Forgiving God the Difference an “A” can make.

When we get the report card, and on it, we find the A or A plus we are excited.  Then our parents display it proudly on the fridge and beam to all their friends what great achievers we are.

G-d provided society ten commandments that we were to live by if we were to have a relationship with HIM and each other. The first four dealt with HIM directly and the last six dealt with how to get along and live in peace with our fellow man and race was not a factor they were meant for all of us.

If you are a supporter of those who break the first four you can be sure you are not on the “A”  list.

Don’t even kid yourself.

The elect cannot be deceived, and there are many deceived who do think their elect.  What confirmations does one have that G-d has chosen them to lead HIS church or guide the lost into the Kingdom of G-d?

My best theological understanding of G-d came to me from A.W. Tozer’s “The Knowledge of the HOLY.” I read this book several times; once I read it out loud to my driving instructor while on the road for several weeks with J.B. Hunt.  His last name was Carter, and he was a sergeant in the Army Reserves, and of course, I could not resist but take full advantage of that,  Shazaam!

When G-d lead me into the transportation industry I wasn’t sure if I was hearing HIM correctly my first dispatcher was also his,  her last name was Church, and she loved the LORD,  I took it as confirmation,  her husband was also a Christian and a very jealous man.   I am not sure, but I would not be surprised if the relationship has dissolved.  Jealousy ruins what could be a wonderful relationship because you do not trust G-d.

That very thing happened in heaven and with Joseph’s brothers which directs us to the original event and what went down.  The ones behind the veil did not like the one the Father worked the hardest for. If it weren’t for Benjamin, the family would not have found healing or understood the greater plan,  what they behind the veil meant for evil G-d meant for good.

I had an unction from the HOLY SPIRIT that someone in  Sgt. Carter’s  family was praying for him so I asked,  “Who is it in your family that is praying for you?”  He looked at me with surprise and said, “My sister,  she’s one of those “Born Agains”.  I started to share my faith and read the book to him,  on his days off I would sleep in the truck, and his sister once came and took me to her Church,  it was just like my Church in Woburn Mass down to the very chairs and the color of the carpet in the sanctuary.  I missed my fellowship, but I knew I needed to be on the road meeting people and claiming each state for Jesus.  Wherever my foot tread,  G-d has given it to me as I claimed it for the King of Kings. I have since been out of touch with Sgt. Carter from Louisiana, but it is men like him that makes this country great.

My words will not fall to the ground if they are intended to lift up Jesus and set the captive free. I had a minister give a message reminding us of the world’s greatest line, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” do they ever hear themselves as they align with those who removed the second commandment and split the last one in two to give them the devil’s ten?

Jesus said those who break the LEAST will be called LEAST in the kingdom and what of their followers if any of them are getting in at all?  Rosary and Scapula’s and praying to the dead are those good intentions?

I don’t like playing their games ones instituted by the devil himself they harm too many people.  I should not have to play where’s Waldo? He’s, of course, the one with the stripes as you know.   HE should be high and lifted up and in no one’s shadow.  You shouldn’t have to hunt for HIM. It is because HE is hid by darkness that people suffer.

Finding the truth among the fables.

How about this one while paving the road to hell a revival nearly breaking out and the minister comes to the one who opened the peephole to see who it was banging on G-d’s door? Why?  Because G-d asked me too, that’s why.  Just letting him know I’m an insider.

I asked , “Who is it?”  Because G-d asked me too.  He stood dumbfounded so I said to FATHER who it was. Then Father said to ask him what he wanted? So I did and again a deer caught in the headlights look came over him.

The image above could have been made by a man; I guess we’ll find out when the deer caught in the headlights get to England and finds out.   After all, he is supposed to be heading up G-d’s revival and taking reigns of the church he’s just to busy everytime I try and communicate the fact. He kind of reminds me of another Pentecostal minister who took what G-d gave him to set the world free and decided to trample over them wanting something more menacing and Elijah like.

Let’s play get a clue it may be you; the devil does not want me.  I’m just an uneducated truck driver and do not have the vast public speaking experience ministers of righteousness have. Ministers who are holding all the keys and guarding all the doors no one gets in without their approval.

The hall of doors they are holding all the keys, and no one is getting into heaven who follows them. At the end of the age, how many lights do you want to see shining?  The world is lost because they do not know what Church holds the truth or who they can trust. Such were some of us.

Have seminaries been influenced by the doctrines of demons or are we just all trying to get along?  If I don’t stand on the solid rock, I am going to sink, and of course, I will be no good to others.

Some have already slipped off because they placed the oil under their feet instead of on top of their heads.  G-d’s ways are higher than our ways and HIS thoughts higher than our thoughts. Why would HE not enter into a man at the bottom? Then the devil would want that man because of that power, but he doesn’t want the power to be the truth!

