Going above the Toes of the Pope

Genesis 3:14-15
(14)  And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life: (15)  And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

Rising above the toes would mean reaching for the prize and setting the captives free.

The head is above the toes in case anyone missed that.

The center of the star of David is supposed to resemble the structure of a honeycomb a place of safety for the pupa before it takes flight.  Here the star is distorted and the numbers are in the rows of teeth and the distortion.

I put together a video it is the least I can do as the Anti-cookie Christ.

One of Satan’s biggest lies told in heaven was that he seen the Son,  yet there was no man.   Jesus called him a liar from the beginning this has to be it. He carried the essence of the Son the light/spirit just as we do today but to say you saw HIM would just be an outright lie his visibility was made possible only through the Virgin birth of Mary and man was not created yet. God is always going to be SPIRIT. The Son will now always be visible free will always the same so do we need another covering a protector a reminder an enforcer?  We already have the scars and the kingdoms to prove we passed this way.

The symbols in Egypt clearly state the denial of the SON among the fallen ones claiming if he ever shows up, they would make him his pet. I will not perform what I know are works of the dark one when it comes to the word of God.

Jeremiah 4:22  For my people is foolish, they have not known me; they are sottish children, and they have none understanding: they are wise to do evil, but to do good they have no knowledge.

If someone told me he had seen Jesus today and his testimony aligns with the word of God, I would be able to believe it if he had some proof or evidence to back it up. I do know the SON is real because he revealed himself as the most high God in the earth over 2000 years ago.

No need to counterfeit what isn’t real,  am I right?

So serious men of theology which is the counterfeit Protestant or Catholic?

In the Church, Christ is our example, and who doesn’t want to be like the most high God Jesus?  Father thinks that is a marvelous idea; HE loves HIM and wants to see a spirit like that in all of us.

Falling backward is not evidence of the HOLY SPIRIT  here is another curveball Mormon’s and Muslims speak in tongues as well are they with the Holy Spirit?   This is why I believe my Pastor may be the Elijah I am seeking only he is sleeping, and the darkness blinds him as he sits under the Pope and defends the harlot keeping me from rising to crush the serpents head.

He seeks power to come from me, and all I can do is open and stand on God’s word and promises. Elijah after the church is gone is given great power the desire is almost Satanic in its origin, rejecting the proof given already is never good enough for the enemy. Case in point Jesus made his trek of forty days in the wilderness after the dove descended and the voice proclaimed, ” This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Not good enough for the devil he needs to see the creative force the power he seeks to recreate it all.  It is the only thing he is thinking about Matthew 4:3  And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

He missed the Baptism probably sleeping while John the Baptist was preaching He has come. How can that be so,  if he through Herod tried to kill him after HE was born?

Know what it reminds me of the Rich man and Lazarus thinking he can where he is make whom God holds in his bosom to do his will. Have Lazarus dip his finger in water and touch my tongue for I thirst.  Like he has some authority and still treats Lazarus like a servant of his. He is never learning.

And like my Pastor, if you bow down to me who sits under the Pope, I will give you the kingdoms of the earth. I had angst against him for years I cannot perform the works of what darkness wants I am a child of the light I answer to God alone. It’s not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord.

When God curses the whole earth before man is created, the gauntlets are thrown down, the real war gets underway to retore in the eyes of the Angel’s God’s honor. You can almost hear God say after wiping out the dinosaurs. Now undo it because it will destroy you! Lucifer made his first biggest blunder by claiming he would make the SON his pet if HE ever shows up.

The LION of the Tribe of Judah it’s HIS effigy built by a loser, who claimed he would make the Son of G-d his pet if he ever showed up.

God allowed time to pass before we come to the creation of man,

Jeremiah 4:27 For thus hath the LORD said, The whole land shall be desolate; yet will I not make a full end.

Thanks to the dinosaur who provides us with all the oil, we will need to correct the insult made by them at the direction of his crazy ex.  Who threw away the best role he was ever going to have and my Pastor desires I do the same,  by bowing to the god of this world with his giftings running around in the church as he will go no higher than the Popes’ toes,   nor allow anyone else too.

Psalm 40:4  Blessed is that man that maketh the LORD his trust, and respecteth not the proud, nor such as turn aside to lies.

The devil knew that someone was going to discover the truth eventually and tried to keep us from the Bible, hoping no one would. However, in case they did, he would make something seem like evidence of God’s spirit in the church and keep the word suppressed.  Well, he can’t do this, and he can’t do that,  I want power.   We’ll get me to the top of the hill on time, and you can have all the power here that can be afforded you, except for creating planets that has always been Father.

I went to an “If My People Pray Ministry” the timing was impeccable I knew I could not bring my gift to the body or altar till I had removed this anger darkness my pastor placed in my heart.

