Forever Learning and Never Understanding Part II

Did you ever notice the renaissance paintings of saints where they all have a solar disc around their head known as a halo?    The featured image is the Lord Jesus Christ on trial by the religious people of HIS day, wearing HIS Halo shortly before HE is handed over to the Roman’s for execution. He is completing only three and a half years of HIS seven years after having spread the seed for the harvest. The seed is the word, and the word is the truth that sets men free.

The featured image of Christ shows the visible halo you find on many of them.  It is a solar-like disk; the idea is the portrayal of holiness that these men are holy. However, some believe it may stem from the worship of the sun.

It’s origins go back to Egypt over the head of RA the SUN god and adorned many Greek gods it has its roots in Paganism.

Either way, it is used is to bring things into focus for you, or you would only have a bunch of people standing in a painting.

God paints HIS own Halo’s

God does sort of the same thing to highlight HIS champions Joseph interprets dreams, Moses is a unique one of a kind speaks on behalf of the Father-God who hardens the heart of a pagan pharaoh because of who resides within him at the top of the hill.  Done to bring God glory and record in the annals of time that Pharoh (king of the mountain) refused to set the captives/slaves free God brought plagues among the people so that HE be celebrated and glorified as the one true God among the gods of Egypt. He is the only God and that all others are false and keep you from the truth.

This judgment against Egypt ruins its leadership among the nations and reveals the Power of God among the Jewish people.

Now imagine a Pentecostal Pastor in this role at the end of the age.  Only he is down in the filth with the rest of us no plans to set the captives free or the family members of his flock. Who sees no value in the work of Christ and tempts God to anger, is it God hardening his heart to leave the SON in the dirt and hide the word from the lost?

The only people who suffer are the members of his flock whose loved ones will never hear the word.  He who is too proud to admit HE doesn’t know GOD. If God has hardened the heart of a man to deny the real value of Christ I assure you it is not Christ in the man’s heart,  This all has to do with Value and teaching free will the value of worship and the worship of one deserving of it.

Moses is asked to speak to the rock, and it will pour forth its waters; he strikes it, and he is not allowed entrance into the promised land. The rock represents Jesus who need only to be struck once.

Today the rock is the heart of man who only needs to be spoken too. He beats himself up because he learns nothing from history. We create the monsters that we fight against because we refuse to honor the God who made us.   Our jealousy and our desire to have what others have is the definition of the word, that causes us to war.  In our case, the devil never has enough nor those who serve him. It is their greed that causes us to suffer.

In heaven, they had what we have in America and more; still, they were not satisfied they wanted to see the creator’s SON who was given credit for all that they saw and all that we have now.

Worshiping HIM in faith was not enough; they did not see HIS value.

God refers to them in Jeremiah as his sottish children who did not know HIM. No wonder he subtly weaves it into a game it was they who wanted another King rather than the one who gave them life, in the end, everyone understands the value of the SON  and every knee bows every tongue confesses Jesus Christ is LORD.

A “Man of God”  insists that it will be after just before they are cast into hell, I am agreed but why not insists they do it now before the rapture?   So that after the rapture they understand their position and what truly awaits them.

Maybe his service is ignorantly serving another one who insists on having power or souls till he gets it.

It is about winning souls and sharing truth which makes us winners by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony we overcome the works of Satan.

I was visiting my Stepmothers with my four-year-old son who was in the bathroom sliding the shower door open and closed, my mother yelled at him to stop it concerned that he would smash his fingers in the door, I said to her in his presence,  “Let him when he does he will not do it again.” he immediately ceased upon his reasoning that it could happen.   He would have learned on his own that there are dangers, and one needs to evaluate their surroundings to those dangers. One needs to choose their battles wisely; this was not placing up a boundary to protect his soul from sin.  Had I said to him not to do it, and he did it, it would then make it a boundary broken then it would have become sin.

Ignorance is the lack of understanding to resolve ignorance is to educate and teach the truth.   However, those who think they know the truth annoy the ones who do.

