I Got Distracted with NASA Hang In there Queen of England I need to make sure you are not the Antichrist Flat Earthers say you are.

Like you never got distracted? Someone said in the flat earth videos that the name  Nasa meant deceiver in Hebrew. However,  I could not find that reference in my concordance or Hebrew-English dictionaries.

We are at the precipice of the end of the world and the debate is not about what began it? Everyone is getting away from what is more important.   It began with is the SON of GOD necessary to be worshiped in order to have a Society?  Let’s talk about something that really matters more to G-d.  What value do you place on HIS SON’s Honor?

I say it is priceless,  what say you?

Then you won’t mind if I just have the world a little while before we go home? Because the truth is the Son of G-d does not belong in the dirt or the shadow of a round or a flat earth.

If I be lifted up from the earth I will draw all men unto me. That sounds like a revival.  abraham your children will be four hundred years in a foreign land. Whyyyy????

The below is the music I  play for all his operation cover ups.

I have not heard from any of the churches I have been too on confirmation to which may be the antichrist’s church, but we know there has to be one?  Catholicism or Protestantism, where are all the elect,  who would know which of these is the devil’s church? Protestantism covers a broad range of churches so not all are traitors, but many have been spun off from their mother to blend in. They protect her so well with a righteous indignation against all those who oppose her.

The Seventh Day Adventist have consistently hit the nail on the head numerous times,  from finding the Ark of the Covenant and Noah’s Ark They seem to be the only ones seeing who it is behind the defilement of all that is called holy and right.

Amos 3:3 and I cannot embrace what I know is demonic and the mocking of the son of G-d! If I see it,  I’m gone like the wind; I don’t need the aggravation of trying to convince the pastor he’s been duped. G-d had no hand in placing the numbers in the Bible???  PLEASE of all the books in all the world the one that’s most precious to G-d has numbers carelessly and randomly placed??  G-d is greater than that. Pyramid’s will confuse us it’s all about the pyramid,  isn’t it Pastor?

Who do you think you serve?  If the devil started the priesthood to make slaves of men to hide things like the symbols of the battle he built in Egypt concealing a flat earth would not be difficult at all.  It would be his children against ours.  His words against ours the Bible tells us it has foundations and pillars. Is it poetic language or is it factual?

The priesthood opposes us around the world with a monolithic conspiracy. It is this their way to G-d and do not question the Church the Church is G-d.   Not when it mocks HIM it isn’t or betrays HIS words.  The word is the only way to know G-d. Jesus is the final offering and the reason G-d began HIS priesthood. Jesus said it was finished.   HE ended the purpose that HE made the ministry for. Now we all inspect the sacrifice never to fear death or men again including Governments,  Nazi’s and Nasa.

This is what I know that is going on. The NWO was built by Satan using false flag operations and false Christians who looked the other way even supporting and defending them.  They do not know how to do peace because they are not aware of the prince of peace (Proverbs 21:11 ). That includes many saints in name who have chosen to call the evil good and the good evil.

They failed a lot of tests like noticing the details that stand out so clearly Pharaoh gave up control when the first born children of Egypt were slain. The enemy lost all his treasures he had saved. Next place of power he eliminated men from having children, no children,  no concern for the world and no weak links. Make G-d into the bad guy and punish men who won’t obey the church.  (They never read the Bible, and they never let anyone else read it, if they read it, it was not with the Author in them,  being born again is for true believers who come to G-d with a repentant heart and treasure the teaching of Christ. When did Rome ever do that?  They brought back the priesthood 270 years after the temple was torn down? Do you know why?  Let’s think about Babylon, and it’s great tower that went up to heaven and G-d scattered them.   Egypt and every other place you find kings and temples built are all a result of the priesthoods.





















 Now even many Protestant’s do not know how to make peace.  Standing on G-d’s word is the only way, but they all have a different version.  Thanks to Vatican II and their many revisions and doctrines and the outward appearance of holy we allowed them to come into our churches and did not see what they were doing to make America theirs.  We no longer know how to make peace because of compromise.  G-d holds it from us; revival happens when repentance happens. You can only truly repent when you let them go and rebuke them in the love you should have for them.

I do not support any group that would hide the word from others or place rocks of stumbling in the path of G-d’s chosen people. Because of them, the world did not get, the word and because of it, billions will get left in the tribulation including them if they do not repent.   So wisdom dictates a man of G-d must rise to inform the world what comes behind him.

