I’m Pentecostal I have the HOLY SPIRIT

With it, the power to discern good from evil, better from best the HOLY SPIRIT will lead us into all truth. However, some claiming they have the Spirit cannot even see the truth clearly in front of them, and why not? How can two walk together as one unless they are agreed?

Holy people should not allow G-d to be mocked or disrespected. His honor as many of you will see is worth untold wealth and riches. In my last post, I shared the story of the unfinished pyramid, and how we can now get it finished for his enemy as G-d desires it to be completed by us who know HIM and see the truth.

The Benny Hinn’d who are waiting for some supernatural manifestation and ignore the ones he has clearly sent,  are those who lack discernment. Mr. Hinn is one of the New World Order puppets who have his followers offend G-d by claiming they are gods.

The devil is in the details to why they are doing this.

See my eat this not that breakdown for Christians being deceived who claim they have the Holy Spirit?? ( Eat This Not That), It frightens me that they do not know that angels are watching.  Man crucified their LORD most high and they will leave the offenders behind.  Jesus said they would,  Satan knows this and it will give him time to wear the left behind down and force his mark upon them.

2-Silbury-Hill-Wiltshire-21-06-06-Wheat-OHIt frightens me that they do not know that angels are watching as they claim some god-like position that is why we are here to begin with DUH!.

Man crucified their LORD most high, and they will leave the offenders behind. Satan knows this, and it will give him time to wear them down and force the mark upon them. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling,  stay the course compare what you see to the law G-d has given.  Is what’s being said breaking any of the commandments or anything Jesus expounded upon?

Miracles come the signs and wonders follow “the preaching of the word.” , so the word must come first and with it understanding.   Why are you here? What is your purpose? Whom do you serve?

G-d want’s us to prosper as our soul prospers. It always aggravated me that my stepfather, seen the church as a way to help his multi level marketing opportunity. If you are in it for this you will be left behind the motive for attending church is no longer to hear what G-d has to say, your mind is on your next downline.

If you walk out of church the same way you went in, then you missed church. You can have a great preacher that also can be blind to the moment at hand. It is why Jesus said we are to have our righteousness exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees we are to stay on top be a good watchman, they are men whose feet are just clay as well. It is hard to believe that the millions of Christians who watched the saddleback debates in 2008  did not catch the sellout of America and thirty days later the money went missing from our economy. They thought they were so clever it only exposed them further as whom they truly serve and he (Satan) wanted America’s power.  Do you know my Jesus?  My Jesus has a plan to save the world.

Keep in mind beloved G-d is in it to win it and he defeated the devil on the cross it is getting others there which is the task at hand.

As G-d raises me up in these last days this website will become a beacon to the lost it will point to why I am being lifted,  it is HIM lying in the dirt in Egypt. The word will be opened and heard.

Punishment is coming my vision is that when your son or daughter opens a Bible in school that the teachers drop to their knees and throw themselves on G-d’s mercy. As your child leads her classmates to Jesus.  This has been thousands of years in the making so the phony Pentecostal minister will be dealt with and justice will be served.  I will not give to swine my pearls.

It would have been nice if others volunteered to help as maybe in a producer capacity, someone to say the bark is just right or it cuts too deep. Keep in mind my upbringing involved my parents yelling all the time.  I have possibly a Jonothan in my life and now I need a Nathan, one who would have seen the enemy mocking G-d and not voted for Mitt Romney (Romemoney).

The purpose behind the Devils mocking and using you to do it is to leave as many here to be toyed with by him as he can. He will have you hate G-d and agree with him while trying to weaken your resolve and take his mark. Like branding cattle he will confirm who is his,  from who is not.  He already has many of you ridiculing the people who insist on the KJV of the Bible. It is they I have come to reward they will receive the greater bounty for protecting a word that worked well for over 400 years.

We as children of G-d  are not to be ignorant of the enemies tactics or fall for them. You want to remove the thees and thous and art thous G-d and I have no problem but leave the rest alone. Leave words like respect,  honor,  love and replenish where HE wanted them translated in a time people feared HIM.

We are not leaving behind those who are lay people and love Jesus. Just those who mock him and the leaders who vowed to preach G-d’s word and try to make the KJV believers feel inadequate like not believing in Santa. The angels will smile at them nod their head and leave them behind.

I am accused of dividing and not uniting, but they attack the word that served four hundred years and won many to Christ because they think they are intelligent and more astute. It makes for a prideful stance and maybe why your pastor may not be able to discern good from evil, better from best.  He made a vow to G-d and broke it. I will teach and preach your word LORD, but he uses a new world order translation designed by the harlot. Who has a Spiritually Transmitted Disease (STD) that many become infected by it causes blindness. The priesthood ended in 70 AD figure it out. 