Daniel stands out as an interpreter of dreams he has faith in God to face the lions, he reads the handwriting on the wall oddly no one falls over in his presence or in the presence of the others that God placed HIS Halo around.

When they do fall, it is to be devoured by the plot they conceived against Daniel or Mordecai of Esther.

Elijah calls fire down from heaven to consume the offering soaked with water and then set fire to the false priests. When Jesus’s disciples James and John ask for the same power, HE says they do not know in what spirit they are speaking from. Jesus ministry is one of mercy and love to show that HE loves them and to open the word up to understanding.

The renaissance halo is used to help us spot the saints in paintings, allowing them to stand out. If you knew why they had the halo, it “would inspire you” to understand them and know them better rather than just a bunch of people standing in a room.

You can know many of them a whole lot better not by looking at an artist rendering who has it wrong ninety percent of the time but by reading their life stories in the Bible yourself and why wouldn’t you? It will give you something to talk about with them when you finally meet them.

The devil created the halo with another purpose.

The halo is also a method of mind control and deception. So that when those who are wicked have them painted behind them, you see them as saints as well.

You will know them, by their halos?

No, you will know them by their fruits. Every good tree bears good fruit if the root of the tree is evil, its fruit will be bad.

What good fruit has come out of Rome that honor’s the word of God?

Ignatius of Loyola you can tell how the devil loves this man he has sent more souls to hell with his order and taken the world than any other man.

Ignatius Loyola founder of the Jesuit priesthood was given such an honor the devil liked him so much he made a statue to express the appreciation for the souls sent to him because of his keen insight to going into Protestant churches and disrupting them taking advantage of those who knew little about the word.

Killing those who know the truth better than they is effective in making sure no one else seeks truth their voices whispering among us do not speak of religion or politics leave that to the ones who know better than you.

Education helps us to be less ignorant about a subject. However, there is more profit in it for them to leave you unaware.

Imagine if we had to know Latin to build a computer,   where would we be?

America had its bad times, but in the course of Slavery, we learned ignorance bred bondage.

Latin gave us lawyers, doctors, and false religion. Everything that seems wrong with the world coincidentally had its roots in Latin???  The mystery of religion is why did they bring back the priesthood; it serves no purpose?  The Mormon’s claim they have the restored Aaronic Priesthood if the final sacrifice had been offered and accepted there is no value in their services any longer.  Who is bringing these unwarranted offices back? The Antichrist who deny the work of Christ.

Jesus wanted his enemy defeated, and in doing so, his anger destroyed the temple scattering a priesthood that was no longer necessary.  It is in finding out in Revelation that his enemy will need it again for him to sit in, to declare himself God on the earth. As God takes what is above brings it below, and that which is below is brought up.

Rome has been deceived into thinking they are God’s true church, and they must protect themselves. They are the shepherds of the world and do not know what to do with the world’s population like ancient Egypt; they must come up with a plan to reduce the world’s population.

Because they do not know God.

Click the image of Loyola to enlarge and look at the halo on him; he is their champion. I assure you his rewards are only that very statue an offense to God.

He was born on October 23, 1491; we do not care about the birth because we are to consider the end of a man’s life.  Everyone has the same start as a Child; it is the course you take that either leads you to God or separates you from HIM.  He dies on his appointed day, July 31, 1556.  To think it was only a year prior that Robert Estienne, who finished numbering the New Testament in 1555.  Well, let us look to see if God has a Psalm for the dear old deceiver loved of Satan for his works. 7+31+15+56 equals Psalm 109 right on the money! His number was up, and God pointed to his number.

Think I got lucky?  How about he was 64 years old when he died. I can’t think of anyone who deserves this Psalm better than he. Psalm 64:1-10  6+4 adds to ten, and he kept none of them.

A poll had been done that asked Catholics how to get into heaven, and only one in twenty knew the answer.   One must be “Born Again ” as Jesus commands and offending God by adding or taking from HIS word is never an honorable thing it is considered an offense against HIM.

