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The Spirit of Odin alive and well and in the Church.

The following is from the wiki: Odin is a widely revered god in Germanic paganism. Norse mythology, the source of most surviving information about him, associates him with wisdom, healing, death, royalty, the gallows, knowledge, war, battle, victory, sorcery, poetry, frenzy, and the runic alphabet, and depicts him as the husband of the goddess Frigg. …

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National Day of Fasting and Prayer Began With Abraham Lincoln a man Determined to set the Captives Free

Keep in Mind another way to refer to him would be Abe L. I always try and find the blessing in the blessing appointed times are everywhere. The First National Day of Prayer was on a Thursday, the 30th. day of April 1863 4+30+18+63= 115 Psalm 115 fits. By the President of the United States …

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How the Passing of the Queen Plays on the Church

The Monarchy was meant to be a platform on which to notify the world that Jesus Christ is coming. She was the head of the Anglican Church, the church of the Angels.  Protestant by divine design and like any other Biblical Monarch, she was curious about her crop circles or the modern version of the …

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Sir Francis Galton made the Appointed Times List For His Soul Saving Invention.

It is not for his continued studies into his cousin Charles Darwin’s work where he creates the term eugenics. A favorite term of Planned Parenthood, an organization supported by the Bill Gates Foundation who, by the way, was discussing the idea of a Pandemic just before one came out. Wouldn’t it be nice for someone …

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