[notice]A Pentecostal man told me, and presumably, Holy Spirit filled that 700 billion dollars given to the church would destroy the world. Those who are not agents of Satan at the Assembly of G-d may think otherwise. The very fact that we have it taken from the dragons people reveal how guilty they are. This money exposes their guilt of the men who try to fool us into believing they are are children of G-d and spirit filled.[/notice]

I am investing my tithes no longer at the assembly of G-d but in supporting the server this site is on, it will in the end win more souls. It costs me personally over two hundred dollars a month to maintain this site the other portion I will send to the International Fellowship of Christian and Jews.  Once the Queen of England sees the fire in the US and I give her the word G-d has given me for her , we will have it all. Right now Satan is holding it back, but it is not I who needs the peace plan and Jesus is on HIS way!

Once the Queen of England sees the fires in the US and I give her the word G-d has given me for her, we will have it all. Right now Satan is hindering our work so please pray, It is not us who needs the peace plan it is him and Jesus is on HIS way!

[warning]This new found wealth in the Protestant church of England is good for almost the full 1.2 billion souls held by the harlot it reveals her. With the idols breaking and repentance happening those numbers could very well double. Muslims may even find Christ when we begin to dispel this ugly darkness she created.[/warning]

bankofEnglandThe money in England will not go to any one church it will build our one world church as prophesied placing us all under one roof for our Jesus the Protestant Jesus. So the world will be without excuse as to what Church to be a member of.   I will reward as I am guided by Father. Most every church will at least receive 500 million at a time with upwards of 3 billion dollars with certain stipulations, things that need to be done to bring in the harvest.

The most important criteria we must have fun and bless others with it.  When you alleviate another’s burden they will hear the gospel. They will receive Christ and a soul will be won.

The angels saw what mankind did to the only begotten Son of G-d of whom they worshiped as the most high G-d.  Now they are watching to see how you treat the first adopted Son of G-d among them, your Brother Abel.

I would rather be a son of G-d than a G-d. One man tries to justify his ignorance of the topic by claiming dogs have puppies, cats have kittens and asks what does G-d have? My answer would be obviously not him.

Jesus is the Lion of the tribe of Judah and my only true friend, as his friend I like setting the record straight. If you think you’re a G-d or voted for a god, then you shall die like men and not be taken home. Repentance is a beautiful thing.

Lucifer knows the word of G-d but not the dark sentences the hidden traps set for him he knows what offends G-d, and he can make it look cute and cool, even religious.

Matthew 13:41-42 KJV The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Matthew 13:41-42 The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity; (42) And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

144000 are filled and sealed with the Spirit of G-d and remain behind. The blind belief that they must be sealed after the church is gone because they have the HOLY SPIRIT and know G-d. How does sealing them after we leave beneficial to G-d having victory over HIS enemy or receiving the greater glory? When serving G-d ask what is the move that will bring HIM the greater glory. We want to save souls and not leave anyone behind to suffer under the hand of his enemy G-d loves your family and relatives more than theologians.

Many of you have heard me speak, and my apology is this. G-d gave a bark to a dog to warn you of the bite that is coming, and this bite is wicked. He is a pit bull which will not let go. He hates humans you can see it in his work. G-d made man in his image to have his enemy chase us to the cross. When Jesus came to me, he said, “That there is beauty in the breaking.” Take it for what it is worth.

Calling the 144000 out now is better it gives people pause to reflect and decide to make it in the first departure, without being born again no one gets out. You can be born again and offend and not see that you are; that’s why a wise man rejoices in correction. My bark is meant to be fierce the bite of the other is terrifying. Hell is a terrifying place, but I am asked to compromise with the New World Order Bible carriers who don’t keep their vows and preach G-d’s word.

The angels turned G-d’s first friend against him are you desiring to do the same or play nice and win the world to Jesus with me?

We are about saving souls and an excellent strategy for doing so. If you cannot get excited at what we are accomplishing with the crop circles and handing you millions of dollars to help alleviate other’s suffering and pain, then you are not walking with G-d or even know him. Santa won’t be handing it out we did all we could to get it from him..

If crushing the serpent’s head does not excite you, then you are more interested in protecting him. He came to steal kill and destroy, and what he has taken out of the world he is not ever giving back.

