Confirmation of the Last Trump

Donald was taught by Jesuits and Jesuits destroy Protestant cultures and keep people from knowing the truth.  Why do they feel they must use someone other than the preaching of Christ to bring peace?  First, it was Obama for the Muslim’s now they will try Donald’s Son in Law for the Jewish People. Who did Jesus come to first?  What do you think HE thinks of this?  Will they be preaching Jesus now that they have all the power?

It is not whether the earth is flat or round, whether dinosaurs/dragons existed at the same time as man,  despite the great lack of evidence. No accounting for the time of the angels before the making of man. From the beginning to the fall of angels it all happened in the first week??? I think that would be coming from a position of ignorance.

The rebellion, the war,  the casting down of the one-third of the wicked angels.  The start of the new world order.  G-d say’s HE seen the end from the beginning. Let’s see 7 – 8 billion souls,  3-4 billion will require heat in the winter then there’s the going to and fro with the cars, planes, coal trains, diesel trains,  diesel trucks a need for coal necessary for forging steel for bridges and buildings let’s not forget their weapons of war and the fuel needed to run them. The smelting of other metals aluminum and copper,  heat and power for factories all squeezed into two thousand years of dinosaurs and plant life ready for decaying to produce the coal and oil before Noah’s flood. How often in scripture do we hear of these great beasts living among men?

Adam’s family according to creationists must have endured a crowded well-behaved plethora of different species of dinosaurs who all got along. How often Enoch wrote of his challenges with the great beasts ??? Do you want to know why people don’t take us seriously?  I found this on YouTube and was shocked,  I went to school on the big yellow bus people and I love Jesus and some of you noticed HE may have something for me to do in these last days. Daniel 8:12 and we know this is not Jesus,  HE is the truth!

Now we have this flat earth group telling us there are clouds behind the Sun (not an optical illusion they actually believe it. Someone needs to tell them clouds are water vapor.) Some claim that it sits 3000 miles above the earth and is only 32 miles wide.

Flat earthers would have us all the same race and color.

We live in a drug seduced culture and the people who wore the helmets and rode on the short yellow bus now have computers and demons love to play Church,  that’s how we lost America to the Catholic’s.  We ned to relook at the inquisitions and the back stabbings.

I believe a cataclysmic event happened Jeremiah 4:24 before the making of man Jeremiah 4:25 some survived the increased gravity fledglings and unhatched eggs.  The capstone for the unfinished pyramid was always sitting on the ground in Egypt why couldn’t they finish it? Their mega machines fell under the new gravity as well as themselves I call it Lucifer’s second greatest fall,  I hope I have a part in his third greatest fall into the abyss.

Seven arms of half eaten Eucharists with eight whole ones following behind surrounding the older ones too throw the enemy into the bottomless pit. 7 x 8 = 56 Psalm 56:1-2.

Genesis 1:28
And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

Genesis 9:1
And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth.

We bicker about foolish things none of us are absolutely sure of and because its me it has to be more deeply scrutinized. I see Dinosaur people like flat earth people ill-informed and unwise building walls and trenches as you convince yourself it’s faith.    While what we are sure of “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah” Christ is not lifted. He asked that HE be lifted up so that all the world could see HIM.  Not lift up men who seek other ways of bringing peace. G-d made for one peace plan that’s the beauty of it.

HE promises to draw all men unto HIM if HE is lifted up. after G-d was angry at Lucifer’s attack on the SON and his mockery of what he did not understand.  Today we have eighth graders placing condoms on bananas because even the clergy and theologians still have not figured out the SON of G-d is G-d and G-d needed a woman to reveal the SON to man and the angels, who worshiped the Son before man was created as an act of faith.   It is at the cross they separate. The angels insisted that G-d reveals the Son so the blade like a chainsaw forced G-d to split Himself at the cross.

Side by side the little holes and larger holes add up to 55 x the two larger circles for 110 Psalm 110:1-2 The pattern is that of a chainsaw blade the ripping of G-d in two.

A brother, friend, Pastor had me pray against the spirit of G-d and tell HIM that I did not want the lamps like they were evil and so here we are.

Stop praying with them and start praying for them again they do not know how angry they are making G-d with their mocking of HIS finished work the priesthood outside of Royal must go in the name of Jesus!

We answer matters before even hearing the matter.  Everyone does what is right in his own eyes and the word of G-d becomes secondary rather than primary. Heaven and Earth shall pass away but the word of the Lord shall endure forever.

They kept the White House to give us this and time enough to make enough room to hold those who will not serve in their one world order.


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