Because they do not know what to do about the earth’s population and Hitler was their hero though they would verbally deny it because who they serve,   how else do you explain the similarities between pre-WWII Germany and the New American Standard? It was ignorance of the word that destroyed the world.

I Love my Heavenly Father, don’t you?  He cares about all the lost these wicked people have under them. Come out of her my people God cries in Revelation 18, and if you do not know who she is,  she has possession of America her and her CIA helped buy it in 2008 because their god never has enough they wanted the oil and the nukes the Protestant America’s  WMD’s.

Jesus said you break the least of the commandments you will be considered least in the kingdom of God.

Rome disposed of the second commandment completely!

The greatest commandments on the list of the ten are the first four!

People sing songs that the Pope has a line directly to God. However, because of what they’ve done and continue to do the line is always busy; their blessings are turned into curses.  We won the war because they were blessing the German soldiers before battles.

So if you need assistance, it is available at 1-area code-555-1212.

Demons confuse themselves, but it was they who shaped their leader, and they pay the price for not having assisted him before turning him. His original purpose was to show the angels the true value of the SON.

Jesus said if you break the least of the commandments, you will be called least in the Kingdom.  What do you get for eradicating number two?

Does anyone besides myself understand why those Arab’s or HIS Jewish chosen people don’t come around to seeing Jesus? If you being spiritual side with those, who offend God, what chance do you have?

You who are spiritual can you put your finger on the exact problem?

This battle is for souls and keeping men from reading the word to see their need for a savior. Saved from what they ask?  Death for one, and the other would be found in this is what false Christianity brought you.

Hopefully, they and you know enough about Christ to want and save others once they see what their real reward at present is, they are being left with the beast they created just like those rebellious angels who made their leader.

Judgment comes into the house of God first for a reason.

Father and I are hoping we can open their eyes and have them repent in time for resurrection.

That is why I did the magazine cover NCIS, which is a Television Show that depicts solving murder mysteries with today’s technology.

Why is it we can’t solve what is going wrong with our world and who is the problem?

With so many claiming to walk in the light, everyone should know what’s going on.

My NCIS is stating in order to save souls and express truth we must proclaim before the rapture No Catholic Is Saved so that they may become saved and the rest of the world hear and follow.

The devils who work through this Jesuit order or those taught by them find a young protestant zealot with a strong faith in Christ and feed the vision given to him in his youth.  He may feel highly called of God to branch out,  the call may even be genuine, but they are there to see him fail.  The Reverend  Jim Jones was such a man who began his community; they deliberately set him up to sabotage it in order to say,   “See what happens when you leave the care of Mother Church.”

They are reinforcing themselves as the better Church to belong too because they do not give you Kool-Aid with their cookies. The same thing happened with David Koresh in Waco. It only takes a few voices around you who tell you how special you are and how you are the chosen of God.  The demons start doing the rest within your heart.  But once failure hits Mother Church is still standing going tsk tsk and who cares about the burning they have for each other along with the molesting and creation of more just like them,  sexually dysfunctional because they understand nothing of this war.

Have God’s halo.

Well if you claim you are chosen of God to lead at the least have something more than your word to back it up.

Daniel did,  Moses did, Elijah did, Joseph did, Jesus did.  Following in your parent’s footsteps is not a call answered. How many claim they are Christian because their parents were or are?  What a cop out that is not a relationship it’s a woman scorned.

Being a minister or Pastor because your parents were is not a call from God. Being a Pastor because you were bullied as a child and you seek the same respect your families pastor was getting is not a call from God you are not helping anyone only deceiving yourself and those under you because the root at the heart of the matter was not the voice of God.

Everyone who claims God called them into the standout as better than others priesthood does not know what Jesus actually accomplished and how it affects the final harvest I need those who were deceived to preach in the end and not pretend to know God they must be Born Again.

Born Again, people who have the heart of Christ the mind of Christ do not play devil’s advocate.

Does he not have enough help already?