Still, we learn nothing like the angels who originally fell they were jealous of the Son, then jealous of the Son’s covering,  then jealous of man.  Cain was jealous of Abel, Jacob was jealous of Esau’s birthright then 10 children of Jacob were jealous of Joseph, they were jealous of his covering.  But none of them would have wanted the fate of the other.    Why is it we cannot be happy for the one whom G-d is happy for? Haman hates me, but Haman will have to come forward if he wants to finish what he started.

Actions speak louder than words. Money that was stolen originally by the Rothschilds combined with Vatican wealth. Placed Obama in the White House 700 billion dollars.   Not everyone is Ecumenical! Some still have a sense of honor! It belongs to the church, where are the elect who want to bring
in the harvest?

The wicked say the system is this, many of you know what I believe it is. Everything seems right, but the one’s who steal, kill,  and destroy should be at the top, not the Queen the head of the Church of the Angel’s.   Remember Guy Fawkes?  Remember September 11?

The following image was found on a video I was watching about flat earthers that covered how they do satellites and GPS tracking in our dome like world.

It is the Pontificate Maximus who has it all, and it is not the Protestant crown of England.

The wealth of the wicked is reserved for the righteous if you know G-d you would know the creature has it tucked away in his boot for a rainy day. So it is now our turn to rise up.

The wicked walk on every side when the vilest men are exalted. If America is a Christian Nation, it was not being protected in 2012 by Christians many voted for the antichrist Romemoney whose faith tells him he will be a God someday with his own planet. That they even have the full truth and a restored Aaronic priesthood.  Birds of a feather,  both horses were owned by the same church Catholic. It is G-d who makes kings, not traitors.

This is the way the system works best that is why I seek five kings and not just one.  The other five the enemy already has. Give five solid Christian men access to 10 billion each and wherever they go, they will be kings. Guaranteed no weapon formed against them will prosper, and they will speak out against the harlot without fear of reprisal because they are needed to give him his peace to build his temple.

The Catholic’s slander the Protestants and the Protestants slander the Catholic’s.  Whom does G-d say who is staying behind with Islam?

The axis of these towers fall right on Rome they oppose us around the world with a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.

Those who are staying behind with Islam are the people responsible for them.  The ones who hid the word away from them by bringing back the priesthood and making themselves as servants of G-d when it is clear they don’t even know HIM ! ! !.  England has the word written all over it for the world to read and Rome keeps the word from the world.

Having made their own enemies and they deceived many ministers transforming them into ministers of righteousness that are not righteous at all, brainwashed to embrace the harlot and call America evil.

G-d asked me to give the money they had been saving for HIM to HIS church and the only church I do not find deception in and Jesuits is the Seventh-day Adventists. You would think more people would be excited about lifting up Jesus and opening the word of G-d to the world.  Take a look at the following video made by the Adventist Church,  they know who is not honoring G-d as do the very angels of heaven.

Defiling G-d’s Home on Vimeo.

I use many of their videos when exposing the harlot they discern best what is going on. G-d will not be mocked and I am amazed at how many do not understand what that means.   Idol’s will not win Jews or Muslims to Christ neither will a hot plate of cookies. I say that because a church I was at knew G-d had given me the answers to the crop circles in England that point to the word of G-d the lost need to know the word. Knowing the answers gives me access to the money taken from America when Rome placed Obama in power. Placed in the bank of England. I am the head of G-d’s church until Jesus arrives to disperse the money into the harvest and they decided cookies would be nicer to give away.

One of them had it right; I am a dirt bag.   I just need better components around me.

The many people who claim to love Jesus are following the big overdressed enemy that was thrown out of heaven and G-d just let him redress himself.  It says you learned nothing of what G-d treasures and values. He treasures HIS word, HIS Son, and HIS church. If they hide the word, hide the Son, and mock the church they are not HIS church.  Jesus ended the priesthood when HE said it is finished! Leaving only the unconverted Jews and the new covenant church that are all Royal Priests.


I seem drawn to the men in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
If they want Lion’s share, they are welcome to it.
Ron Wyatt found both Ark’s
Walter Vieth did the two videos below excellent teacher and a  great man of G-d.
I listen to Disclosure on iHeart Radio with Shawn Boonstra a program I highly recommend to all.  I have no problem with moving my worship to Saturday it was the Catholic church who moved it to Sunday.



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