Agent Smith I’m on to You

For those over 50 who do not know who Agent Smith is let me Illuminati you.

The premise is a war fought against man and machine the machines had won and began to cultivate humans for energy.  They drew the power from the people to function,  for anything to have life it needs a source of power.

I call this one  “Bird Brain” the enemy built it. It does not point to any Bible passages, and I’m not surprised. He called me a Bird Brain while I was growing up putting the clever name of Booby in front of it.  The real Boob is the one who made it. It shows he needs us to get his technical knowledge from. It doesn’t do much for hiding him either.

In the movie the Matrix from birth,  humans had been placed in an artificial simulation.  Anyone who got close to exposing it or finding it out Agent Smith would possess an avatar of another and try and lead them back into the rabbit hole or eliminate them entirely. In other words, they kept the truth from all.

Smith was a sentient program in the Matrix; Smith can do almost everything Neo the main character can. Agents are supposed to be supremely powerful, and no one has every survived a standoff with an Agent before Neo.

In our real world, there are going to be five kings with Neo like powers.  The reason they are untouchable is that one of the five will be selected by ten kings to end the world and send billions to the foot of the cross.  Someone wanted to play G-d and needs a body.  Satan was able to hide the truth from everyone and keep them from finding the CHURCH. We are going to have him figure out who his ride is going to be and it isn’t, the one the Illuminati are placing in power as I write this.

The Matrix was a popular movie of this generation, and it has a lot of similarities between demons and man and the finding of G-d.  In fact, Father was so impressed with it and its timely message HE fashioned a crop circle to draw attention to it.

The first movie was barely acceptable the second made one feel like Zion was a den of iniquity and to that end unacceptable.  Though the music and the words of the tune are used in my video explanation, I do not endorse it.   I endorse only that there is a way out message.

There are four sides designed to look like a pyramid. It is the hall of doors the floor and walls speak; the walls ask the question and the ceiling answers. In the passages, it points to we find an Oracle that asks the right question.



The following characters I highlight,  I did not have a childhood, and so I like to have fun before I go home.

Agent Smith, he shows up to steer you in the wrong direction or help you mock G-d. He jumps in those who are not quite sold out to the idea of another place better than this. He protects the dragon’s lair. After all it keeps him in power.

He will say things like:

1.) They’re Christians too.
2.) If it wasn’t for them.
3.) Some of them truly love Jesus.
4.) They believe in the Trinity.
5.) He’s trying to cause strife.
6.) You should send your kids to
Parochial School.
7.) They are for pro-life.

I address the answers to these at the end

Neo is Thomas Anderson’s “hacker name.”
He is freed from the Matrix by Morpheus
and his crew to be the savior of mankind (the One).
The real savior of the world we all know is Jesus Christ. There will be five Neo’s in the last days who will point to the way out.

Have a cookie you will feel right as rain.

This is the Oracle she has a house full of people trying to be the one, she had a keen insight into the program and predicted the one would come.

Notice she has two different bodies the first Oracle had died before the final movie was made.  However, it is the same spirit just a different body. Something we need to know. Just goes to show you if you’re going to play the role of a holy person you shouldn’t smoke cigarettes.

When the lead singer for AC/DC died Bon Scott, the new lead singer came out with “Back in Black” it was the same demon playing another human like an instrument.  That’s why we have a new Nazi uprising the Church who is behind it is demon infested. Always has been,  was never Christian at all. If it had been who knows AC/DC wouldn’t have been here.

She also loves to bake cookies. The Matrix loves cookies.

Cypher is the classic traitor he decides the life of a resistance fighter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and engineers a deal to be reinserted back into the Matrix, at the expense of Zion.

We have plenty of these in the real Church. There is only hell for the ones who reject the Son of G-d and give aid to the enemy of G-d.

Paying her back double?

Let me address some of the things you can say back to Agent Smith.

When he says:

1.) They’re Christians too.

You say: They only became Christians because they could not stop them any other way. The fact they brought back the Priesthood after Jesus ended it shows they do not know Christ at all. He came for the Jews first.  We are called to make them jealous of our relationship with G-d they laugh at idolators and rightly so,  while true Christians weep for them.

2.) If it wasn’t for them.

