Forever Learning and Never Understanding Part III

The featured image is the Lord Jesus Christ on trial by the religious people of HIS day, shortly before HE is handed over to the Roman’s for execution. He is completing only three and a half years of HIS seven years after having spread the seed for the harvest. The seed is the word and the word is the truth that sets men free.

This is part 3 done this way so that when it is finished they are posted in sequence. keep in mind we keep the best for last but this would be the last so enjoy.

The final sacrifice had come and the people began choosing up sides the only door God was making to get man into heaven is recognizing who Jesus actually is.

Finding the Right Door.

The devil tries to tell us it is many doors that lead us back to God only it was one door he and his angels were kicked out of and that was for refusing to worship the SON in the first place.

In the crop circle below oddly named by me as the Hall of Doors from the movie “The Matrix” you can see the four sides form a pyramid. This one the numbers find us an Oracle, then a Question is asked and an answer is given.  See the video click here.

The hall of doors they ones holding the keys makes sure no one is getting into heaven who follows them.

The war begins in heaven with the refusal to worship the SON they seen no value in going to worship the SON and insisted that he makes an appearance before they would believe in HIM.  Those who lacked the faith to believe in the SON were thrown out of heaven not long after Father introduces value to the SON by making HIM a covering of precious stones Ezekiel 28:13.

Where the knowledgable (used loosely)  questionable half holy members of the congregation he was sent to lead back to the heart of Worship begin confiding in him about their knowledge of the SON some say they have met HIM others say they have not.

HE never comes out to play.

Father is protective knowing what they would do to HIM if HE did come out to play.

They filled his protection with violence.  Ezekiel 28:16

The THEY half holy shaping their leader, he once covered the Spirit of the most high God.

They turned him against God and made him their leader and now with much regret because they can see he cannot deliver on his promise,  which was made clear at the resurrection.  From time to time they have ruled on the earth then the good would rise up to defeat them.  Germany’s Nazi’s were the last now we are facing Islam but both of them were a result of those who serve the dragon who love death and destruction for they find profit from it.

He had a difficult time convincing them that he carried the Spirit the Light the essence of Christ beneath his covering acting as a defender of the SON to restore worship.  They turned him into the enemy of God and believed he could get them what they wanted because of his size. In the war, God took away his stones as the rebellious angels and Lucifer now Satan were cast down to earth given bodies of flesh.

Thanos and the Devil have a lot in Common.

If I were to use a pop culture reference I could say he is much like Thanos of Marvel Comics seeking his power back and getting back the stones he lost and killing people is what he does,  he is death.

Thanos feels that there is not enough to go around for everyone and he is showing mercy to one half be destroying the other.  There is plenty in the kingdom of heaven for everyone but Thanos does not want to talk about the one true and worthy God Jesus Christ that God insists we meet and develop a relationship with who will provide our every need in the Kingdom of heaven.

Lucifer’s beauty had become vanity and he knew he was worthless without the stones.  He lost the greatest position he was ever going to have in heaven because he wanted more and he does not want us taking that place he had. The Bible teaches us we are becoming spiritual stones for the new heaven and earth 1 Peter 2:5.

On the earth he uses us to build his new world order he began after being cast out of heaven God holds silent and allows us to discern and seek after truth and a relationship with the true and living God.

Dream Stele of Thutmose IV that is carved in stone in between the feet of the Lion of the tribe of Judah (Sphinx) that relays the story. How’s that for identification? It supports my findings.

He takes the very statement that he made in front of God’s angels and starts mocking the SON making him a tool to use us to build his new world order.

He begins to accumulate his stones and like a vicious Magpie, he collects his bobbles and shiny objects with the intent of making us war for the leftovers.

The Bible refers to him as a dragon and because he is spirit and God loves us he allows the creature to become visible by gathering these treasures to himself.

Spirit warred in heaven cast down to earth they became flesh until God could allow enough time for the Angels to compare the two worlds he was in no hurry to make man knowing full well our propensity for war.

Upon the building of what you refer to as the Khufu pyramid no hieroglyphs in it nor was the top placed on before Father makes an appearance to ask a few questions,

God always asks the Question HE knows the answer too.

Upon hearing the answer and the other angels who stayed with Father heard it as well they are destroyed Jeremiah 4:27-28 Spirit took on flesh and when they died over this they became Spirit again and could not undo it.   The tools they used to aid in its construction could not move under the heavy weight of the slowed rotation of the earth.

The angels told me this was what they referred to as the second fall of Satan. The other times is at the cross,   then the destruction of the temple when he learns it will need to be rebuilt before the return of Christ because Revelation says he gets to sit in it and declare himself God. Then there is me totally unexpected and then there is the final bottomless pit.

Does he really like this falling thing,  what’s with that?

He does not want to give up his treasure and the stones he spent thousands of years stealing from everyone. He formed the Knights of Columbus to protect it for him. Pray for these people so they do not get left behind.

All the archeologists and those who talk about the pyramids none are Born Again and if it were not true what would I do? It was in scripture and figuring it out that gave me the answers to the crop circles. So you cannot deny it before God.

Genesis 15:13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

Why won’t he tell Abraham what that land is? Abraham was just there passing his wife off as his sister to the Pharoah and the real clincher is who wrote this book?  See some of us can hear God in detail and I guarantee you they had been long out of Egypt before the words were written.

