Giving Him What He Wants

I am a firm believer in not giving in to terrorism,  I located the real terrorists and the PSA goes “If you see something say something.”

If we cannot laugh at ourselves then who can we laugh at? Growing up like many of you I would have liked to have laughed more, but we may not have learned anything had it not been for the suffering in our lives.  There is no hope for the angels who followed Lucifer; they may be only getting a 1000 year break as their leader is tossed into the bottomless pit while Jesus rules here after the seven years of famine or the great tribulation where he gets his time as promised.

Angels are peering into the bottomless pit.

I did not have one day in my life that I remember my step-parents not fighting and swearing at each other. If I boast let my boast be in the LORD,  he protected my life and ensured that no harm would come to me by telling his Crazy EX that I would know who the Anti-Christ would be before anyone else. Which made my Lucille my Lucifer, yes you all experienced God’s crazy ex but me I became his childcare project.

Try that on for size! My birth mothers name was Loretta, not Rosemary trust me on this life has not been glamorous; his babysitting skills are likened to a deadbeat drunken father who keeps losing the lottery.

His demons tried to guess who I was.  Because of their global positioning and being comfortable in their housing like John Kerry who had to go look at the pyramid in Antarctica rather than supporting Hillary in her campaign, This is a result of not leaving their accommodations they are becoming sealed in their housing for the final battle.

To communicate, they use our television networks to signal each other rather than give up their housing. Because while they are gone the defenses of the victim are weakened leaving the person open to having a Christian’s try and convert the lost sinner then return to find their housing with a new spirit,  a stronger spirit that begins to stand on the word and takes authority over their house.

Bewitched Season 6-Episode 6 October 1969 “Naming Samantha’s New Baby,” they guessed Adam they were wrong it was Abel whom he thought would crush his head how they got Adam is beyond me?

So for the weaker ones, it is just best for them to remain put and let the others send the messages. The assassination of JFK at the apex of a pyramid sent a very a strong message to the elite sent from the big Kahuna himself residing in  “Good Pope John,” Pope John XXIII,” they are ruthless and kill their own to get what they want.

Now every Potus had them to consider. JFK Jr.’s magazine George was to intimidate them he knew President George Bush was tagged in college by them and was in Dallas the day of the shooting and because he was with the CIA at the time they had him where they wanted him a patsy so if things went south they could lay the blame on the Bush family for Nazi America.  The Father was killed in front of the Father; the Son was killed in front of the Son. There are no coincidences.

In the series of 2015 Adam Ruins Everything, it should be more like “The Son of Adam Ruin’s Everything.”

Mary will not be attending any of the wedding rehearsals’s one of the angels in heaven is messing with her in an innocent game of hide the blue dress,  so she has nothing to wear. I am surprised that smart women who claim to walk in the light never picked up on this.  It is men running the show from Rome.

Why do they need my Jesus to give them a peace plan,  if they have Jesus to give them a peace plan?

They want you to think this.

Mary, not Jesus, is crushing the serpent. Virgo is lifted above cancer and is between Leo and Libra, and no one knows why suffering is being allowed?

When it is more like this.

In the movie about the lead singer for Mercy Me, he got to see his monster give his life to Jesus Christ with a visual change which was proof of redemption that Christ had moved into his heart. With my monster, I did not get that.  Instead, I got a prayer answered in twenty minutes that gave me some hope that she made it home she passed in 2006 my answer came in 2008. Right after saying to HIM if I knew my mother was with you I could do anything for you. I was directing it towards Jesus the answer came twenty minutes later.

Why does the devil want a Truck Driver that has rapture written all over my life and the story of God incorporated in it as well to be his Anti-Christ?  I can only guess that I still haven’t pointed accurately at who it is and the hour is fast approaching.

When I finally got this call in 2009 my family began being attacked marriages that were unbelievable well put together were ending lust and greed found their way into the heart of my favorite nephew of my adopted family who ended his marriage.  My stepbrother who is five years older than I went through a divorce, my only son was seduced and taken from God and moved to California.  I graduated Me the One High in 1977 when the hit song Hotel California came out and I always understood it as not only about the excess of American culture but not having wine as an indicator of no HOLY SPIRIT and those who checked in never check out again it meant damnation.

