Cell Groups I wish I had thought of That!

Individual cells make up a body??? Who knew?

I sat down at men’s breakfast last Saturday the man who referred to me as a dirtbag sat at my right and began to talk about his knowledge of Latin and how he was going to sit on Jesus right hand.

Now was that before or after the dirtbag comment?

He was confessing in not so many words to who educated him and who he really leans more towards.

I think the word made it pretty clear only HIS Father knew who would sit at his right hand or on HIS left and truthfully it is the Father who sits at Jesus Right Hand while Jesus sits at His Fathers right hand.

You really do not want to separate these two.  Look what happened the last time we did that at the cross.

Don’t make me show you that picture of the chainsaw blade that points to the passage with the angels insisting they wanted to see the SON.

Psalm 110:1  Provides us a beautiful picture of how they sit in heaven Right Hand to Right Hand one has the Earth as HIS footstool promising to place it under the other.


What I think my Jesuit trained Pentecostal AG ordained minister meant is that he will stand on the right hand of Jesus or the Right side opposed to the wicked who will stand on HIS left.

Anyhow the conversation went into Pastor Cho who has a church in Korea we got on that topic by talking about our friend who was in the hospital who’s wife is from there. This is the same man who  I tried to warn about taking down the crucifix in his home only to be interrupted by him again.  the next day the house burnt down. No more need for me to mention to him the crucifix.

It is an offense to G-d although it pleased him to see HIS SON obediently endure the cross the point is HIS SON had victory over it and is no longer on it.

If you ever have a loved one marred and bloodied in an accident I’ll have pictures of them in that state hanging on my wall and invite you over for supper and laughs.

The next day I attended the Church where I had been baptized, married and dedicated my son at the major focus was on Pastor Cho and how he collapsed trying to run the whole thing himself.  So he sought G-d to find out he was doing it all wrong.  He needed to delegate authority and came up with what the early church began home cell groups.

Every part of the body is needed the foot needs the hands and the hands need the heart the head of the body is Christ who is the brains of the entire operation.

These cell groups will be big in the tribulation when the true saints are taken home but be warned not everyone in the group may be for Jesus and can turn you in too the extremist who hate G-d.  It’s just better to fall on your knees now and be sure you make the first resurrection.

If you don’t,  DON’T TAKE THE MARK! Let them KILL you,  die a martyrs death.

To win this war I was given the call to make this as much like heaven as I can so that when the enemy has his turn to take the throne on earth it looks just like heaven with its flags and banners in our houses of worship and schools.

I need to delegate authority only no one is jumping out at me as wanting to do what it takes.


Below are our very own cell groups the five kings picking their leadership to do the tasks necessary to bring in world peace.  One of these kings will be given the power by the ten kings and that will be the antichrist for the judgment of the wicked who just don’t get it. Star of the day who will it be,  the ten kings will vote to see!

What makes this so great is the five kings get to speak the truth and expose darkness without the fear of death or assassination because he doesn’t want my body or me. SNIFF SNIFF

We also have plans similar for England as well.

England has a crown that is like our Christian Pentagon different plans all involving wedding preparations for the bride. Rehearsals are needed.  This is JESUS we are talking about!

15 in a group is great exceeding this some individuals get left out,  we need to cater to need.   Each home leader should meet with other home leaders at church taking note of the needs that others may have that someone in your group can meet.

Finances will come when my leaders start showing up.


Brother Abel

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