You will find that these devils who split good Charismatic Churches are educated around idols and statues to sear their conscience of anything wrong with them.   They defend and excuse Mother Church’s behavior because after all, they believe in the Trinity.  The money that they have does not clothe and feed the poor in Jesus name.  Mostly when they are not adorning dead saints with it, see this article put out by the Smithsonian Institute who oddly uses a Sun disk as their symbol. This is a house divided against itself and because it is the devils we can rejoice.

Rather than do good with it in Jesus name they invested it in our Scholastic books and education where they promote error so that people who believe in God will put their children into their schools.

Belief in God is not enough HE gave you HIS word to stand upon them actions have power.

They put out their money to usury in loans to give away affordable housing to people that they teach nothing to about good stewardship principals.  The house becomes their god, and they put their trust in its value, borrowing against it to buy things they do not need to impress people they do not like.

Another Canonized saint as a mediator places Jesus as not the only mediator it is driving a wedge between you and HIM.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, 1225-1274

  • Common attributes: Dominican habit, chubby, sun or star shaped burst of divine radiance in the middle of his chest (representing his brilliant scholarship), book (often glowing with divine radiance)
  • Occasional attributes: Accompanied by angels carrying his books, and often whacking heathens over the head with said books.  Don’t mess with Thomas Aquinas.
  • Patron saint of: Universities, scholarship, students, scholasticism, exams
  • Patron of places: Toulouse, Aquino, all universities
  • Feast days: Jan 28th
  • Most often depicted: Triumphing over Averroes and other “heathen” scholars, standing around with other saints
  • Relics: Toulouse, all over the place

Thanks to Ex Urbe. Com for the excellent posts on Can you Spot The Saint full of Renaissance paintings of saints with descriptions and explanations.

The Heavenly Court

The Heavenly Court is another well-done piece those who know Jesus know that the system is not this at all,  as described in the link.   I only placed it here to show the absurdity of Rome who by concocting this foolish system doesn’t read or understand the Bible most of what they gather is fed to them by Protestants let us help them find Jesus and some of those AG ministers as well who don’t know Jesus. You need to know Jesus no if and or buts ignorance is no excuse the Bible tells you how the court is set up.

The symbol of the Trinity 777, surrounded by 24 scrolls representing the elders of the kingdom.

The heavenly court is surrounded by the four and twenty elders who are elected by God no doubt they have seen the value in the Son. The first elder in heaven was the Son of his dear longtime friend Adam.

You/I/We have only One mediator,  One Counselor HIS death shows you that HE wants to be your number one and do not fear going to HIM.  He is God, and HE is never to busy to hear from you.

It is not meant to be a game of hide and seek God is not the one hiding.  HE placed up a tree for us all to surrender at when we have felt the hate of his enemy and are tired of his shenanigans.  Come out of the darkness and come to the tree of life.

Keep in mind what Jesus came to do. HE came to lift HIS Father and reinforce the commandments to fulfill the requirements of the law, which when any one of them out of the ten is broken, brings the curse of death. To be freed from this curse, we must place our faith in Christ alone.

With all the opportunities for HIM to exalt HIS mother, HE never did. He knew how they would use her to deceive so many. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, and ignorance is best met with education, and the best teacher is Christ and those HE highlights in the world as HIS own.

Hiding the truth among all the Saints is not what God asked of us.

The greatest fool plays the devil’s advocate, when a Christian does it, he becomes a bigger fool.

Why would you want people in heaven that make and shape Monsters,  Killers, and deceivers?

The half-hearted angels made God’s friend into a monster, and now they pay the price for all eternity for doing so.

Ezekiel 28:16
By the multitude of thy merchandise, they have filled the midst of thee with violence, and thou hast sinned: therefore I will cast thee as profane out of the mountain of God: and I will destroy thee, O covering cherub, from the midst of the stones of fire.

The THEY half holy shaping their leader, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

God claims that he created good and evil, but he is not a supporter of the latter, when he gave his creation free will he gave you a choice to either honor HIM who gave you life or reject HIM.

You can slam your fingers on the sliding glass door again, or you can choose to walk away and praise God for another painless day.

Building and destroying houses.