I found the pastor of “If My People Pray Ministry” was hitting the nail on the head, and I was convicted.  I had always known this was the problem it became like a standoff between Satan and I.  Satan, had his best hiding God’s word and I was waiting on the LORD to open his eyes hoping he would see the judgment falling on his church.

All because the devil wants power. I won’t give him what he wants, how was giving a Pentecostal Pastor the word of God opened in England to set the world free evil? He has been a minister for forty plus years, and he still doesn’t know what is good and what is evil. He wasted a whole Sunday talking about how the Catholic Bill O’Reilly had the holy spirit because he told a reporter he did.  I saw his movie killing Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was nowhere in the movie, anyone else notice it?

The pastor of “If My People Pray Ministry” said he had another pastor who had offended him like me, and he would hear of the troubles that befell the other, and he said in his heart good it serves him right.

The same thing was happening to me all I could see is bow down to me, and I will give you the kingdoms of the earth.   I watched as saw judgment falling on his congregation; I did not want that it was not why I was sent.  When I saw it I would say in my heart good it serves him right for disrespecting God’s word hiding truth who else is going to pay for his sins but those who follow him.

The blind leading the blind, they believe in the Trinity, they’re for pro-life they are really standing between the people and God.

The smart ones left and avoided the judgments. I  heard his message they are all plotted and directed to me that he was looking for evidence of power that hiding the tools God gave me how was that going to help? He preached about disappointment well I understand the devil is disappointed he wants power always has. I have the same power he had when he was me. What is the difference between him and me,  I stand on the word and the hope of the return of Jesus Christ who will not arrive until the lawless one is revealed.

So Mr.Pentacostal man are you disappointed Jesus is coming back or that the word of God is opened to the world after I wipe you away by having you denounce your allegiance to Rome I should just say Satan same difference God only allowed him to dress and expose himself as not being so invisible anymore.  I’m so disappointed you hadn’t noticed.

So one day when the disappointed pastor was not at a men’s breakfast on a Saturday I spoke on the two greatest powers in the universe LOVE and TRUTH ( I watched as Pastor on many occasions sang the praises of Rome and her people a stumbling block pretending to be light,) at the breakfast there was a brother who served with prison ministries and the Gideon’s (a great group by the way).  His house I once visited his wife kept a crucifix in his kitchen.

He began to interrupt me and delaying the message that would have started the revival. So as a gentleman I excused myself,  he had something more important to say. I grabbed another coffee and sat back down the moment was ruined.

Not long before this, the disappointed Pastor had brought in an evangelist who preached from the word of God using a KJV of the Bible I heard the pastor once snicker at the thees and thous, so this puzzled me as well. The Evangelist a man after my own heart I loved him but the revival was in hearing the TRUTH  I gave a word in the congregation. “Do you know my Jesus?  My Jesus can do anything; HE can repair marriages and mend broken hearts.”

The invitation to go up and be prayed for came, and we waited in line myself included,  but the woman with the crucifix in her kitchen did not go.  See in her mind she saw me as the Antichrist when in reality just a proxy to finish the other 3.5 years of Jesus’s Seven.

It was the Sunday after he interrupted me at breakfast I was about to tell him that the angels would leave them behind if he did not rid himself of that mocking cross that added insult to injury, but he began going on about something else and someone came up to me, and I got distracted.  The following Monday his house burned to the ground. So I did not have to say anything about the crucifix hanging in the kitchen.  Hopefully, you get the message of who we are not taking.  Stand with them here stand with them there in judgment, and it shows you really do not know Jesus.

My pastor went to the property, and I am sure God spoke to him, but as always he did not listen his want for power will condemn the world to hell.     Isn’t that the moral of the story?

If you are under the toes of the Pope, of which many of you are, the truth is distorted. When I first arrived and handed him several crop circles he treated me like I was the evil one which offended me. Both he and his treasurer at the time very pro Catholic or was he a Jesuit? Both on the same day had become verklempt in my presence. In their eye a hint of tear when they realized their leader was not originating at the top. He may indeed be coming from the bottom of the hill.

This is unprecedented it may mean they will have to give up their housing rethink God who they claimed they knew so well and knew what was going on.  Look people he said he wanted to be like the most high why doesn’t anyone get this?

I asked my Pastor for forgiveness at my anger towards him. I was looking for an ally, and all I got was a foe.  I did not say it, but a foe is a robber of hope and joy.   I watched him continuously lie to his congregation, which brought about more anger and offense.    It does not change things,  he likes guns and seeing people fall backward I think he would make a good Elijah and see what he wants to see, many will be falling backward in the tribulation and it is a call that has power in it. Though falling backward may be with bullets, but he likes bullets too, he took hope away from many in these last ten years and allowed his congregation to suffer the judgment of God because of it.