My favorite evangelist movie is the story of Robert Sheffey who had this to say about giving up our rights as Christians. “Everytime we give up a part of our faith…To try and fit in to the ways of the world. We lose it forever. WE lose a precious part of G-d’s promise. Sacrificed to the world and the world will never give it back and someday when the world tells us we can no longer have our religion accept where they say and G-d is driven from our schools,  and our government,  and our homes. Then G-d’s people can look back and know that our religion was not taken from us. It was given up handed over bit by bit until there was nothing left”  Robert Sayers Sheffey (July 4, 1820 – August 30, 1902)

We had to trick him to give up the 700 billion to get the ball rolling he was forced to buy out one of America’s political parties that was the republican John McCain who made the deal.  I gave the ball to a man of G-d he keeps sticking pins in the ball. Trying to deflate it and bend me to his will that I know offends G-d frequently.  If you sit on G-d’s plans and not share them with the group you are not a team player. If I show you, the ball and hand you the ball, and you drop the ball is that my fault?

We reward those that do well and those that fail to do well we love but beg you please get out of the pulpit,  bad kids don’t get cake. To say you will follow when you see the fruit and cannot discern mercy and grace you need to find another career.

This is not special olympics where you can swing the bat and get 12 strikes before we tell you to take a base.  The teammates here cannot wait for you to realize you can’t hit one out of the park. It’s their finances, it’s their loved ones who are lost and need to have the confusion removed. You only place yourself in the worst light the angels are watching.

A pentecostal man filled with the Holy Spirit proclaimed to his congregation that he understood human nature.  The first year I met him was October 2009 six months later in front of my stepfather and best friend he said,  “Pyramids would confuse people.”  He made me look delusional to my father who died with that impression of me.

I had placed the ball in his hands weeks earlier 50 or more crop circles that opened up G-d’s word now respect given the messenger when I tried to sit down and talk about G-d’s over all plans he proceeded to spend time with his smartphone as I talked about kingdom work.  He has had it six years now but wants some outpouring of G-d’s spirit without understanding he mocks G-d without conscience.  Even telling me I was exposing G-d’s secrets on my website. Isn’t that a Catholic thing to hide things from others play them as fools?

You rob G-d of his glory but want his treasure as well.  You want the anointing I have? It comes with a price I suggest you read “The Elijah Task.” I did not get to grow up in a church and walk as close to G-d as you do. My parents were not preachers or teachers they were dysfunctional.  I  understand human nature better than you and its just a matter of time when they realize who the real bad guy is here and why their friends and family are not being saved and church growth isn’t happening. That kneeler in front of the pulpit is for everyone pastor even pentecostal preachers who claim they are filled with the Holy Spirit who protect the dragon and his minions. Who vowed to preach G-d’s word and don’t even have a copy of it on the pulpit. The word regard is a six letter word the word respect is a seven letter word and G-d and I desire it where it first appears.

A year ago my Son moved to California and the devil made it clear he was checking him into the hotel. My Son told me about his new relationship and how they had done the deed and said when I meet her that he wanted me to respect her.  I asked him why should I,  when he obviously did not?

I may lose my son for all eternity but my relationship to G-d will be eternal and he can still meet my every need.  If Lucifer had kept his friendship with G-d what do you think would have happened? If he did not allow the half hearted to turn him against G-d. If I give the bad kids cake and ice cream without signs of remorse it does no good. He gave you the Holy Spirit and you ignored HIM and now can’t even discern good from evil.

you can almost hear the conversation of the half hearted. So you seen the Son yet? You know HE's playing you for a stooge.

You can almost hear the conversation of the half hearted. So you seen the Son yet? You know HE’s playing you for a stooge.

Lucifer was his first true friend turned on him and sided with the wicked.  So yes I am a little more fearful of failing G-d and compromising as so many have done without remorse or feeling they harmed G-d in any way.

You show a wise man his error he thanks you.  A wicked man hates you more for doing so.

Ho Ho Ho is still half of Holy, Holy, Holy.

I stand so that others may be saved and not embarrassed to learn the truth that they were mocking G-d all along with his enemy,  when they stand before HIM. Do you want the sin under the blood?  How can it get there if you believe you did no wrong or ill will towards G-d?

They the half hearted who considered themselves holy molded Satan into what he is . G-d said to me when this call came that we learn nothing.

When I think of the great man of G-d I gave the ball to six years ago and how much of this could have been avoided.  He rather treated the holy things of G-d with carelessness and wants an outpouring of G-d’s spirit from me. He missed every message G-d sent him,  he tells me he’s pentecostal that he walks in the spirit. Having them all vote for a man whose position would have given the devil mocking rights.

You think it was nothing but I seen what happened G-d made ISIS more powerful and he will use them to punish the wicked who use his name in vain. Including those with unconfessed sin that offends G-d.

Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy whom supported Romney. (Romemoney)

Done in August 2012 as a result of the knowledge of Romes work in placing Romney as a candidate. Islam is strengthened as a judgment against the clergy whom supported Romney. (Romemoney)

Before this it was just a block and he still is protecting Israel but the one above unlike Israel this one has division the protection can be taken away.

Israel like me is protected by an invisible shield.

Israel like me is protected by an invisible shield.


My father is a Lion so don't mess with me. This kitten has the peace plan. G-d does not have little gods, he wants children.

My father is a Lion so don’t mess with me. This kitten has the peace plan. G-d does not have little gods, GOD loves his children who keep their vows and one of those vows was to preach HIS WORD.

The same man who wants the anointing said pyramids would confuse people,  was he speaking for the whole world?   Seems the devil himself would feel the same way KEEP THE DARKNESS FROM BEING EXPOSED MIGHTY MAN OF GOD.

I left my Son’s house at first light and have not talked to him since. I could not knowing what was in me, I would not stay the night or any other.

Sure I have been down that same road but what is in me now is greater than my first Born Again experience. I will impart it to the chosen but if you mock my G-d in my presence,  I do not throw my pearls to the mockers and those who cannot see or tell the difference between what’s good and what’s evil those who called me a liar just months ago are seeing the truth now.

I last saw my Son who is my only Son and child was the beginning of March 2015. The same month I gave my testimony at a men’s breakfast in tears having said G-d would give me what I needed to bring in his harvest.

The other testimony given that day was from a man who sells guns to which was more lifted the one who reads crop circles or the one who sells the guns?  I can’t wait to see his look on his face when he finds himself left behind with the one he really wants to see.  Evil can smile and preach and keep your loved ones from finding Christ a few now and then saved is OK,  millions at a time not on their watch.  To give him any of this anointing would require compromise allowing me to say it’s OK to mock G-d and treat treasure like trash.

Jesus is very special to me and I cannot fathom how I can repay him for this great honor as all the world’s wealth will be attracted to me because of what I cover.  I insist that Christians arm themselves not for your protection but to protect those left behind. Calling out the 144,000 will bring many more to the church and help open  doors wider for you all to witness to your loved ones and explain why we are doing it.  We care about everyone and these 144,000 will need finances for their stay here to bring in the ones we could have gotten had we begun when I handed the ball to a teammate who treated it with carelessness. Every good worker has tools and the crop circles are my tools made by the same lamps Lucifer once carried and that is why I am getting covered in treasure.

Father will provide the finances for the 144,000  through me out of the dragon’s treasury.  By this time the RFID debit card will be in full swing it is the equivalent of what the enemy did to all those poor souls thinking they were receiving Jesus in their magical cookie. I will only bring them all up to this point.   Explaining and warning what is next and what they are giving up if they don’t come.  When the multitudes are gone they will know we were telling them the truth many more will come in.  Rome and the bankers have already put it into play there goal is to take us out knowing we will not take the mark  they do not believe in the rapture or know G-d’s word. They think we believe in Santa Claus.

We will warn them, I will make it clear with what is already available as far as end time material.  The fear of G-d is the beginning of wisdom.  I will be sure to announce that those who do receive an implant in order to buy and sell,  will be open game for any resistance that has not given their life to Christ.  We of course will be waiting for them on the other side. As G-d’s pet does his thing and scares everyone as he does naturally.

Can you imagine multitudes of souls flooding the church in these last days and the man who does it gives all the glory to Jesus,  then comes the other guys turn.  Walking around with a head injury claiming he is now G-d. The laugh factor here will peak the laughometer,  G-d has a great sense of humor.

Offending from not offending. I know you’re laughing you probably heard some of my messages I can get very belligerent about it.   People hate it when they are offended I do it to the greatest offenders just so they can taste it themselves. When it happens to you it is ugly. A bark on a dog is to warn you of the bite to come.  G-d must punish sin and a wise pentecostal holy spirit filled man would understand that.

To see the Bible opened up by supernatural means and not be excited about it,  is frightening to me.  G-d gave me the ball and I tried to share it with others to have others play with me in tearing down Satan’s kingdom. To see a false Messiah set up to a lost people and not see that’s what they did,  is equally as frightening to me. The money England proves I am telling you the truth of who I am what we have done what we are doing and that resurrection is next.

My G-d is a.b.l.e. who desires to open the windows of heaven upon you. However, the Catholic Church has its defenders among us. How can they defend what is sitting in the Bank of England waiting for us? It came from them to place Obama in office? I am no G-d only a true friend of G-d who keeps his vows and promises. I promise you I will not wickedly turn my back on Jesus only on those who mock him and pretend to be Pentecostal and Holy Spirit filled.

You beloved brother and servant

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