A tragic blow hits the kingdom of darkness.


A Major Blow has been made on the kingdom of darkness.

Trapped in America the angels hold him down while Heavenly Father takes Aim.

Trapped in America the angels hold him down while Heavenly Father takes Aim.

In case,  you had not heard they suffered a big blow when the saints began to realize that Father has trapped him here in America. Exposing himself and his church to the tune of 700 billion dollars of his personal holdings that they had in America.

They bought America’s Republican seat from John McCain in an attempt to create a so-called peace plan to the middle east.  The 700 billion was requested using the code word  “to fund terrorism.”  Asked covertly at the Saddleback debates in 2008 only to have that same amount mentioned become bailout money only 33 days later.

So where did it go?  To the Bank of England for the true saints of G-d.    His minions are running frantic I overheard one of them saying that kind of money in the hands of the Protestant church will destroy the world, yes it will,  especially their world. As we celebrate the victory over the kingdom of darkness having messed up so badly.

Actions speak louder than words.

Actions speak louder than words.

That may add 1.2 billion Catholic’s over to the Protestant side helping them to prepare to make the resurrection. We are not taking anyone who offends G-d. If you place stumbling blocks in the path of Israel, you have offended him.

If they really belonged to G-d, they wouldn’t have had to buy America. We can now complete the capstone of their unfinished new world order.

A real shame for them that Jesus set aside 3.5 years to finish his harvest.  This wealth is to act as a symbolic cover like Lucifer was covered in heaven with all manner of precious stones because of whom he carried.  This covering of treasure and the world’s wealth goes to G-d’s newest light bearer to let others know what’s inside.

What if the angels in heaven had helped Lucifer to bring back the others who had fallen away rather than being jealous of the covering and denying the Son’s existence. Could Christ have been spared and our imprisonment avoided? Hard to deny the Son now and whom he reveals HE’s in,  to conclude HIS last 3.5 years.

Hope I see you all on the other side at the banquet table.

Brother Abel.

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