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Horsefeathers was last Sundays January 7th word of the day from I found it in my email on the day that I told the congregation to crank up the heat and burn whatever oil is left so that he won’t have enough for his weapons of war to turn towards Christ on HIS return.  If he won’t step aside for us to do the work I was sent to do it means no temple with the false peace I intend to bring?!?

Jesus did not have to mention who he was to him he had proof in the miracles he performed and the word he spoke. I think G-d has spoken for me and testifies of me. What more does the enemy want?

FYI the Bible does not mention the term false peace; we just let his minions run with it,  true saints know better. If you have Christ in you, than you know everlasting peace.  Christ lifted up brings peace to the heart of man.  Psalm 12:8 ” The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. ”  The term “false peace” is not even found in one of his new world order translations you know the ones,  the translations that do not get as many laughs from him as the KJV does or those who stand on it. The saints of Revelation 6:10 didn’t suffer and die for the NWO translations. So show a little RESPECT for those who do. If it is not in Genesis 4:4 you just don’t have it!

Where the word of G-d says they cry peace and safety, then sudden destruction comes that is when we go home and leave the wicked behind to destroy each other or fall to their knees in sweet surrender to Christ in the tribulation.  Death eventually comes to us all,  where are you spending your eternity? We’re here because the Angels failed G-d in heaven and seen no value in worshipping the SON in faith.  So G-d wanted all to see the value of HIS SON and placed a covering over HIM to walk around in,  only the covering did not like the jeers and sneers of the congregation as he proclaimed the SON was living in him.

Can you say KARMA?

Join us, and we will overthrow the kingdom.

Do you know what kind of power Lucifer had when he went through the congregation of angels as the light bearer?  The same light that you and  I have which interprets to the truth and opens our eyes to it.   That is why he tempts Jesus to turn stones to bread or jump from the highest mountain to tempt fate and because he was tasked to perform similar objectives when he was carrying the light.

He heard the angels announce to the shepherds who it was that was born that night.  One of his minions was surely in one or two of them. So when he says if you are the Son of G-d it is because he has never met HIM. He only covered the Spirit that was in Christ. As we all know Spirit is invisible until it is made visible.

I am hoping HE (Jesus) is living in you because it is you who can make him visible.

Pure religion is this feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and take care of widows and orphans.

What Satan cannot do is tell the truth and open the word of G-d and confess in action Jesus is Lord. The light always shines on Christ.

He Lucifer was G-d’s answer to them (the half-hearted)  who saw no value in the worship of HIS Son,  G-d gave HIM value! A coat of many colors and he prizes Benjamin just as much. However, note Benjamin was no Joseph.

He was tasked to perform things left only for Father or Son to do by the angels, seen in the image above.  Here they are shaping their leadership not happy with the one G-d first put in place who was beautiful because of whom he covered. The word should have been enough, but they wanted more.

Christians should all be able to relate.

Those of us who have been Born Again have been so by the hearing of the word. Some who get gifts start neglecting the word and begin making friends with the witch of Endor.  Talking to the dead is strictly forbidden in the kingdom of G-d, demons can imitate a loved one and lead one astray.  Going to join forces with the Romish idol saint praying church can fall into the same category.  The blind cannot lead you so why do you go to them or even trust them?

Galatians 3:1-29 should cover that.

So somewhere in my church, he was there he heard my message or it is just another coincidence in my life of truly amazing coincidences all I can say is I believe he was there last Sunday as he has been over the last 15 years.

Horsefeathers is a polite way of saying horse dung.

    1. Slangrubbish; nonsense; bunk (used to express contemptuous rejection).
    2. Slang(used with a singular or plural verb)something not worth considering.

On the same day, an elder deacon came up to me and said the following statement. “If it weren’t for the Catholic Church there would be no Protestant church?!?” If you are anything like me, your head is at the point of exploding off your shoulders it would help to grab a bandage and wrap it tight so it doesn’t.

Well, I can make a ton of arguments here all as very valid, because they held back the word bogged down the church and kept people from heaven I should be much kinder to them.
I can see how time in this elder has brought him to love them more than he loves Jesus.

If he loved Jesus he would not be making this absurd conclusion and see clearly how to win them all as I have been trying to show you.

As I have said before when someone tells me some Catholic’s love Jesus my answer is they should all love Jesus and see the truth and not let their leadership get away with murder child molestation and national theft.

They understood it in the 1930’s.

Because of them, America is no longer the nation it once was.   We would still be free and not owned by the organized crime syndicates of the world who hold our officials at gunpoint and blackmail because they would have had more of the word opened up in their life. I unlike many ministers today do not promote the Mafia religion.

Jesus ended the priesthood with good reason because they make people stupid! There I said it and my Senior class of 2001 at the First Baptist Church just fell over shocked I would say such a thing.

