Ft. Lauderdale; he flew in from California. He is my only lineage, past or present that I have known whom I have not seen in nearly seven years. I would undoubtedly see …

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She NY UN America Before Communism

If I compound the word Cat and Holic, a veil falls over one’s eyes like the veil that remains over the nation of Israel; when the law of Moses is read, they need to know the lamb has been slain and who that lamb is and one Church calling itself Christian out of them all …

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