Having A Lazarus Moment

The Bible clearly reveals that we are the “Walking Dead” and it’s not the theatrical version,  today our society has a stronger draw to the subject of death and none towards the subject of life.   We are all like Lazarus before meeting the Master who summons us to awaken to life and life more abundantly.  It is the Church’s job to take off the wrappings that bind us.  If G-d sends us help or tools in order to do it we should not keep it from those in need. Only evil vile men would do such a thing and they are not hard to spot!

Below we have a crop circle one shows a holy image and the other is not. Four spirits are going towards the one who is not holy to make a delivery of an unrepentant sinner.  The lines of the abyss are four,  the spirits are four. giving us eight and the Holy One and the Evil one make up two. They are different they are opposites one lies one does not.  2 X 8 =16 for those in the know Luke 16:19-31 tells of the parable of Lazarus.  If you subtract the one soul deposited into the Abyss you will get 15. Psalm 15:1-5 seems to work well,  like there was a G-d behind this all who loves us.

A place separate from the holy one the angels are making a deposit of someone who rejected the Son and G-d’s word. Jesus said it would be a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth.

There are men who claim they are alive but death still entertains them. They like guns and weapons of war.  I believe in a strong defense and that is why I stand on the word of G-d not the doctrines of men.  As I have said before it is not about the land in Israel but rather the need for them to know Jesus and that can only happen when we agree together to stand and proclaim the greatest truth,  the LORD is on HIS WAY.  The Son of G-d’s honor has value, I claim it’s worth the world while some ministers won’t even give me ten minutes to swing the bat.

Luke 16:14 And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things: and they derided him.

God want’s to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing of which you cannot contain. However, there are covetous men who horde the wealth and claim to know G-d. Father had to trap them in America to give up some of that wealth so that we can have a jubilee before the return of Christ. Unfortunately, these covetous men have placed their ministers of “their” righteousness in pulpits to ensure a jubilee never happens.

Ask yourself why a man of G-d who preaches dynamically over thirty years only has a congregation of a hundred or less? Now he sits on G-d’s word from being seen by the world in crop images and has knowledge that the 700 billion is real for the church, he seeks another sign or wonder after he sucked the spirit out of the man who came to him to give him the ball.   Now he wants the spirit of G-d to move.  He say’s he speaks to G-d I have it on good authority he does not and has made it known to me he is jealous that I have this call.  Pointing to the rapture is what I do best, knowing who the antichrist is well it’s taking some time though I have a few good ideas.

Lucifer wanted to be like the most high G-d.  Well if you hadn’t noticed In this family we start from the ground up so the man is down here where he needs to be to bring in the harvest.

Daniel read the handwriting on the wall became the third most influential person in the kingdom the other two were Father and Son.  It’s a dirty job people but someone has to compel them to the foot of the cross.

I have seen it first hand G-d has spoken to this minister of over 40 years at several events and he refuses to listen.  He was raised Pentecostal so he awaits something more than the word.  He tells his congregation he talks to G-d says he knows what he is doing???? At least I have proof that I do.   I came to point to the hour and point to the antichrist who is the one who would hide the word away from the world, he would also keep the church from having Jubilee and he would, of course, support the Catholic Church and a priesthood of mockery.

Do you know any people like this? Good chances are they do not have the HOLY SPIRIT. Would the Spirit of G-d provoke me to anger??? Would HE take from me what HE promised me and would HE  place a lesser value on HIS SON? Would HE refer to me as a dirt bag? That does not sound like my Jesus.

So I have to ask why is this pastor jealous?  Obviously, he could still be it because he is so much better at hiding the truth than I am and keeping Jubilee from happening. Jesuit’s are priests and priesthoods ended at the cross. Do a Bible study and you will see it.  If we are walking epistles then so are they and their Jesus is not our Jesus.

I call this one the team the devil told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right. Guliani says 911 is an inside job the last to be informed are the ones who were behind it.  It was the Bush family and the Masons if I read the Catholic’s right.

A good shepherd leaves the ninety-nine to find the one that is lost.   A child who is raised in the Christian faith does not become a Christian by their works but upon surrendering to the will of G-d.  If G-d did not call you to the ministry to preach but you chose it as a profession I have bad news for you. You are not where G-d want’s you to be,  consider that when questioning where is the fruit of 40 years?   The HOLY SPIRIT leads us into all truth so how can anyone having the HOLY SPIRIT claim Catholic’s are Christian’s and saved when they clearly do not follow any of the teachings of Christ they put up rocks of offense and they take what does not belong to them.   A man of G-d could read the simplest of crop circles and agree they point to the BIBLE the only book G-d speaks through!

Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets every place else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

If the Catholic’s can take their wealth and place people in political power to take over the world, assisted by their CIA then shouldn’t the Protestants take what we have and put in our candidates?

It seems sad that G-d is not allowed to have any special friends who rejoice in the truth with HIM.  HIS SON has value and unless the people of G-d see that the Pharisees will win.

When I was 16 working on placing up concrete foundations the men who I worked along side all used profanity and sang foolish songs.  One of which claimed there is no beer in heaven and that is why we drink it here.  The reason there is no beer or alcohol in heaven is there is no death, no decay, no fermentation.  When you are full of joy and laughter there is no need to drink away troubles because there are none.  All those that are in heaven chose rightly. While those who didn’t wish they could have another drink of anything.  Satan cannot create.  He has no godlike power that’s why he needs men to build his kingdom on earth with eyes and ears and knowledge.


Let’s take back America For Real.

Brother Abel,



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