I’d Rather Serve in Heaven

Rather than being lied to that  I could rule in hell. Rule over what?  The non-existent water cooler??? He can’t create anything in fact that is the power he was hoping to attain when he rose above the most high.  First, he should try to be like the most high like he said he was going to and serve the Father just as the most high did.

Don’t you love well-behaved children?

Then when you get to the top, you can have it all just as he has, however by that time those who followed you may begin to start seeing it my way.  Those who stay with you deserve you then when the supernova hits everyone will be stuck here in the lake of fire while we go on to the new heavens and new earth with singing and dancing with great joy loving the most high God that you clearly could not be like.

Jesus wants us all to follow in his footsteps, and Father would like that. God loves it when we try to be just like Jesus.  Jesus is a great Son, and we are making more like him daily.

So stick with me, and I will make a real Christian out of you who can spot Jesuits within your ranks lying traitors who are the harlot’s pimps.

The devil told me all my life I couldn’t do anything right, and I would hate to make a liar out of him.

Am I not doing this AntiChrist thing right???

(Insert maniacal laugh) I am so evil that even the devil is afraid of me.

There will not while I’m alive be the skipping of any steps. We all heard him say it, he wanted to be like the most high and place his throne on the sides of the north above the throne of the most high. How can that be when you can’t even get a person like me to preach behind a pulpit, and I’m clearly in your eyes the evilest one of all.  I’m not trying to compete because in reality there is no competition here, free will is a wonderful gift.

You still need a peace plan, and if you have been paying attention every time man attempts peace in the middle east your way other than the one Father wants, they suffer a little bit more.  Like Hurricane Katrina, it couldn’t have happened to a better place. Notice they couldn’t wait to do Mardisgra in defiance rather than repentance?   Then they had the Gulf Oil Spill with the Obama peace plan attempt.  Was he worth 700 billion dollars? Were the American soldiers only worth 700 billion dollars?  I am surprised that Washington DC did not suffer significant earthquakes from all those soldiers turning in their graves at Arlington Cemetary.

When will they learn? Sottish children are always causing strife while blaming the good kids for the problems. I did not vote for Obama or Romney I voted for Weld in 2012 you could say I threw my vote away if you have not noticed that game is one nobody wins when Rome owns them all. Note Joe Biden, and Paul Ryan were both opposing each other,  both Roman Catholic’s what is that about a house divided again?

It is so nice to finally feel that one has a purpose in life, bringing peace to the middle east so you can have a temple built. I look forward to your help you can start by releasing at least one of your ministers of righteousness who holds the truth in unrighteousness I could use him as the boot to crush your head or use him to set the others like him free.

Oops did I give that away? Like they did not know that was the plan.  You can’t fool those Pentecostals they are full of God’s Spirit and love HIM with all their hearts they’ll catch on.

Need help being like the most high we can start where Jesus started only complete the second half of the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 61:1-2
(1)  The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;
(2)  To proclaim the acceptable year of the LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn;

Trust me you will be a big hit they will love you and be happy you came, however, the others who don’t like the church or believe that you exist won’t be as happy. Let’s see we will need to break all those idols to be noticed as the only God it is after all the right thing to do, the Jesus I know would.

Look what happens when you provoke me to anger, trying to ruin my testimony.

Saints simply honor the word of God and embrace the call I have been given to start the completion of the work Jesus began in you; forgiveness is a big deal in heaven.

If you have received Jesus in a cookie that is not the one I talk about mine would not stoop down to their level after he left them HIS word and they ignored it.

I will as a light bearer like the first say what he was only to speak with the precious stones that made him shine and be highly visible by all if you do not come back to worship the SON and repent bad things are going to happen. He could not turn stones into bread to make planets or slay people in the spirit. His appearance screamed the SON of God has value!

When you have a minister in an AG church who allows a Catholic man to be a treasurer and deacon for near twenty years, don’t act surprised if you are short funds or even receive a letter written by an evil spirit. It was you who let it roam your church for twenty years, and what damage it has done?  So he left the church, and you never discerned he was not saved what hope does anyone have with shepherds who let wolves in the house? If your church is not booming, maybe you can start pulling up the weeds so the others can flourish with water that is pure and clean.

Don’t be like the baker in Joseph’s prison who did not know how to prepare the new food the master of the kingdom had given him from a distant land.  I who came from the court will go back to the court I came from I carry the wine for the master’s celebration, but evil agents of Rome seek to pollute it, and I will not have it.

Food from a distant land well not so distant the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Carl Sagan Return SETI Signal

If you do not know who you are in the kingdom, then ask which side of the scales do you more associate with?

One of these groups is going into heaven for sure the other will be having their heads cut off by Muslims when Allah takes his place, and he does not have a Son or any children, so he knows nothing about love or what it takes to raise a child.

What about the reverend who now teaches a Sunday School class that replaced a great teacher (speaking of my church)? He called me a dirtbag and said he was going to sit at the right hand of Jesus I noticed calling people dirtbag is what he does but with me he said it had a new spelling and proceeded to spell my last name which I rep[lied in a loving tone that the name translates into “beautiful place”. I think that position on Jesus’s right side is taken by someone who does not call people dirtbags. Do you think? Call no man fool or Racca because if you do what did Jesus say would happen? For someone who claims a position on his right side, I would think you would somewhat understand that.

There is more than preaching that makes one a good shepherd. Being raised in a Christian home by preaching parents does not guarantee you a place in the kingdom. You must be born again, and I just gave two examples above why someone under you in your care is not. How many more are there like you or are in your church unsaved?   With the spirit comes discernment and if you cannot tell my pay grade is higher than yours then who is it that is driving if it is not jealousy? Jesus, did you decide to leave your effigy in Egypt in the dirt and let the AG minister deny your value?

When it comes time to disperse the booty, should we be giving any of it to the traitors it will just end up back in the hands of the ones they serve wouldn’t it?

People the priesthood that offered sacrifices on behalf of you ended at the cross.  God used his creature as a pet to destroy the temple then told him twenty years later by the way you are going to need that again.

When are you going to find the Jesus of the Bible and see the liars who swarm about us in the millions protecting the damning of your friends,  family, and loved ones? Done in the name of a Jesus made in a kitchen that does not become the Jesus, they want it to be until the mass where great signs and wonders take place.

Jesus cared not at all for the priesthood of his day and warned the people of their hypocrisy wonder what he would think of the vastly not so improved priesthood of today that he must obey and put himself in their cookie Psalm 56:1-2 and why is the priesthood back again?

I’ll give you a hint,   think of Pyramids and the labor involved in building one.  The priesthood is a slave-making institution threatening to excommunicate if you do not do as they tell you too.

The great mystery is where did the Mormon and Catholic Priesthoods come from or any priesthood lording it over on others after Christ?

You cannot set the captives free held in the bondage of religion while sitting under the feet of Rome you must rise up to crush the head of the serpent thus setting her captives free, and the others will catch on.

The rattle makes a sound to help you not get bitten and die without Christ; it goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.

When I look over a congregation and say I love you,  I mean it because I know the real Jesus.

Brother Abel

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