History Repeats Because the Elements Don’t Change.

The sign of insanity is the repetition of something using the same ingredients while only changing the name of the elements without changing their construct and expecting a different result.

The heart of man we are told is wicked who can understand it?

We fight because we are made in the image of God and the rulers of the darkness hate that image even though the same spirits insisted on seeing the SON of God.

Be careful what you ask for.

I am hoping many more will become just like Jesus and it was a good call except for the exalting of oneself over HIM,  Father would like us all to be like Jesus don’t you think?

Unfortunately, I get angry over no one seeing the simple beauty of it all and must make it heavy load rather than a light burden.

Father does not want any to perish, here I am walking this tight rope over shark-infested waters and on my back is the souls of all the loved ones you want to see in the kingdom of God and I have the Pentecostal’s shaking the rope and telling me, what I should be doing?!?  Move faster, lean left, lean right, stop backup , do this do that.  But you are never going to show those crop images to our congregations and share the word with our sheep.   We are so disappointed you won’t bow down to the Pope like us but want to rise above his head to crush it he is our god we won’t let you do it.

You want a peace plan a temple built,  you have to let me do what Father sent me to do because I can be just as stubborn as you free will it is awesome.  You are angry at me because I hold ground and say what you were given to say, come back and worship the SON or bad things are going to happen. How hard was that to do? Where does it say I must bow to you to get the kingdom’s of the earth or to your ministers of righteousness pretending like you did that they know God they know what God want’s.

Certainly it is not to defend the honor of Christ or show the world HIS Value while opening the word to them. We want the spirit of God to move but we do not want to honor HIS desires.

You cannot know God without knowing Jesus Christ and my pastor does not know God or what God wants but claims he does and there is in his mind no one wiser than Solomon this is the curse of wanting the power that is not from God. We do not negotiate with terrorists even when they wave an American flag and hold a crucifix destroying the world is what they wanted all along now they have the power to kill millions more than ever before.

God reveals the same map of the Jesuits a little differently. Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

The darkness “the demons” really have no place to go so they inhabit a body that welcomes them, which is one that denies God or who is not sold out to the God of the Bible.  Selling out to the cookie Christ is easy to do he allows an abundance of sin and ignorance.  Some even see apparitions of their god Mary who in these last days felt Obama could bring peace to the Muslims rather than her SONJesus.

Those who seek other signs or explanation other than what Jesus taught see UFO’s because they are NOT  “Born of the Spirit of God”,  nor have they received the new birth for the new creation?  Try telling them about it and they will look at you like you are the one who is crazy?  I’ve never seen a UFO I’ve driven across the country at night a constant stargazer as I appreciate the divine hand of God amazed at the miracle of life.  I do not need to see them to know they are here, they have always been here in the battle over the souls of men.

Because the lost which are many, have become the chariots of darkness who promote the deception denying it is angels but rather UFOs.

During times of battle, there have been eyewitness accounts of balls of light coming to aid on the side of righteousness.

History tells us the greatest bloodshed caused after the death burial and resurrection of Christ has been done in HIS name by the same “Church” that rules our White House today they think they have been chosen by God to cause wars creating death, to steal kill and destroy.  They along with the Assembly of God and their Jesuits in house o are all traitors to the kingdom of God they have worked harder to build Satan’s one world order than winning souls to Christ.

They have destroyed our institutions of higher academia just so that we could send our Protestant kids to their schools and no one was the wiser that it was going on.  That their money in our economy made a lot of people homeless just so they could get the White House as their own good luck getting that back by the way.  In a two-party system with Jesus so close one had to buy out the other.   No one man may know the day and the hour Christ returns but the spirits in hell and in heaven know what time it is.

What really is sad is that those claiming a pentecostal new birth experience do not see the truth at all or they would honor God’s word and come out of her to set her captives free.  How can one claim to have the anointing or spirit of God not see what they are doing to our Country and what they have done here they have done all over the globe as they take off their collars sit in our workplaces and churches and feed us their lies that they love us while the system they seem to be building is why we had WWII to begin with.

Don’t need to build border walls to keep Mexican’s out just get them to honor God’s word. In fact, if the politicians were not so Catholic and corrupt Mexico could be as successful as America or China, Mother Theresa could have made under the hand of the Protestant Church her Calcutta into a city without want and more souls saved and lifted out of poverty.

They can dance and speak in tounges and slaying in the spirit not hard when it was your Church that created the illusion making the gifts more relevant than the word but that has always been the devil’s goal keep the word and truth out of the church or souls would get set free.