Let’s not forget about drunkards prostitutes and pedophiles thanks to the Catholic Church who kissed the Koran a book that denies the precious Son of G-d.

Who side are you standing on? With Jesus facing you on the cross his hands extend North and South. The wilderness tabernacle was set up like a cross. G-d knowing how his enemy likes to mock the holy ones and things of G-d he came up with the idea for the crucifix. Consider who planted the idea because HE loves us Jesus Christ had to die.

The right hand of Jesus where
the sheep will stand.
Lord Please count me among these.
The left hand of Jesus as Satan wants to sit
on the sides of the north. Look who has taken
the seats of power in our world especially the
Protestant America. They’re 80 percent Catholic or offspring of the harlot.

How about this one if it wasn’t for the devil and his rebellion man would not have been made?
So I can see why I should clearly love my enemy and be nothing like him.

Wouldn’t we all be better off if man was not made??? Then how would anyone learn good and evil and how to have a utopian society?

I now believe I know where the tradition of wearing a turban came from.  They are trying to keep their heads from exploding when a group who claims to know G-d has so many other objects to worship. Mohammed was trying to get his people away from polytheism to monotheism and they had many foreign idols of worship before Mohammed came so when Rome tried to convert them the spirit behind the Persian Empire said fool me once shame on you,  I can’t be fooled again  (George W. Bush version).  The Prince of Persia and his 100 give up heaven for women Genesis 6:2  (Enoch 6) these kings of Persia Daniel Chapter Ten are the force behind Islam.  Rome represents the Spirit who wanted to take over heaven the one once covered in all the fancy stones.

Covered in gold and precious stones G-d allowed him to dress up again.

So again my Pastor has another deacon under his nose who is not seeing as clearly as he should.
Another one of his deacons who left told me 700 billion in the church would blow up the world?!?  Another man in bondage to demon Romish forces under the nose of the minister since 2001.  Wouldn’t like to have a man in the ministry who loved you enough that he could expose the stronghold and see that you are not truly elect? One simple confession of faith is all it takes.

G-d’s SON’s honor is worth the world.

This pastor has said numerous times if I don’t do what his will is that G-d will devalue the SON and give him my call or give it to others. I am a patient man I drive a truck ” Land Air Express” I sit in traffic long hours I have patiently waited for my wife for over thirty years and Moses was in the wilderness for 40 years before going to the Pharoah.  It’s not like I need the peace plan?!? So it is the devil who is keeping it from the world, not I.  That is why I did the website to reveal I do have it.

I know that G-d does not work within him,  or G-d has decided to no longer want to lift up HIS SON or have money for harvest?

I think the Pastor may be the ringleader of the Jesuit movement in the AG church but juries still out. Obviously, there have been two high ranking officials in bondage to the spiritually dead religion acting as its pillars to send more people to hell.  Come out of her is a command, not a suggestion.

As a child, I was tormented by this creature because G-d told him I would be the one to point to the antichrist, it spared my life on many occasions.   I know somewhere down here at the base of the pyramid G-d will place his Spirit in a man just as he did with Lucifer, and that man G-d will lift up to destroy Satan’s kingdom.  So to believe G-d is working in a man to continue the torment of me and not show the exuberant joy of the great find shows me I am dealing with a lost sinner who is just plain jealous and playing church.

Who want’s gifts more than sharing the word of truth?

I gave him a soccer ball and he jabbed it,  poked it, mocked it,  played the devil’s advocate every time I said something in Bible study.  When the air is gone out of the ball it becomes worthless.

How will you get the air back in the ball you damaged?

Human Psychology is no match for G-d’s wisdom, I won’t bend my will to man who spoke with the witch of Endor or felt the presence of G-d where they entertain the defunct priesthood sacrificing Jesus over and over again in a mock ritual of false signs and wonders.

Try to do him a favor and tell him King Jesus was the wisest man who ever lived and I don’t even get a thank you .  I hope on judgment day he answers it was King Solomon?!? Not really I am not that vindictive.  I want to see souls into the kingdom, unlike some people who pretend they do.

Next, I will be speaking on James Eugene “Jim” Carrey a man who made millions of people laugh in this sad world. He has played so many characters that he has stopped to find himself.  He is one of ours in a place he needs to be all he needs is a new birth experience and he will win many to Christ.  The right people by his side could turn the world upside down for Jesus he would have awakened sooner but the devil is delaying me.   Father, I seek your help a very jealous man has not helped me any but we will use him mightily to tell the story.  Jim Carrey and I  we love laughter and joy and he is on to something,  not on something. Let us pray Jim finds Jesus before departure along with many others.

No bruised reed shall HE break.

Isaiah 42:3  A bruised reed shall he not break, and the smoking flax shall he not quench: he shall bring forth judgment unto truth.

Brother Abel


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