This is usually followed by many things such as “We wouldn’t have the Bible.” ,  “There wouldn’t be as many Hospitals.”,  “I wouldn’t know there was a Trinity.”, “I wouldn’t know there was one G-d.”

My answers are as follows: The Bible is G-d’s holy book for all to read and protecting it was HIS job.  Their claims are seductive and possess little truth; the rest is you don’t get to read it or seek G-d alone on the answer because they told you-you couldn’t. See point one again.

Hospitals something tells me if we had more Christians who knew the Bible we would have more Hospitals or less sickness. Be gone in Jesus name demon! Why is everything so expensive have its roots in Latin? Why is it that everything that causes us to suffer has its roots in Latin? Lawyers, because Ten Laws were not enough for some people. People don’t generally love each other creates a cottage industry who profits in war and not long ago pedophilia.  If Obama condemns the movie “Spotlight,”  you can bet it’s true.   Doctor’s who have to pay back those big bank loans and the Priesthood whose banks loan the money.  If you had to go to college to become a computer tech and had to learn Latin everyone would cost five times what it does today.  But someone needed his machines to know everyone’s business and play G-d.

I wouldn’t know there was a Trinity. Would G-d not have told you any other way?

I wouldn’t know there is one G-d. Newsflash you still don’t know HIM!

3.) Some of them truly love Jesus.

I hope so the statistics today is that one in twenty truly understands the concept of salvation in the Catholic faith.  Still, Jesus insists on the New Birth Experience the gate remains closed until one is born again.  If they truly love him, they now can prove it by coming out of her as he requested and standing up for truth. Revelation 18 asks them too they are the ones behind it all.  Resurrection only happens once, and you don’t want to miss it.  My next post will be Walmart is having a two for one soul sale they are on my side and are only helping you see who the false Antichrist Church is.   See the post “The High Price of Cheap Prices” watch the videos below it.

4.) They believe in the Trinity.

So does the devil and your point is?

5.) He’s trying to cause strife.

This one reflects anyone who tries to set one free and the pen of the wolf has agents inside to make sure anyone saying otherwise looks like the problem, other than the problem. Pay attention to the Agent Smith who goes around blaming the Church for all the world’s problems.  This Agent is more like Agent Debbie Downer who wants you to be like them unable to rise up for the kingdom.  The devil agrees with this Agent wholeheartedly the problem with his world is the church!

6.) You should send your kids to Parochial School.

The school system in America used to be Biblical we had readers that had Bible messages in them.

This is the Alphabet starting with N and ending with Z

Then came along big business and book publishers who had investors who wanted their books they supported published.  Evolution was big in Nazi Germany.  When Union’s took over in Russia, it was called the Peoples Party a working class against the Greek Orthodox Czars that had all the money the Party claimed it needed to be the people’s money.   G-d and I couldn’t agree more HE gives so that you may bless others with it.  This, however, was the enemy taking it a whole new level. The worker’s party was designed to destroy America’s economy forcing jobs to go overseas. Most of them were run by organized crime syndicates, whose leaders thought if they ate a cookie they would feel right as rain afterward.

So they Vatican ruin the school systems in America and pretend they serve or know G-d and the money goes into their devious plot to brainwash others to defend them.  While you Naziize America while they foolishly defend Catholic’s and when they hear “Away from me I never knew you.”,  it’s because they never did.


7.) They are for pro-life.

Your answer or similar: Then why do they not have children among the leaders? A Christian Bishop is to be the husband of one wife.  Let me tell you why, because, they would have to care about the condition of the world and have a vested interest in their children.  The Pharoah lost all his wealth and power at the weakness of being a parent. It meant that Satan lost his ride,  empire, and position.  This weak family link had to go in his new regime if he was to build his new world order.  Pro-life should be from birth to grave but when you want to be king of the hill you need an army to defend you and you, won’t place your highest officials or any family of theirs in jeopardy.  So you encourage children to keep your empire afloat a surface facial treatment to make you look caring.

Abortions could have been diminished had the word been preached, and G-d’s love is made known in the reading of the word.  If families stayed together and fathers loved their daughters as G-d required,  then they would not be as many harlots running around looking for love in all the wrong places. They would be looking for Jesus in their men, not Caligula.

Hope this helps
Brother Abel.

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