Doomsday Preparedness

I do not know why I missed the National Geographic’s series done in 2011 on Doomsday Preppers; it may have been because I’m too cheap to have added it to my Comcast lineup.
I just began watching it on Netflix and was very impressed with the ingenuity of some of these preppers, being prepared for natural disasters is wise but for the most part it reveals to me the lack of faith in G-d, it flies in the face of “Give us this day our daily bread.”

Necessity is the mother of invention and out of preparing came great techniques to feed people with hydroponics raising fish for food and circulating the fish waste water to fertilize the plants then return the water to the tank clean.

This man who designed this system is valuable to reaching tribes in Africa and in desert climates where the church can duplicate his success.

According to the Bible, those who are left behind because they are not a friend of G-d and HIS SON Jesus Christ will need to be prepared.

I noticed that one of the preppers was indeed a Christian and after Katrina, it is best to have a plan in place in case of any disaster, we were made keenly aware that the government does not have a plan.

And their plans not so promising out of the chaos we are told comes order, but those creating the chaos seek to impose the order of removing from you your freedoms in favor of their chains and bondage.

Praise God for Christian groups that minister food water and show the love of Jesus at these disasters. I recall in 2001 by a request of my Pastor to try and organize a group at the church to volunteer for the ground zero cleanup, what a disaster my microphone did not work, and I gave the whole message without one, you could say the “Force” was not with me that day. In the long run, no one volunteered, and maybe that’s a good thing because those who did go with other churches became ill from the dust they inhaled.

The church will not be here to help the new world order we will only complete it for them. The 144000 called out before we leave will aid those who finally have their eyes opened and know that it was not UFO’s or G-d cleansing the earth of the wicked he is leaving the wicked behind to deal with a world they created together. It will be clear that hell is a real place and they were destined for it and have, but one last chance,  do not take the mark and be martyred instead,  join the saints on the other side.

Like Nazi Germany, it will be difficult one day to roam about the country.

Keeping the word of God away from people to impose the sanctions of hell on them is not what Father had in mind.

One thing is clear the devil claimed his New Worlds Order would be better than the one Father had created. He was given a chance to show the angels his way he wanted to be like the most high his hands and fingers went about building their New World Order he then insulted the creator and HIS SON by claiming HE would make the SON HIS pet if he ever showed up. The New World Order is a disappointment looks like every other Empire run by upper rulers instead of “we the people” it is a flawed system if Christ is not the head of it, the purpose of the whole design to begin with.

The church has helped him make it this far with their Ecumenicism and protecting his body to allow the damage he has caused, his church can claim Pro-Life but if you hide the word from life what good is it? Sure you tug at the heart strings and the non-elect are wooed by one act of kindness what good is life if you keep the word away from the heart of those born into the world? What if priests really knew Jesus and led protestant Bible studies and quit claiming they know G-d which was Satan’s greatest lie. You could not realize G-d fully until you met HIS SON.

They insist if it weren’t for them we would not have the Bible (the denial of G-d and his ability to keep his word).

Psalms 12:6-7

(6)  The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times.

(7)  Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from this generation for ever.

What is them? HIS words.

Grossly mistranslated in the NIV and the NASB now who would do that asinine thing?

Did you betray God’s word?

Those who trust in G-d have nothing to fear, but those who do not will need the preppers kind of back up, and it will be seven years of the worst kind of life no restraint on the devil at all.

The best prepper to date extended his survival up to 18 months though I have not concluded the series no one can do the seven years.

Imagine a Nazi-like world with this kind of technology and weaponry leaving a person with no place to hide.

The government is gearing up for bringing order from the chaos they (the Roman Puppeteers) created they plan to bag tag and eliminate.

Those who have made it happen call themselves “Christian”?!? They have even been supported by their ministers of righteousness who have no truth in them.

You do know they are going to be called least in the kingdom if they were to make it in at all. Hiding G-d’s word has its consequences being the ones who did it and gave us NEW World Order Translations to have us bicker over them while they casually slipped it to America.

Like every other government has gaining control means population elimination the evil ones getting rid of the good ones as Revelation foretells.

When the true saints are gone, and G-d leaves the harlot with her offspring and HE WILL, her greatest blunder of hiding the word from the 3rd and 4th century Arabs will unfold.
It does not pay to lie you know G-d when you do not, reinstating the sacrifice and priesthood was the greatest blunder on earth and reveals they do not know G-d or his SON Jesus, in fact, they don’t even know Mary as well as they claim.

She said to do whatever the SON said to do, the SON came to lift HIS Father and live out the word and in Kind, the Father lifted HIM who points to the true and only G-d.

God shares his glory with no other.

Do you know what is good and evil? If you believe Roman Catholic’s are Christians than the answer is no, you do not know what is good or what is evil.