Keep in mind God the Father seen the end of it from the beginning and knew what the SON was going to endure.  Still, he would not turn back he vowed to himself he would not make a full end and wiped out the race of fallen angels cast down on the earth because of the statement made in front of HIS angels.  The dinosaur is also destroyed at this time they and the decayed plant life of that time would be needed for man.  The very creatures he used to build the symbols of the battle in Egypt become at the end of the age the very thing that exposes him,   as the greedy church of his goes after the oil in the middle east.

Jeremiah 4:27  For thus hath the LORD said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.

The seven days of creation are for the needs of the newest members of the universe the devil said he would make the Son his Pet and  God comes back with HE would take the dust of the ground from under his hooves and rise it up to worship him. Compare Ezekiel 28:13 to Exodus 28 even do a stone to stone match.

Also please be aware that the war among the angels did not happen within those seven days I believe the dinosaurs were to help educate them to what is death always hoping to turn things to the good. Only they thought it was “Jurassic World” and became entertained just like we do.  Free will is the same he gave them no knowledge they needed to learn. They could not see the value in worship they began to worship the created rather than the creator.

He has at the end of the age dressed himself and now because I caught him he must play it down that he is exposed,  his ministers of righteousness quickly snap into action defending his church. He had all his bases covered until God awakened me.

The first AG Pastor, I showed the crop circles too became agitated shouted at me when I tried to explain and said the Antichrist is going to burn in hell in a very sharp tone as if it were me.  Then he preaches the next Sunday condemning the fact I used a King James Bible but does it in a way the congregation is not aware of our battle.  Some people think the King James Version is the only version he says,  and that was not the case I just happened to be studying the KING JAMES when I made the greatest discovery of our time led by HIS hand.  However, I will say the Pastor did point me in a direction to find out why the devil hates it so much.

I found many important words removed that validate my findings that he was here before man was here on the earth making his little stone houses and the earth was young the materials held more moisture and were easier to cut and form Jeremiah 4:25-26.

Many angels did well in Rock Making 101. Time and heat hardened the once soft stone.

I know if I can get one of these ministers of righteousness to see how the enemy has blinded them I could set so many more free.

One of them AG minister again said they had a new spelling for the word dirtbag and proceeded to spell my last name to which I replied it was divinely given me and means a beautiful place. Now when I see him at a men’s breakfast he is calling everyone a dirtbag.  See that won’t play out well in heaven When he is questioned, will he say “well I called everyone a dirtbag. ” The next question from the LORD will probably be,  “Do you know where I was when you did that?”  That is why I try and say greater is HE that is in me than he that is in the world.

This man tried to give me an opportunity to move among them in the spirit with people falling over right after he did a teaching that played down an important part of God’s word namely the burning lamps of which I know I carry as found in the covenant with Abraham. The blind would have not picked up on it but I listen and I hear.

The lamps either follow behind or prepare the way for the  Lord. But they always shine on Jesus and truth.

I am not vindicating error and Jesuit rule. The priesthood was ended at the cross-study the Bible for yourself and quit pretending you know God.

After I was confronted with some people think the KJV is the only version I began to dig deeper.    God began to reveal to me the messages in the numbers and in word counts. Unfortunately, the AG Pastor took the way of darkness and keeps the world from hearing the truth it was he who gave up first. Darkness never supports the light ever nor does it want to see souls saved.

I should have not given him the messages because not doing so will have brought about the same results. But he will tell you to your face that he loves you but those in your family who are lost on route to hell not so much,  maybe he felt what’s the use? God is always throwing curve balls and unexpected changeups.  Did he get it in his Ecumenical mind Father sent me here to finish my Jedi training???  Master Yoda I be here, yes? He is right about one thing God is in control but it is my God who is in control, not the one betraying his word.

He is like the Stone Keeper in the movie “Little Foot” who must hide the truth with his superstitious beliefs and lack of faith in God.  I’m standing on faith he will see the light while he stands thinking I will vindicate his treason. While condemning your loved ones.

Word counts and the KJV proving the hand of God.

The term dinosaur shows up after the Bible is translated in English dragons so we know that not all of them were wiped out the term dragons appears 16 times in the KJV Bible and the singular term dragon appears another 18 times. It is around 1611 – 1620 the King James Version of the Bible is finished and was used by our martyred saints of Revelation 6:10  and those who died in the early church at the hands of Rome for over three hundred years the KJV is the top seller. Comes into the world in 1841.

Let’s have fun because I have come out to play.

1618 adds back to 16 Psalm 16:1-11 if we add 16+18 we get 34 Psalm 34:1-22.

Did God know they would do this? 1841 adds to 14 Psalm 14:1-7  they have no doubt become foolish.
18+41= 59 Psalm 59:1-17 tells you what these evolutionists deniers of God have awaiting them.

Today they walk among us in the form of spirits as demons and using us as pawns to try and find another way back into heaven I explained October 31, 1936 was when Jet Propulsion Laboratories was founded by a man who was a practicing Satanist linked in with Allister Crowley’s religion.

1936 adds back to 19 thank you guys for pointing this out JPL and Nazi NASA  Psalm 19:1-14
Psalm 19:1 Yes they do declare his glory!

19+36 Psalm 55:19-23

Father loves his creation and his word will prove itself time and time again.

Pray for me that I find forgiveness and my anger is turned into joy for this pastor who hides the messages from you and condemns the lost to hell by not honoring God’s word.

Brother Abel

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