Getting the Message “The Sending Devices”

The original message did not have any images it was sent as a puzzle to be decoded by charting it with prime numbers so a grid pattern could be formed and the images extrapolated. The actual signal was just a series of ones and zeros shown below.

The graph shows you the same thing only the 1’s are darkened squares.

I am glad this is not the way God communicates with us.

Can you imagine had the returned message been zeros and ones no one would have deciphered it.

The aliens on M13 or on the way there could certainly be able to figure this out???

After all, they have UFO’s right?  Which means they discovered flight after discovering the periodic table and the wheel then built factories,  had cars,  shopping malls if they never had any wars they would not need flying machines?   No rocket program because intelligent people would find it a big waste of money.   What a great vacation package they would have to have to be able to take the journey.  I can hear boss Alien now everyone go to the bathroom before we leave we are not stopping at every planet we pass,  our destination is Earth and no we are not going to Disney land we are going to go look at the cows like we do every time we go.  I don’t want to hear are we there yet every light year we pass.

The problem with other life forms on other planets who are not a spirit but rather flesh beings would say that Jesus is not so important so who goes after UFO’s?  Those who don’t believe Jesus is important. Free will and sin is not a universal problem???  You cannot have harmony or peace when everyone wants to go their own way. God made Jesus the cornerstone for a reason.

God’s communication devices were the very mouth of men like Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph,  Daniel, Samuel, Nathan, Isaiah, Jeremiah finally HIMSELF in Jesus. The list continues to go on and on men who lived ages apart and all came with a message to give to HIS children.  Certainly these communication devices were more sophisticated than the ones we carry today not too many can say they took the dust of the ground and made a man a living breathing soul.  Sure you use the same materials to make your cellphones and other materials but they are machines and they cannot love you.  Still, God speaks through men and some men can make the tools you use have God speak to you.

That’s where I come in, free will is a great thing and who betrayed who first? What’s that saying what goes around comes around.

In my Moons of Jupiter message, I neglected to mention that the Earth is the first in the list to have a moon. Venus and Mercury do not and they are extremely hot planets being so close to the furnace.  When Jesus finishes HIS 1000 year reign the sun will be made to a supernova devouring all the other planets creating a giant lake of fire where all things melt with a fervent heat. Where will your spirit and soul be when that happens?

What I would like you to notice and think about is that the Earth is great with just one moon. One moon is all that is necessary for a great place like Earth to function. Jupiter has had that horrible red storm that has been going on for pardon the pun many, many,  moons. From the beginning of time.   Moons have an effect on the environment of a planet. The problem with Jupiter is too many moons with seventy-nine there’s chaos all over the place.  It’s like that with too many gods with everyone wanting to be a god you have serious problems everyone wants a superpower or be a superpower. Envy and strife started the fall.

The Jewish people showed us who the true God is and thanks to them they gave us Jesus the only God I want to know. Everything works great when we focus on one God and universally no one can claim to know God if they do not know HIS SON, after all, they are at least to me one and the same.

There may be a self-appointed group of  Apostolic successions who may be saying its a trap he’s clever and cunning he’s trying to make us think the only way to God is through Jesus, I for one am not falling for it. Make him turn stones into bread or walk on water,   can he do Wigglesworth?

Gentlemen and Ladies let the dead bury the dead as Jesus requested us to do.   It seems Pentecostals are more like Catholic’s every day,  that is why they walk so blindly hand in hand you each have dead saints to put your focus on and neglect the ones you should be making.

God communicates to us through HIS word and in our own tongues HE knows every language, and you can talk to HIM like I do by inviting HIM into your life by admitting you need HIM that you understand you are separated from HIS HOLY presence because of unrepentant sin. That to have your light come on on HIS switchboard you need to accept the gift HE gave you.  It is the only way HE will accept you and that is through HIS SON.

Before Russia became a Communist country the Czars and the Eastern Orthodox Church ruled it. During the changing from a Christian to a non-Christain Communist nation the great debate in the Church was over the length of the candles on the altar.  The Czars were wealthy and God blessed them because of Jesus but they neglected to do the deeds and works Christ required,  feeding and helping those less fortunate. The dragon took issue with this greed and turned the people against them using his Jesuit Priests to infiltrate the nation,  there is not room enough on the planet for two Christian Churches let alone Seven someone believes it should be only one. However, Revelation speaks of Seven.

He believes it should be his church as number one with HIS idols and mocking of the crucifixion the priesthood has always served him well from Egypt yo the Yucatan the people served him blindly building his pyramids and making him always the king of the hill. So I can see why he does not like me and Father’s plans for me which are to lift up HIS SON open HIS word and set captives free all the way to the top dividing the ones and zeros.

You may have asked why does not God show himself HE did and many did not like what they saw or heard and HE allowed them to whip and crucify HIM so that those who would receive HIM would become the children of God.

For no greater love has any man than to be willing to lay his life down for another.

What I discovered in scripture sets many free and Satan hates me for it so I still need to find him a ride for his seven years. I have a couple of candidates I want by my side as I climb the ladder up the pyramid that he has made. They will honor Christ but one of the five is a traitor.

