Bee Smart Bitter Waters or Sweet Water Which Will it be?

A test was set up to determine the intelligence of a bee. If the bees solved the math problem, they were rewarded with sweet waters, and if they failed, they received bitter waters.

The honeycomb is the strongest and most conservative of shapes in nature. Inside the hexagon shapes, the queen bee lays her eggs, which in three days develops into a larva 5.5 days for a queen to develop into a pupa and six days for workers and drones. To reach adulthood, a queen takes 15 to 16 days 20 to 21 days for workers 22 to 24 days for drones all to reach adulthood and leave their star of David like shaped honeycombs and fly.

For the most part, the center of the star of David is shaped just like a honeycomb with two pyramids acting as opposing forces to create this space. The evil has risen to the top of the star wanting to have power. However, it is God who chooses that someone at the bottom to be raised to the top as his instrument of justice as this happens the star turns or in this case the poles of the earth change position. The weak become strong against the corruption at the top as the people belonging to Jesus rise up. We live at the bottom of the pyramid; we must rise to the top while those seeing the hour fall into the place of mercy and protection and as the worker bees begin to wait to take flight.

Nothing requires falling on one’s back but to drop to one’s knees and thank God for HIS wisdom.

Who are we to trust when it comes to which book has the answers?  The ones who are hated the most reveal the darkness hates their message more because it contains the most truth.

Bee smart reveals when the nations who embraced the scriptures and spread the message of Christ love and hope they prospered. This even before people were falling backward and were rewarded with sweet waters.  Those nations that did not their people remained without, and subject to serve those who did not know God received bitter waters.

Every time America tried to make peace in the middle east, we received bitter waters. The oilman and President George Bush decided to write a peace plan for the middle east, and in 1991 The Perfect Storm, also known as The No-Name Storm tore through his 2.2 million dollar home in Kennebunk Maine where it also ravaged the east coast causing insurance companies to pay out billions of dollars in damages. The government also was taxed heavily and passed that on to us.

Again his Son George W. Bush an oilman attempted the same thing, and his legacy was Hurricane Katrina, his sights were set on the oil in the middle east.   America has five percent of the population of the earth, and we consume 25 percent of the worlds natural resources.

The agenda of America is laid out quite well in this movie that reveals his presidency.

If you have been following along with my posts, I told you years ago the enemy Satan (adversary of God and Man), Insulted God when he led a rebellion out of heaven to begin his new world order. One that did not involve worshiping the SON.

In building his communities here on the earth pre-man, he made the symbols of the battle in the middle east the cradle of civilization and not far from where God established the garden and man. Here he builds with the aid of the dinosaur in what would have been a weightless type environment that allowed for such creatures to roam gracefully and freely upon the earth.  The first pyramid has no writing on it at all. Sadly he never finished the capstone before he placed an animal-like creature with a mans face on it near the pyramid in his wonderful new world. A creature that was familiar to him only found in heaven. The bible does reveal such creatures that surround the throne of God, and the first pyramid was built using the more docile of the dinosaurs.

When questioned what he meant by that he proclaimed it is an image of the SON, and if HE ever shows up, I will make him my pet.  This statement is what ended the dinosaur and kept him from placing the capstone on the top of his first pyramid. (There always has to be a first of something, right?) Jeremiah 4:24-26, the shaking of the earth also forced the three twelve-inch granite blocks to fall into place, leaving the tomb empty. It is where we get most of our story three days in the tomb only to find it was empty. This is done to validate the accuracy of my account. Gravity was increased as the earth’s rotation was slowed, and he and his cohorts fell to the ground, and the angels laughed.

So the very creatures he used to build his insult have been somewhat of a valuable commodity (oil) in exposing him. Those who would try to be rulers above God placed a false God/ Messiah to the people we went to war with in 2001. Sadly, Obama, was an abomination to God put there by the people who wanted America so bad they paid the Republican oil men  700 billion dollars for the Whitehouse. It gives him and those who serve him the revelation of being real the Church of Rome his body. The priesthood is the problem with the world along with those who betrayed the gospel for peace with traitors.

We can now rise to the top and complete his capstone and finish the new world order the peace plan has never changed as far as God is concerned.

Will it be bitter waters or sweet waters?

What did you know and when did you know it?

Actions speak louder than words. Money that was stolen originally by the Rothschilds combined with Vatican wealth. Not everyone is Ecumenical! Some still have a sense of honor!



Brother Abel

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