One man thinks I should turn stones into bread have some show of power,  wonder where he got that idea from? Another feels I should be like Smith Wigglesworth and called me a dirt bag because I wouldn’t do as he wanted.

Opening the word of G-d and lifting up Jesus is not enough for them.  G-d have mercy on the souls they condemned with their vast ignorance as to what you are doing.

Do you know why G-d asks the questions HE already has the answers too?  RELATIONSHIP, COMMUNION to get the dialogue rolling. To help you see into yourself to see if there be anything in you that does not belong.  Finishing the work HE began in you is a group effort Father, Son, Holy Spirit,  and you help from an insider can also aid in growth.

So the minister who was banging on G-d’s door came over to me and asked me to pray away the light that came into my life and said that he did not want those lamps,  as memebers of his church were beginning what would have become a great revival. It is where I first heard Jesus in Salem (Shalom) New Hampshire.


The Bible tells us G-d was sorry that HE made man, HE also tells us HE is responsible for both Good and Evil, it was the inevitability factor found in free will, G-d does not want to be with those who do not want to be with HIM, and HE did not want automotons.

Some of you may feel I do not love the Catholic people I love G-d so I know I love them,  the truth is they do not honor HIM or HIS SON. We must get them to see that the wool has been pulled over their eyes, by covetous men so that someone could get his one world order built.

The devils work through greed,  lust,  and want of power. Pride goes before the fall.

If you cannot get those, who are five feet from the finish line over the line then how will you get those who are miles away?

When I forgave the greatest perpetrator of the harm caused me he was G-d’s creation,  I was forgiving.  You can say you love Jesus but have you forgiven HIM for everything?     I was not only opening a door I could never close, by saying I wanted to shake the hand of the antichrist and put my arms around him thanking him for coming,  my Jesus is next.   I was opening a door wider for more to come in.  Pray about it,  does your unforgiveness make you a better friend to G-d?  Sure HE is G-d’s enemy, and we are not supposed to be in bed with him, so why are you?   Are you a better person than him if you do not forgive him?  Truth is he has something still on you!

His role was angels would praise G-d the SON in faith, and he would bring that praise into G-d’s presence, could they have been nice to him or loved him? Sure they could have but they were not they were jealous and turned him.

When people love me and hug me I praise Jesus it’s what it is all about,  we become what the enemy was supposed to be.

So what does G-d do to make a better world?  HE looks for the hearts that desire the kingdom and a Utopian society that can only be had with HIM at the center LOVE. He will not share HIS glory with another.

Isaiah 42:8  I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

We have, what we have now because HE is not in the center at the core of our hearts.  It is HIS sacrifice of HIS SON that cries out the LOVE HE has for all of us. Our disobedience reveals our contempt for HIM.  Our forgiveness to the one who wronged us the most ties back to the reason he was created.  Which is to show us the value of G-d’s SON.

Jesus the precious one sent of the FATHER who kept all ten commandments while he was here he made them into twelve by expanding the meaning of two number six hating your brother and number seven adultery even to look with want. HE was rewarded with a seat by HIS FATHER’s side. Witnesses saw HIM overcome death and watched as HE was lifted into heaven from where HE had come.

G-d tells us that to break the law meant death and an eternal separation from HIM. The ten commandments highlighted the infection of sin in man.

The image below of shards represents sin; it is ugly to G-d. Caused by the jealousy of others towards the SON in heaven before the birth of man.  There are 32 shards there are handles to pick each one out but you cannot get rid of them all that’s why Jesus came to do what HE had to do. For you to get into G-d’s home, you must have a passing grade you must be free from sin.  Psalm 32:1-11

Romans 6:23  For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Jesus emphasized the importance of the law it reveals who want’s in and who doesn’t.  When we break man’s laws and get caught, we must pay a fine or serve time in jail. If we break G-d’s laws, we are separated from life unfit for HIS society.  The remedy let the one who overcame the law whom G-d delights in the most take up residence in your heart and follow the new spirit HE gives you when HE comes in.

He rewards us according to HIS findings seeing how truth sets men free,  the more one posses, the more value HE is to G-d.

You can never please everyone, and two cannot walk together as one unless they are agreed Amos 3:3 everyone especially those who do not understand what is going on and you can tell by the fact they want their leader (antichrist) to come from the top, not from the bottom.  If he rises from the bottom, he may have to lift up Jesus in the process.  Jesus created all things, and all things need Jesus.  The peace plan the world needs is in the Bible where I found my greatest treasure.

To get a passing grade, you are going to need Jesus.

The beloved friend who was banging on G-d’s door I had told that day,  I had won,  I said,  I won,  I won. He came to me and said I could not let others think me better than they,  so for nine years I been thinking how I will do this from my seat in the sanctuary?  I know I am not better than any of you, I only have the “A”  the master gave me,  if he wants to post it on the fridge then why can’t HE?

I forgave G-d, and I have “A Forgiving G-d’.”

Have you and do you?

Brother Abel


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