God the Father’s wrath came down on sin and Christ paid the price, I have what I have because I know the value of Christ.

Let me make this simple for you, you are either a one (1) on the board or a zero (0), ones are the ones who have had their sins washed away and are seen by God.  Zeroes are the losers who will die in their sins,  and never enter heaven it is very uncomplicated.

It may help some of you who don’t know how God communicates.

God is Spirit and in the old testament HE would seek willing hearts or call out men who would honor HIS word. He would place HIS spirit upon them. Today we have something far greater we have HIS spirit living in the heart that is true and seeks HIS companionship. Christ gave up HIS spirit so that Father could give it to you to help you fight in this world against the darkness.

John 14:15-18
(15)  If ye love me, keep my commandments.
(16)  And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; (17)  Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.
(18)  I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

The balls of light that made the images in the fields of England are the same lamps given to Lucifer which were intended to bring praise and worship back to the SON and the throne. We all worship something and God wants us to worship HIS SON above all else. The angels refused and here we are.

Ignore the red dot someone thought he was marking the start of the binary position, in calculating its size it’s not that at all. God cannot be measured. Is that M for microwave or Micky Mouse?

One year prior to the day in 2000 the following appeared in the same spot in Chilbolton England.

The Bible says God spoke and the heavens and earth were created by HIS divine will.

Spirit is eternal and many today try to catch them on Camera or go ghost hunting God forbids talking with them because devils will enter and blind you even to the fact that they are even there. Seducing you into things that will keep you from God and place you in an eternal position of bondage and deny you true spiritual encounters with the living God. God wants us calling on what HE values the most JESUS! He is not dead and very much alive He will give you victory over sin.

If HE hasn’t you haven’t met HIM.

In the center is the HOLY ONE the core of creation the SON of the living God and from God all things where created.  In the Arecibo returned message the center is again four squares and again to find God we must honor the law and find HIS greatest gift in the four gospels of the new testament. This is the heart of the scriptures and the heart of God among us.

There are Four 4’s for 16,  There are four 11’s,  for 44, There are Four 8’s for 32  5 comes before 6 and they are both by themselves.

Psalm 16:1-11,   Psalm 44:1-26,  Psalm 32:5-6 all together they add to 103

Bless the Lord OH, my Soul! Psalm 103:1-22

We get arrogant and claim copyright but all that we have is a result of HIS intervention into our lives. The western world England and America benefit from such blessings. The very head of Christ on the cross laid upon the Western stem of the cross,   the west is wisdom the very mind of Christ. Ephraim and Mannasah were brothers and Son’s to Joseph they are camped in the west in the wilderness tabernacle. The older shall serve the younger is what Jacob said in the blessing.  The older, in this case, is England the younger is America. We find the Brother to Joseph Uncle Benajmin the tribe who camps the furthest west where the Sun sets on the camp bringing the day to a close.  Joseph is a picture of Christ because of the covering and the rescuing the Gentiles first than bringing in the house of Israel and who would then be a picture of Benjamin? Come now the Sun is setting and the day is ending!

Like many others, I grew up where love was not a commodity but I never gave up loving the one who could not love functionally.  Lucifer was to go through the congregation and report back what great things they were speaking about the SON,  God already knew HE was inside the covering but HE loves to talk and communicate with those who love HIM.

I do not just say grace at a meal,  I thank HIM with nearly every bite I’m a big guy so there is a lot of thanks.  Every hug I get today I thank God for, I did not get any growing up.

Now the puzzles Father sent me to do are not as complicated as the messages Carl Satan sent “Thank Jesus”.  They are simple but they needed to be sent and here is why.

Today we have the technology to show the word to the world something the devil and my Pentecostal pastors refuse to do.

Jesus did not honor the will of the leadership of his day it would have only vindicated their error and knowledge of God’s word. It was clear they did not understand then as many do not understand now.

HE ended the purpose of the priesthood by being the last sacrifice anyone would ever need. HIS price could not be measured in terms of dollars and cents HE is priceless to every soul saved.

Jesus spoke of a great harvest, harvest crops,  crop circles. The devil took away the word and replaced it with icons graven images and a FISH.  The story behind the FISH symbol is that those who were reading the word “Roman Soldiers” seeking to hunt down Christians by infiltrating their meeting places,  sadly not much has changed were becoming converted and Rome was losing Soldiers to the cause and their cause is always serving false gods and doctrines of demons.

So some villainous wicked man came up with using the sign to show where to meet rather than repeating passages of scripture.

The word would no longer become hidden in one’s heart and sin would become rampant.

They took the keys to lock the gates of heaven and released the hounds of hell.

HE IS THE CHRIST THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD and upon that statement, the Church is built!

Keeping the Bible from you was Satan’s plan all along. Today he just floods the market with corrupt translations telling you God does not care. As the prideful boast of their excellent understanding of knowing many translations. Some are good and others are missing valuable information that points to the whole truth.  Why did the devil want those words hidden from us or cause such derision no unity no one stands on the word they lay on their backs claiming it is the power of God???

The devil wanted power,   the heart of man is wicked and only the word of God can break such stone and make it into flesh.   NOW THAT’S POWER!

Isn’t this fun!

Brother Abel


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