An Inconvenient Truth

When Jesus returns HE is going to be killing a lot of people those who did not give their lives to wanting holiness and pure living, a sad loss of life wasted, they preferred the lies and the sin over truth and righteousness.

They did not want Christ at the core of their heart they did not want HIM to guide and direct their lives.  A society cannot function without a leader and G-d knew that at the moment HE began it all. Being who HE is HE did not seek praise for HIMSELF but for HIS SON who makes life possible and Jesus when HE was here in the flesh on earth directed all worship to HIS FATHER and gave nothing to HIS birth mother.

In his mercy HE allows his enemy to have his seven years pushing those who were skeptical about our warnings to the cross.  Because HE is wise kind and gracious seeking that none should perish but give their lives to someone who has displayed the greatest love, HIS own SON who laid HIS life down for all and to those who received HIM HE made them HIS children for eternity.

I am honored by the call but I would be even more honored if those who love HIM seen the wisdom behind it all.  perfect love cast out all fear does it not?

I thought Obama was the one we were waiting for I wanted to shake his hands put my arms around him and thank him for coming,  my Jesus is next, Not long after that I was taken in the spirit shown the building of the first pyramid and started seeing the word of G-d in the crop circles it was a Highlander moment for Bob.

To those who wanted to be as gods, they are not welcome they would only stir up controversy,  some people are never happy with what they have been given,  they always seek to have more and jealous of the one who has much.  They want power but they do not want the truth that comes with that power. so without truth whose power is it?

The Bible was clear G-d was making us into the image of HIS SON, let me say I fall far short of that image,  where I excelled was my ability to never stop seeking the truth.  I was blessed to have someone in my life who I loved and never loved me back, it was not her fault but the way she had been raised.

Any child without a chance at a real family is a sad thing.  G-d tells us HE is the Father to the  Fatherless but when those who represent him inflict injury on the innocent and pretend to serve HIM it is hard for the victim to see G-d,  another set of hands needs to reach out more light must be brought into the house of darkness evil must be exposed for the sake of those trapped by it.

I give you the Protestant Church.

Loving the unlovable who won’t love you back is the image of Christ forgiving your enemy is right at the top.

Jesus was loving those who laid the whip on HIS back.  Putting my arms around the antichrist is the least I could do or is it the greatest thing I can do?

Well, most of my life the devil said I could never do anything right,  well he ought to know.

How am I doing so far?

G-d’s  SON did something amazing HE forgave you before you were ever born,  it is useless if you never receive it or take the time to study who HE is and how precious HE is to the creation and to HIS Father for without HIM life could not exist, without him there would be no laughter love, or joy,  no food,  flowers or pets to cuddle with.

It doesn’t matter if you raped, stole,  murdered, lied, HIS arms remain open wide to receive you.  People who have done those things or any evil just cannot continue down that road. They need to follow the trail HE paved and you will always have a friend even when those around you despise and hate you, HE will never stop loving you or forsake you.

Evolution is a Kroc Darwin and Dawkins names both begin with the DUH sound for a reason.

G-d sends no one to hell that is a choice they made on their own.  we cannot do anything for the dead only those who are alive, they still have a chance.

They need to hear the word and understand the story not be slain in the spirit or see fire fall from heaven and devour false teachers and 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 ministers who hide the truth and only preach what their masters tell them too.

After G-d destroyed the first civilization of man because their thoughts were continually on evil. He spared eight people because He promised the angels that the SON would come and HE had to continue with man until HE did come. Noah was a righteous man before the LORD. It was the angels who asked to see the SON and so man had to be made.

After the first destruction, the first community and city built was wonderful.  Pilgrimages were made to the ark and prayers offered up and the story of Noah was handed down.  It was called Babel because there G-d confounded the languages of man.   Some of the men were not happy with the choice of leadership the principality over them (Abel) was trying to encourage.

Someone with kindness gentleness wise and loving. Instead, they sought a Cushite by the name of Nimrod the Bible only tells us he was a mighty hunter before the LORD.  He turned the hearts of men away from G-d and was lifted up by men who thought they knew what was best for the community, in fact, the first false priests got their start here and had the people serve their gods making them slaves and erecting a tower up to heaven.  Over time the story of Noah is perverted and we come up with the Gilgamesh account of the flood.

The same Jerusalem that will descend from heaven to earth was seen in the skies above them during those days, hence the building of the tower.   You will not find it mentioned in scripture, however,  you could have climbed the highest peak at the time and still drew no nearer to the moon. So what was the purpose of the tower what inspired them to build it? Genesis 11:4

In Greek mythology, we hear of cities on clouds.

Revelation 21:2  And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.

They saw something above them, so if the SON is not born as we discover in two of my previous post and not seen by the angels based on the effigy of HIM made in Egypt before the making of man and we know G-d and the SON are the same who is G-d saying let us go down and confound their language too?

Genesis 11:9 and September 9/11 have something in common.

9/11 is the result of hiding the word of G-d two religions are behind it Catholicism and Islam.
A tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. If the word of G-d had only gone forth still even to this day the churches priorities are all wrong,  we hide the word and support those who do but because they are for pro-life it makes them part of the family. Curse those MaCarthurites who won’t speak in tongues or flop on the floor.  Mormons and Muslims both speak in tongues does that mean they have the HOLY SPIRIT???  For the demons would say of course they do.

G-d my Father has a plan to turn them all into real preachers of the word but we need to find someone who is wiser than Solomon to make it all happen.

Luke 11:31
(31)  The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them: for she came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.

Who could that be and who is living in you or me?

Today, if somone who was loving kind patient and gentle were to show up to open the word up to the world or to lift up the name of Jesus he would be crucified neglected and ignored scorned and laughed at as a one world leader and that would be the church.

Some people think the King James version of the Bible is the only version quips the great man of G-d as he snickers over the thees and thous. Well without them you would not have yours or be where the church is. I like mine because it exposes what the devil hid in yours and I like to exploit what he has hidden it’s wisdom because he hid them for a reason oh great man of G-d with your NASB and great speaking skills and forty years of preaching,  that has no respect where G-d first placed it in the Bible so we are just going to regard you in the footnotes of life.   because we gave you the tools to aid in taking down the kingdom of darkness and you became his greatest advocate.  I don’t respond well to the devil’s advocates I find you will have no place in heaven.

Jesus told me in 2008 man has learned nothing and it is time to end the program.  A Mormon wanted to trade the “Word of Promise” at a Yankee swap the day we celebrate Christ’s birth for a bottle of booze.  G-d spoke it clearly to me it is over,  we learn nothing.

It has been ten years nine since I gave a Pentecostal the word of G-d to give the world and start a revival but he insists the leader he is waiting for must come from the top, obviously he never met Christ, You see my leader started at the bottom and so if one wants to be like the most high G-d  well he called it.

Unfortunately, my place does not smell like a manger with animal urine if it makes you feel any better Lou,  I will bring in a few used kitty litter boxes.

Brother Abel



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