Compromise lacks commitment when I was extended the hand of fellowship in the AG church I was greeted with,  “We do not have to agree on everything to be friends in Christ. ”  That is total Jesuit thinking.

This is in direct opposition to Amos 3:3 and will not take the kingdom of darkness down.

Then again why would darkness want too?

One would have to be in the light to understand that.

The word shall endure forever, Christ did not compromise,  had HE  we would all be in trouble.

Christ for me is God in the flesh walking among us, that it is only at the cross the Spirit of God leaves HIM as all our sins are poured out onto him.

Dividing perfection into two parts.  like splitting the atom. The Angels insisted on seeing the SON and with it they created fission not fusion.

They should have just believed, trusted and had faith that God knew what HE was doing when HE called them to worship the SON.  I rather have fusion than fission but compromise is the lack of faith causes the latter to happen.

Pride keeps men from acknowledging they are wrong, to go from 100 plus church members down to 30 or so should have opened the eyes of the one judgment is coming against.  Mentally his human psychology on me is not working as he hoped it would.  The wisdom of this world is foolishness I will not compromise the mission.

You would think he would fear the LORD enough to open and lift up the Word as God desires HIM too. Like the baker in Prison with Joseph, he serves the master and the household the same meals and ignores the banquet of delicacies before him.

You cannot beat a puppy and expect him to draw near to you or perform the commands you wish.

I packed my own lunch and he defiled it treated it like trash and held hope from the world until I compromise to his will.

Revival begins with repentance keep in mind I am not the one who needs the peace plan.  It has always been lifting Jesus and opening the word to the world.  Alas, Pentecostalism has become the new Catholicism by order of the Jesuits and their ignorance is like a virus affecting others.

Jesus did not compromise, HE said to call no man Father for you have one in heaven.  Paternal parents is not what he was speaking of or the founders of states and nations but of a Spiritual nature.  He warned us they love the finest seats at the table as well as the theatre.  Had you only the one Spiritual Father that Jesus came to lift up you could see the lies in the others.

I am for fusion and the uniting of the body together while the Preacher who has compromised is not.

God remembers the harlot’s sins because they are not under the blood and as long as there are Pentecostal ministers protecting her they will never be under the blood.

Brother Abel, who is stable on the firm foundation.

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