June 2022 archive

Is There a Penalty for Silencing the Watchman?

How oxy Mormon of me. My mastery of the English language leaves me often doubtful of my calling.  I check all my writing by using a program called Grammarly. As a child, I attended school with only a few poker chips, and those which I had,  I hung on to tightly. I  mostly got by …

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Never forget Nanjing (Nanking) the Watchman Sees it Coming Again.

On 11/9, 2004, Iris Chang took her own life at 36. She published “The Rape of Nanking” about the atrocities committed in China’s province of Nanking. The Iris is part of the eye that controls the amount of light allowed into the optic nerve. If she knew Jesus, she would have had an inner light …

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They Are Telling You Their Plans I Still Say God Has a Better Plan Found In The Bible.

The following video clip about an Elephant should become the Republican Party’s wake-up call to unite and the Church to stand up and speak out against the Democrats who have turned America into the Antichrist System it has become. Their healthcare plan tries keeping group gatherings under 25 to create their one-world order.  America stood …

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