This happened at a Catholic Monastery not hard to see what was brewing in the mind of the devil when he came up with the newest addition to the Pentacostal movement. Seem’s to be working my Pastor is waiting for this to happen in his church without having to honor God’s word.  I love him and others just like him too much to let them be deceived. Some pastors may even say no one will be wiser than King Solomon what about Jesus? I would like to introduce may Pastor of forty years to Jesus of the Bible who says HIS enemies swallow HIM up daily and set a lot of those agents of light to see the truth that Rome is not Christian Church at all.    It is demon factory conjuring up ways to send billions to hell lets all dance with them and have a KJV book burning party as well.

Let’s solve the problem once and for all get rid of the KING JAMES VERSION  of the Bible.  It definitely causes strife and I have witnessed Assembly of God pastors snicker at it but the same wants to have God pour out HIS  Spirit on his church he can’t understand why I would be angry?

Obviously, it was only good because we had nothing better at the time, now we have TBN and Benny Hinn.   I believe in the hands of the right man it can do what it was purposed to do start fires and set souls free.  Finding those type of men today would be a rarity.

Yes, Pentecostals we will win Jewish people and Muslims to Christ by siding with Rome and cheering them on for having done such great damage showing the world how our new world order translations brought us all together and if they were allowed in heaven do you think it would change or would you still be their slaves and do their bidding over God’s.  Will they honor God’s word then if they don’t do it now?????? I am inclined to believe for many of them there will be no then,  They have received Christ in a cookie and their heart is still for the world.

God is going to condemn me to burn in hell forever because I sought to tell the truth open the word up to the lost, lift up the effigy of Jesus and expose the transgressors of Daniel 8:23-24.

Catholic’s have never embraced Protestant People because we refuse to mock God on the same level as they do and those who have embraced us claim superiority and when they come to kill Protestants in America which they do now by sending our children into their wars of greed financed with their bank’s money.

Just because the man in the suit or jeans in our churches does not wear a clerical collar he is there to defend the error his church which teaches that their church is Mother Church (only a woman can be a harlot) even though his ignorance overlooks the seven Churches Jesus addresses in the book of Revelation.

They incited the revolutions of Russia to steal the treasures of the Czars and gave nothing back to the people.  Maybe because they had dead saints to adorn in the catacombs away from the public eye like my pastor they smirk at how clever they think they are.

Playing the devil’s advocate is going to cost him, the angels including myself have learned by observation with the HOLY Spirit we have discernment the ability to see what is good and what is evil and choose the right choice pleasing to Father and the SON.

The angels we are told will, of course, leave the unjust the ignorant and the wicked behind, we have noticed that in order to advance the “CHURCH” you must threaten the family members of the ones you seek to control.  You vets and soldiers who fought and watched your brothers die for America know very well what the CIA is capable of filling in as FBI or Secret Service to accomplish their goal of Nazism in America know what I am talking about.

The father JFK done in front of the father Bush, the son JFK JR. done in front of the son Bush. confirmation or coincidence?

Below here about the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln by Rome revealed by a former priest who knew Mr. Lincoln intimately.

The map comes from the Jesuit website. Is the world a better place is America any longer the nation we once so loved?

It’s like any other economic situation you take it out of circulation and create less supply and you have greater demand.  Just ask all those starving people in Africa that they even teach to war to minimalize the population. So who is really bringing the mark of the beast into the world?

Me a little pudgy truck driver in Derry NH?  My pastor in the AG church supports the beast system along with others just like him but hey they are so full of the pentacostal spirit they never even noticed.

So in order, for me to accomplish what Father sent me to do because I see how the enemy does it and it works so well for him and them.   I have the authority to leave the families of those who refuse to help me, lift up Jesus as HE so desires,  behind.   That should have been obvious now it is unquestionably so because you can now see how they did it and how I will do it.

Winning has its priveledges.

“We the People” God wants us to govern ourselves with Christ as our guide throughout eternity.

Before Christ came we can see that around the world the same formula was used by many cultures those at the bottom of the pyramid slaved for those on top serving their false God’s.  I have Pentecostals who tell me Rome is not having us serve false gods I wonder why we don’t have that great outpouring???

It is a bad game of King of the Hill and my Jesus,  yes my Jesus will always be KING and HE will eat all those cookie monsters up because those elements are not the elements that give new life.  Believe Recieve and stand on the word. Which one?  How about one that worked for four hundred years at least understand what the devil took out of yours so you can see what I say is true.

Brother Abel

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