May 2022 archive

Our only HOPE is that it Is not a FALSE Peace Plan the next Time or We Suffer Another Financial Disaster Worse then all the OTHERS.

For the sake of America, it better be the right peace plan!  None of us can afford it not to be. Whenever we did not bring the peace plan God desired, we suffered financial hardships in natural disasters right after we tried. The same is true whenever a new translation of HIS word is published; …

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A Model Church for the Whole World

Setting captives free requires one not to bow down to the image of the beast. Doing so causes spiritual blindness; having once been covered with all precious stones, he seduces many with his outward appearance. While inwardly they are ravenous wolves, his image is here and has been for a long time, and many have …

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The High Cost of Low Prices and Playing With China’s Money When the Economy Collapses Again.

First, let me tell you we are all guilty of what I am about to describe to you. It’s like buying a mutual fund or having money in a 401K but not knowing that some money is funding immoral investments. Sin affects us all, and HIS people perish for their lack of knowledge. Let me …

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