IFO’s not UFO’s

Unidentified flying objects are flying objects yet not identified it is not proof of another civilization if you read my blog you know where I stand concerning other free will beings that disobey the commandments we are required to uphold.  Is not the law universal is one race exempt while another is not? It would be absurd, to say the least.

Throughout the year’s experimental planes and drones were mistaken for UFO’s if you were to overlay a map of where the highest area’s of drinking and drug use are you would see it is also the highest area’s for UFO sightings and reports. Not a coincidence demonic activity allowing their chariots to see what they want them to see.

People who believe in beings beyond planet Earth outside the realm of the Spiritual are denying how precious the SON of God is to HIM.   HE would never allow Jesus to be sacrificed again and sin will never have a place in heaven or the heavens when we are done.

Free will,   will remain free only with a greater understanding of the need to honor the word and the call to worship. We are here because God’s first group seen no value in worshiping the SON and insisted HE make an appearance. This was the need for the creation of man and the introduction of the SON of Man.

Proverbs 11:1 says God is fair and just and what HE requires of us HE would not undo himself. Jesus honored and obeyed the law it was important the law was written to be obeyed. How can a society exist without a set of rules to live by?

I want to introduce you to some friends of mine they are not UFO’s when you know what they are you may find it humorous. Keep in mind the Church is here to defeat the enemy and set the captives free and it doesn’t hurt to bring along a little help. This video is well documented I hope you enjoy.


Millions of Spirits have not been allowed entrance into the world because of abortions, not to mention all the children killed in the wars instigated by the dragon’s church.  These spirits must go somewhere and Jesus said suffer not the children to come unto HIM.  They follow HIM and they followed Babel / Abel whose purpose is overseeing the children who preceded their parents in death as Abel did.

The image on the left was made by man but theoretically, we inspired it. It is a playpen and the last two are escaping. The wanted to come to earth and play at the amusement park on the right before the dragons church closes them all down as they have already closed a number of zoos.








They almost got their chance until a  few ministers of righteousness put the kibosh on the playtime.  I don’t want those lamps. Those circles are gobbly gook, some people think the King James Version is the only version of the Bible. We are definitely not interested in taking these people home with us.

They don’t know the first thing about having fun. Party poopers every party has them.

I have emailed this group to assure them they are not out of their minds I do not like it when people who do not understand spiritual things try to condemn or ridicule those of us who do.

Ten years ago a revival nearly broke out in Salem NH I know that I did not arrive alone many angels had come with me, who did not get to do as they hoped for the enemy stands continually in our way.

They could not go back into heaven because they were to wait for the last trump to take their charges with them. In the meantime, God gave them temporary vessels which defy the laws of Physics because they are spirit.

The devil hates Babel and Babies in general because they bring so much joy when they arrive.

These guys are sure to bring tons of joy!

With the delay, I am afraid they may become mischievous and make someone hit a wrong button or two and make another Chernobyl like accident.

Pray for them that they get their time to shine and play at the park where they will be watched over by the older Angels.

Angels guarding the theme park as the men of G-d pay them a visit to tell them how loved of G-d they are.

Brother Abel

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