Appealing to all Gamers

In every game, there is a winner and a loser.

Today’s gaming industry is 18.4 billion in US dollars. So we cannot say we do not know
or understand what a game is.

In the image below you can enter this game in any four books Matthew, Mark,  Luke or John. Where the center crosses you count it twice the same goes for the corners. So you would have eleven up and down and eleven right to left starting at the top 9, 5, 3,1  the pattern repeats four times the total count is 94 it is the same number in the one we call the tree of knowledge where the fruit positions are also 94,  it is the atomic number for plutonium.   Psalm 94:1-23 first destruction was by water,  the next by fire.  END GAME!

G-d said in Ezekiel 28:18 what would become of HIS enemy.

Some losers get angry and childlike some throw tantrums.  In the role-playing games there are some tools that have more power than others in the case of the game I’m playing which I did not start.   Like you, I find myself in it, called the game of life.  The good news is we can all win. The scepter has more power than the keys.

Genesis 49:10  The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.

Jesus was born and aptly named the LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH.

The Jewish people believe that David or one like him will come,  a man after G-d’s own heart.  For Christians Jesus is that man, we have learned HE is the heart of G-d.

Someone wanted to be G-d he began a terrible game of testing the true G-d by saying that G-d was a liar that the most high could not give him the desires of his heart.  His desire was to be G-d.  Thinking himself clever he told many others that when the most high makes him a G-d he will make them into gods as well.

G-d is always up to a challenge it is HE who draws up the contract you get seven years to be G-d without restraint, however,  before you get your seven my SON get’s seven and HE can do it any way HE wants 2,2,2,1 or 3.5 and 3. 5 the enemy is under the impression there is no SON so the terms are agreed.

His rebellion had him thrown out of heaven to be banished to the earth where he and his fallen angels (not ancient aliens) could begin to show the righteous those who didn’t rebel how he would govern.  for the rebellious saw no value in worshiping the Son the Father so highly spoke of that would one day come and sit by HIS side,  they would not believe in what they could not see.

In fact, in their new world called earth, they began to build their cities a time when the desert was not a desert but rich with what we would call Jurassic foliage, a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth in hopes of teaching them what violence and death were how different species could not get along.  Dinosaurs were territorial made long before the rebellion and man entered the picture.

The world became a stage for the creation to learn what is good and what is evil.  The enemy got arrogant and bold and built on the earth an Effigy of the SON claiming that if he ever showed up he would make the SON his pet.  Not giving any consideration that Father and SON are the same individual one is the image of the other in all his works.

You will find in the presentation that G-d said he would take the dust of the ground and rise it up to replace Lucifer’s position and make them (us) kings by HIS side. That’s the prize to rule and reign with Christ in heaven.

Every precious stone was Lucifer’s covering because of the value of what he carried in him and whom he represented.

G-d left heaven and became a man for the salvation of mankind because of Lucifer’s desire to be G-d. Don’t forget the scepter of Judah has more power than the keys.

A man like David will rise up with great understanding and knowledge and he shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. The passage is found in Daniel 8:23-24 the first dark sentence comes after the word dark sentence. There is nothing wonderful about destroying holy people it is if they are wicked holy people than it is wonderful because they find Christ and truth.

My appeal to all you gamers help me lift up the SON of G-d to win this twisted game started by HIS enemy who likes to swallow HIM up.  It is a good thing to praise the LORD and to celebrate HIS SON.

In this game, the devil cheats all the time so in order to finish my 3.5 years, I will need your help.

In this game, we all get one new life so let’s do this one right.

Brother Abel

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