A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

Proverbs 17:22  A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

Jim Carrie is one of Hollywood’s most entertaining comedians who has had many of us roaring with laughter with his many characters that he has played,  where would we be without laughter? What I like about him most is his humor is clean not like so many other comedians looking for cheap laughs playing towards our dark side. However, Jim is coming into his awakening and what he needs to hear is the uncompromised teachings of G-d’s word.  Where light can expose darkness and set others free.

I have been honored to hear the laughter of G-d twice in my life I know HE loves laughter, he did after all make a world full of funny creatures.  The first time I heard HIM laugh was when I first invited Christ to be Lord of my life in 1982 at the age of 23 I was filled with the Spirit and went home after a Bible study held in Tewksbury Mass excited by what I had just learned that G-d loved me and gave me HIS best gift ever.  When I got home all I could keep telling my stepfather was everything is going to be OK G-d is in control HE’s living in me. That night’s study was on the five-fold ministry gifts I went on my knees by my bed to pray and went silent listening to hear my Masters voice.  It came,  “What would you have of me?”  I went down the list of gifts like a kid in a candy store that I had learned at Bible study that night then prayed for the souls of my loved ones because when the Spirit of G-d comes on you the first thing you are aware of is the ones that are lost and whose eyes are blinded by the god of this world.  I closed with “Amen.”  He then asked,  “Is that all?” To which I replied, “Why is there more?”  That’s when HE laughed and repeated it  “Is there more?!?” I said,  “Give me what I need to bring in your harvest.”  He says loudly, “DONE!” then goes into silent mode.

Not long after that, I met my Gomer, my wife once she went her way I vowed never to marry again. I heard HIM in HIS word every time my Pastor’s wife went to teach a Bible lesson or give us interesting history lesson’s my ears burned to hear the word, I was hearing my Fathers voice. I went to Church Sunday mornings and Monday nights driving thirty miles to the Church where G-d was moving.  I do so miss them I did learn in observing as an outsider how a  great Church is destroyed or splits you can be sure the devil has his tares in among us.  A Church this fine was going to be attacked.

I am not quite sure but I do believe it was not long after 9/11 that things went wrong.   That day G-d began to speak to me in an audible voice again.  “Pay attention two groups working there way to heaven took down the towers.” Genesis 11:9 scattered us and 9/11 was to bring us together by exposing the harlot and the beast she is involved with.

So in the tribulation, we can see who will be beheading the saints and look who put them there.

The best way to take down Satan’s kingdom is to erode the pillars that hold it up and most of them are in our pulpits and those who stand in defense of Catholicism, really do not know Christ.  Jesus ended the priesthood that HE put together to offer HIM up.  HIS father made us all Royal Priests upon the inspection of the offering found in Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John the heart of the word of God is in four books like ours has four chambers. Then 300 years later a lesser priesthood starts taking over one that became adored by many villains and murderers. The Mafia religion was born.  It gets progressively worse because later down the road an even lesser priesthood comes on the scene,  the Jesuits are just demons in drag.  They send spies into protestant churches and protect the dragon’s interest in the world. The body of Satan has hands and fingers and has dressed in precious stones once again. Taking the light off of truth and placing it on the error and calling it the truth.

When Jesus took me into Egypt, HE showed me his enemy built the symbols of the battle and he laughed again when HE said I was it.

Now he may no longer be laughing my unfortunate mistake was giving the tools to destroy his kingdom to a 2 Corinthians 11:15 minister who is sworn to defend a false Christ or doesn’t know that it is and allow the Son of G-d to be mocked and sacrificed over and over again. So why wouldn’t he notice that?

You can be sure the angels don’t want those kinds of people to enter heaven now that the Son of G-d is there and now has a body, those who have bodies love sacrificing Jesus over and over again. The good news is Jesus died to set you free from the chains they seek to bind you with.

Brother Abel

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