Now I look at the world and know that too many are going to perish and be tormented in hell forever if I do not give him what he wants.

He wanted to be like the most high  OK first things first,   I will help,  I give up,  I surrender,  you win.

I saw how the most high did this.

Step one:  Let the world know you are coming,   find a man like John the Baptist to proclaim your day is at hand,  good thing for you left me available,  glad to help with this portion.

Second, get rid of those stupid idols if you are going to be the only one to proclaim your God status.

Third, give me leaders I can trust so that we can inform the nations that Christ is returning so we will need their armies to gather together and place their weapons in Armageddon to aim at the return of Christ this one is important and you will need my peace plan to make it happen.

Getting those Muslims to see the error clearly will help get the needed peace we will need to start the Temple. Good thing they have marriages and understand the need for women, they have little respect for them I think I can change that for you.  The prince of Persia and the Kings of Persia will know who I am.

Silence your Pentecostals who look for you from above that’s not where the most high started from Help them to not snicker at the HOLY BIBLE especially the KJV because the plan is outlined so well in this version and if not for that version we could not do this at all.

I probably can get a few of the churches to use the banners from heaven to give you a feel of it being like heaven, but I think you messed that part up.   The cameras are all in place social media to know all and see all.  I see Amazon has a new show out where they can’t locate the Antichrist,  is that what you think of me? I do not have yellow eyes with serpent slits.  I have been told that my eyes are very lovely.

You said,  “The most high The SON could not make you a God that you wanted to be just like HIM.”

We are doing all we can it wouldn’t hurt to help us out a little bit.

That should cover it. Hope your happy because I’m not!

Brother Abel

More television facts for my fans of Jesus “the real one.”  I have compared Rome to the Clampetts and the Banking Cartel of the Rothschilds to Mr. Drysdale. The Bankers get them everything they want.

Beverly Hillbilly’s Season 6 Episode 6 11 October 1967 “Greetings from the President” again in October the witching month. In the same month two weeks later John McCain is shot down over Vietnam, war protesters march on the Pentagon.  They treat it as a game making fun of us, Jethro represents all American’s in this episode. They killed Kennedy to escalate the war in Vietnam. To fill their houses with wealth at the cost of our children. They are drunk on the blood of the saints.

I was nine years old when OHIO express released the song Yummy Yummy Yummy in April 1968, I was looking for love for the past nine years, and even I knew then it was not from the tummy it comes.

Some people love people right into hell never once standing on the truth.

There is a way that seems right unto a man, but the path leads to destruction. As for the Christian, not for him because none can separate us from the love that is in Christ, but can we be supporting the wrong Christ and not even be aware???  Which brings into question our separation,  some will hear away from me I never knew you,  that is what I am hoping to avoid for many.

The man from OHIO knows what he has done and why is he following me and destroying the works I’ve come to do?

Honor HIS WORD, and you will go places you could only dream about.

Still, believe they are for pro-life and that I am wrong?

God created the covering to show forth the value of HIS SON, the covering had a problem with curbing the rebellion, and he sought God in prayer and sought the help he needed as he should. God told him to tell the congregation if they return to me and delight themselves in the SON then the SON will give them the desires of their hearts, they desired to rule,  to have kingdoms God was not opposed as long as the SON was worshiped and honored which made for their subjects to be happy as well.

He the covering did not know what their innermost desires were until he tried to steal the birthright.

That’s when he became the Crazy EX claiming the SON could not give him his desire, so those who rebelled were not given the proper message. Instead, he said as soon as he was made God, he would grant them their desires,  robbing them of God’s accurate word,   how typical.

I am going to do it right I will say this if you come back and worship the SON God will give you the desires of your heart, if you do not you will end up with the crazy ex.

Think of a time when you were in a boatload of pain and compound that for eternity.

I am not seeking to become a god, and I can only give you what God has given me,   Hope.

Something my Pentecostal Pastor won’t give because he has joined with the Clampetts and I do not condone or support the Clampett’s at the cost of losing America.

Here is Jethro with Duke, who is a bloodhound who doesn’t hunt because he doesn’t know the real blood. The Duke knows who he is, and Dukes never become Kings.

Again,   I’m from the government, and I am here to help Crush a head.

Brother Abel

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