If building an eternal home, you want those who will honor your leadership to live in it with you. In heaven, there are no elections the elections are taking place down here on earth where we are tried.

In heaven, it is a Theocracy, and you will not have any other lawyer in your corner other than Jesus and HE best be in your corner for the judge of the Universe will hear no other on your behalf. Knowing me will get you nothing but an introduction to HIM.

No society can function without law, and to honor the law takes ones free will and choice to do so.

To help us keep the law (the ten commandments as handed to Man through Moses)  Christ offers us the same Spirit that was in HIM. It means if HE lives in us than we are honoring HIS commandments and teachings,  both of which are from the FATHER to us.

The second commandment would not be all that hard to keep and mock sacrificing Christ every day a million times a day and telling people you can turn a bland, tasteless angel shaped wafer into the body of Christ shows you do not have the Spirit of Christ in you. That is not lifting Christ that is old school TiVo giving the enemy that moment over and over again it is all he has in his fleeting moment of thinking he won.

I am sure it was a wonderful moment, but it only lasted three days.

I didn’t get a halo I only got the lamps Lucifer once carried and the answers to these crop circles.

Creating class differences is the work of darkness,  as I know God sees us the same,  all needing HIM to maintain a harmonious existence.  Each of us has an immeasurable value, but it is the darkness that keeps us from seeing our true worth to God. The light should always be on Christ and what HE instructed and what HIS disciples taught us.

In part three, I discuss the dragon in which Jesus said that he came to steal, kill, and destroy you may find this next link interesting.  Jesus said, let the dead bury the dead, so why do so many people follow the dead and defend the harlot?

Jesus chose HIS twelve champions all Jewish men to continue the work it was not completing HIS seven years, none of them stood out as having an excellent education, mainly they were fishermen, and Matthew was working a tax collectors booth collecting taxes for Rome when Jesus called him, and Simon was known as a Zealot but I know that is not a profession,  he was a political instigator.

Ever notice that all pictures of the Saints and God have the halo or sunburst over their head in Renaissance paintings and Catholic images?  That’s where the idea for the T-shirts came from. Don’t be ashamed were going home and they’re headed to hell.

At least before Jesus is brought up on trial by the religious people of his day, HE had three years of ministry among the people.

Since giving my life to Christ in May of 1982, I served in several ministries Billy Graham crusade as a counselor at the crusades and worked phones when he was giving his messages on T.V. people called in for prayer and support.

I served over twenty years doing a Christian Film Festival, dedicating a week vacation every year to attend and either usher,  clean the theatres between shows or be a counselor. I spent four years four days a week working in a homeless ministry collecting and folding clothes, making lunches driving around Boston to wherever the hanged to tell them someone loves them.

As I am doing all this, I am not looking for any reward other than the one that may be awaiting me in heaven.

I did not know who I was any more than any of you know who you are to HIM. He did not tell me until my 50th Birthday.  SURPRISE!

This past Memorial weekend the message the preacher gave was on sacrifice,  didn’t I sacrifice enough to do the last of the 3.5 years Jesus left for us? Does God think so?   Why did he give me what he did and no more?  Here is a man who was raised by preachers both parents claimed to be Pentecostal, but I know the man is not truly Born Again or truly knows Jesus.

Playing Devil’s advocate gave you away.

Must I bow to HIM  before I get the kingdoms of the earth?

He does not know the Bible as well as he claims.  He wants to see power well so does the devil and the only power I wish to show them both is how the word of God can set men free without having to add to delusional giftings that the early church was not involved in, did Jesus love them any less?

I would not be giving anything to anyone that does not already belong to them if you want it, I must finish the work I was sent to do.

The peace plan is in lifting Jesus and opening the word to the world by showing the lost HE has value. Amazing how little Catholic’s and many Pentecostals do not know what the plan is.

Father open the eyes of the ones you love and wish to lead your church in these last days to your plan.

Putin, the heads of Europe the Bankers the wealthy elite may not go for falling over backward, but they may get on their knees and confess in the privacy of their homes Jesus is Lord and begin honoring the day of worship.

Brother Abel.


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