God was telling him he was holding back the work, he is under the impression he knows what is good and what is evil.   He is more Darth Vader to me than Obiewan Kanobie his congregation overlooks his subtlety it is not overlooked by me. If I go to rebuke him, another Jesuits stands in tells me I’m out of line.

Don’t rise above the toes of the Pope; he certainly would not.

I remember him saying not long after I handed him a binder of the crop images how he knew human Psychology a pet peeve of mine it sent more people to hell as any other wrong philosophy except for maybe evolution.  Psychology has the audacity to tell the victim that it is the fault of his environment that makes him the way he is.  No, it is not societies fault you are that way it is because you are a victim of Satan and darkness is drawn to you because you lack light within you to expel it, Jesus asked if darkness be in you how great is that darkness? HE knows how bright HE is the more of HIM you have and HIS word in you the less that darkness can have. It begins with the patient admitting he is the problem he a sinner giving Satan a stronghold. Standing with the dragons church is not a stronghold, how?

We will be tried by fire and wood hay and stubble will be consumed. what comes out of it is what we will be on the other side.

So I’m pretty sure one of us is going to have a Psychological break, and I remember as a child my mother always said to me I had a one track mind.   Psychologists tried to convince me in 1978 it was not God speaking to me it was a delusion I fell under,  because of my stepmother’s alcohol addiction. I wish I had the proof then that I do now,  I don’t see how it is helping me at this point, but I will do as I do until the ministers of righteousness start being released.

He says he hears from God but when he went on a missions trip to Cuba to erect a sanctuary when he got there what he needed to do the job had not arrived.  It is hard to do the job Father sent me to do when the tools he sent are not shared with the lost.  I did not make them any more than Daniel placed the handwriting on the wall. What part of the one world leader and one world order isn’t he getting?

Another time a woman who was confused by the spiritual things in the world brought him in some Catholic paraphernalia and asked him about them?  Next week she came back with bags of trash she picked up on the road and wanted at that Bible class for him to choose an object from the trash and she would explain why it was a treasure to her.  Sadly she departed us not long after, but she was a messenger, and the message was he had taken treasure and treated it like trash.

Because he hears from God, he didn’t get the message I was well aware of the angel she was carrying and the message that was given him.

I had been treated like trash most of my life, and if millions find their way to the cross because of it am I still trash? Wil God have me burn forever in hell if millions come to Jesus in these last days or will those who oppose me be applauded and cheered?

Do you understand how much HE loves you and the ones who are lost?

If I heard you defend the dragon and his harlot, you are not getting the move of God you could have.

You must understand it is not fair if the world cannot hear the word or know the truth because the Church who claimed to be the church kept it from them.

So Elijah without introduction would mean nothing to the lost or Enoch for that matter.   Everyone has heard of Abel, and as the Anti-Cookie Christ, I will point to the real AntiChrist’s.   The actual one will be one of five on our side a traitor of sorts,  sellout,  treasonous a Judas among us.   Elijah, who only takes on the mantle after the church is gone. He needs to know who he is and the world must be informed he is the chosen one to carry Elijah, and I get to choose as the Proxy for Christ,  Christ chose me, right?

The world wouldn’t know Elijah of the Bible from, Elijah Wood, someone has to tell them to get them digging into the word and do some soul searching if you know what I mean.

Ten kings will give the power to one we will have five; they will have five, and God puts it in their hearts to make a choice. I wouldn’t mind taking Elijah’s mantle, and we can make him the antichrist because he is closer to him than I am.

If we are to compel them to come in, we must get them to take an interest in the word of God not manifestations of uncertain things.

He knew what he was doing was wrong; however, he continued to do it anyway, the reason they may hate Elijah before they shoot him dead is that they got left behind because of his treason.  When he had the chance to help like the Angel’s held in Chains, he did not.  Elijah, like Abel, needs a body like the prince of darkness needs another as well,   his decayed before man came.

Fair is fair if he gets to have another body, why not someone else?  God desires a just balance am I right? Proverbs 11:1

Provoking me to anger by his service to the Pope.  Saying things like God had no hand in placing the numbers in Scripture attacking my passion for King James, who I believe could serve us well another 400 years,  I am not ready to have its funeral.  It reveals what the others hide if your Bible is missing the word replenish I can tell you why.

Why do many of the new translations remove respect from the first position it is found. To Steal hope and be blind to the purpose of what this is all about, to rob families of the word of God keep people back from finding Christ is the real anathema.

There is power in the name of Jesus who has wonder-working power in HIS  blood, and we all need a transfusion.

Brother Abel


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