Finding A Friend

A friend is someone who has your back and won’t sell you out because of peer pressure. He stands firm and does not fold.  He knows the value of you as a friend.  He respects the words you have spoken and honors the call he’s been given, he loves unconditionally.  He keeps his vows and his promises he made to you, he gets angry when others mock you and deny things that you said or twist what has been said, he loves order and justice, he loves what you love and hates that which you hate. He sticks closer to you than a brother and is willing to die to let others know how much your value is worth.

Jesus said we were to love our enemies, so no matter if I thought it was Bozo or Obama Bozo who was the Antichrist I was willing to forgive him and wrap my arms around him because I knew that his appearance means my Jesus is next. I believe that Jesus can fix anything and restore order to a world that desperately needs HIM. The ones I went too only had to admit that the Son of G-d’s honor had immense value, and worth the world and they would have obtained the same anointing G-d gave to me, my heavenly mantle of who I was before coming to earth.   Had Adam not sinned it would have been given to Abel???

No, that is not right,  Adam would still have it and I wouldn’t have to take it away from the one who stole it from him. The enemy thought Abel would be the one who crushed his head because G-d favored HIS offering not knowing what it meant.  Lucifer never understood the importance of sacrifice.  G-d had not revealed himself since he originally expelled  Adam and Eve out of the garden. Because Father comes out at the offering of Abel for the first time since the fall,  the serpent gets the idea this is the one. Abel knew how to draw HIM out and I will again.

The enemy thought this is the one who would crush his head. Abel’s  life was taken by jealousy they very same kind that the angels had over Lucifer in his role. They turned G-d’s friend against him causing this ugliness to begin with.  So Father has felt he would like to let me know how much he appreciates what I have done for him and what I will do. Abel brought him out the first time and I will do it again.   I will not allow the half-hearted hyper-grace people convince me to compromise this, which is to be a long-standing friendship between the LORD and I.

Father’s and their Son’s what a Team, what great friends.


Father and Sons What a Great Idea! from Abel G-d’s Other Son on Vimeo.

Hyper-Grace Doesn’t Work
It Excludes Important People


Hyper-grace has not worked in over Two thousand years.


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