Come out of her my people! One would not need to leave her if she was right!

Looks as if the church is still here in Revelation 18. It would be a greater benefit to the church as a whole if we called out the 144,000 before we leave.  One needs to rightly divide the word and knowing G-d’s heart (JESUS) can help.

G-d speaks of an unfaithful church that has led many to their destruction a system that uses its wealth and influence to control the world by placing saints into wars she has conscripted.

I have heard people in the church say the problem with the world is the church. Satan wholeheartedly agrees with people like that it lays guilt at our feet.  What we need to see it is really one Church the mother of all harlots which is the problem with the world his church!

She divides and starts strife among Spirit-filled churches to bring about division she seduces leaders to be her own to protect her. The day I take advice from a minister who attended parochial school and still upholds such a church as Christian is the day I sell my soul.  Confess Christ honor is worth the world and that HE is to be no one’s pet which inclusively is what Rome has done with HIM,  I will consider dialog.

False flag operations are at her hands as she is the largest stockholder in the military-industrial complex.  She hides behind a red shield (Rothchild) and is not washed in the red blood of Jesus there is no new birth experience within her. Those that claim to have been born new need to quit enabling the homosexual priests who molest children making more children angry at G-d than in love with HIM.

If a person is happy with a sale he will tell 10 others if he has been robbed and cheated he will tell 100’s. The same applies here hard to trust G-d when a priest who shouldn’t be a priest is a twisted individual because he does not know CHRIST as he claims there is no holy spirit within him. How can you tell? He’s a priest! Only two priesthoods should be functioning to bring about world peace the Royal Priesthood and the ones who need to build the temple Jewish Priests for the other false priesthood of Satan.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”~ JFK.   I would like to add they kill their own if it helps to advance her agenda.  The priesthood and its purpose for sacrifice ended at the cross! Don’t take my word do the research yourself.  Kennedy was not referring directly to the CIA they were fairly new in America right after we displayed the Bomb of mass destruction but the people who placed them in power the religion of the Mafia.

She is a woman who does not deny she sits as a queen and that no one can touch her (Revelation 18:7).  She mocks the work of Jesus and why after all that we have done as a body of Christ there are still people within Protestantism who insist she is Christian those who do,  are not wholeheartedly in love with Jesus or they are seriously not elect, they are tares and wolves among the sheep. Enabling her to molest children,  make drunk the lost and worship idols.

When the rapture comes and the angels see your idol on the lawn or your crucifix hanging on the wall and you get left behind it is because you knew HIM not. If you financially invested in her works you were a partner in her crimes against G-d and humanity.

For wide is the path that leads to destruction and narrow is the path that leads us home to our eternal rewards (Matthew 7:14).

Jesus taught that who love HIM follow HIM. He came for the Jew first and then for the gentile. However, the Jewish people had their eyes blinded by the religious leaders of their day and those who followed them instead of Jesus missed out on the gift of eternal life. Place not your trust in man because his heart is wicked and who can understand it?

Power and privilege are sought by the proud and arrogant,  demons seek lofty positions in the world.  G-d allowed the trash to float upwards still HE is merciful we have many of ours near them as well.  Catch the big ones the little ones will follow.

A starship angels hanging over the side to catch the souls of men. Catch the big ones the small ones will follow.

It is G-d who looks into the heart and it is G-d who gives the kingdoms of the world to whom HE desires, he does not need to use guns to accomplish his work.  It is not by might nor by power but by my spirit says’s the LORD.

Again I was faced with the Pentecostal question by a man who said pyramids would confuse people (he was speaking for you all) insists he knows what I should be doing to lead people to Jesus. Which of course is not limited to the ability to slay people in the spirit. How many times did this occur in the Bible? So a man whom believes Solomon was a wiser man than Jesus has the knowledge to tell me what I should be doing?  He is either the son Belshazzar or the Father the King to my Daniel.

For me to take cues from men who support the harlot or felt the presence of G-d in a Catholic liturgy tells me I would not be showing love to that man or any men. One who obviously has fallen through the cracks he may be able to preach but does he really know HIM?

I’ll show you one better confess with your mouth and believe in your heart Jesus Christ is LORD and has been raised from the dead add to that HIS honor is worth the world.  Then you can slay all the people you want! G-d gave you two eyes and two ears and one mouth for a reason!

Brother Abel

(the first shall be last)


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