Death was defeated, and Christ feared it not because he knew it was a lie of the enemy brought on by insisting the SON make an appearance.
To look upon the face of G-d one would surely need to die and this case many had to die because of the lack of faith among the angels in heaven who rebelled.

Many will die in the tribulation for the lack of faith of those in the church who remain silent about their faith and because a group hid the word, changed it and smirked at us ignorant Protestants as they took our children into their created wars.

Jesus made it clear you deny him before men HE will deny you before HIS Father in heaven.

Oprah Winfrey denied Jesus as the only way in front of 20 million viewers her guru Eckhart Tolle does not know G-d, and it is evident when he speaks, he doesn’t know Jesus is G-d.

Safe to say Tolle is not Holy and will end up in hell with those who ring the bell denying the finished work of Christ. Handing out treats at the end of the service claiming it is Christ, Christ is not a doggie treat, and that is not how you receive HIM that is a mocking of G-d’s Son’s finished work.

Bringing back the priesthood in the 3rd century
It rendered the work of Christ powerless over the lost as they taught his work was incomplete they rose up to maintain their former control over the populace now they would use Christ name in vain to do it.

It is the devil fulfilling his arrogant message to the congregation of angels if the Son ever shows up, I will make him my pet.

I thought it was important to compare the tools of a dog trainer to that of the priesthood in order to set those caught in his system the ability to wise up and get out.

If your Ecumenical pastor has not taken a stand against this spiritual abuse what abuse is, he bringing you?

The more we leave with the better chances on the survival of those left behind who will have their eyes clearly opened.

Allah will be taking over keep in mind to the Arab’s G-d has no Son which means Allah had no Romance which a core component in Love is.

The greatest lie of the devil had to be he knew the most high in his frustration to prove the SON to the congregation of angels, led him to deny the Son even existed and taught “God has no Son.”

It was the lack of faith that led the rebellion.

The truth is NO ONE anywhere who can claim they know GOD the creator of heaven and earth without knowing the SON!

The angels in heaven could not completely say they knew G-d until they observed the love of the SON for man and creation.

He is the cornerstone of all the creation and a perfect instructor to learn to have a relationship with HIS Father.

I thought when people became Born Again as I had in 1982 that you all experienced the same things that I went through when praying in groups and worshipping. I could close my eyes, and it was like I was there watching HIM hanging on the cross. In 2009 when I found the effigy of HIM in Egypt, he declared to me that I had been.

I want to remember more but it is bits and pieces, and if not for the crop circles I would have forgotten even more.

Be prepared is used as a motto in the Boy Scouts and it is always best to be prepared.

The websites help the Church to prepare.

The benefits of the seven websites are that I have access to excellent programmers who can design a dead man’s switch that can send a message out to the people on your Facebook account, Linked in account and Twitter accounts or any email address you would like to notify about the abrupt departure.

You can designate one person to give the combination to your safe where you keep your guns; they will be grateful you did. They would be even more grateful if you led them to Christ before we embark on our blink of an eye journey home, we are only out of phase with them by a small margin.

The content of the email and social posts can be whatever you want it to be I have a sample here for you.

Dear Friend,

We have been warning the world that this day would come. If you are receiving this you have not seen me in over seven days I was a Christian and failed at winning you to Christ before I left. Hopefully this letter finds you well.

It was sent from designed by the one who now seeks to enslave you.

I keep my Gun, and a Bible locked in a safe in my garage behind the stack of tires the combination is 3 16 10 9 10

That’s from John 3:16 and Romans 10:9-10

The man we raised up and supported is to no longer be trusted he gave you ample warning and you refused to repent. Since his head injury he has changed it is no longer him, but now the vehicle of judgment against those who rejected the Saviors love and forgiveness.

The head injury was to reveal those who rejected Christ get the leader they deserve one who is brain damaged.

Not saying you are brain damaged but you really were not thinking life through and we did warn you over two thousand years, you just couldn’t be bothered.

Well you know what they say he who laughs last.

Do not take that mark in your body to buy trade or sell to do so would to brand yourself a property of Satan himself and forever be tormented in hell. The Spirit that was in the man is home with Jesus where he originated from. It has come to our attention that the devil said he would make the Son of God his pet and Father turned it around so you would be chased by him to the foot of the cross.

The saints are in heaven are rooting for you to join us.

Use the gun wisely and only kill those who you are certain took the mark of the beast they made their choice and send them to their eternal reward where they will finally beg for mercy and forgiveness without a way out. Should you be captured by them and tortured keep in mind of all the saints in history who endured the suffering to save your soul; and allow yourself to be martyred. Don’t give into their false god who this man has become to them the spirit behind him is a sore loser.

Your Eternal Friend in Christ

Your name here.

Our redemption draweth nigh.

Brother Abel

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