In The Arms of the Lord

Today is the eleventh anniversary of my stepmother’s passing she was a tormented soul who found the Lord in her final days. So much pain she could have avoided for herself and her family had she found him in her youth.  She bought into the lie she was a Christian because of the works the priesthood put her through.

I served in a homeless ministry, and many of them claimed the same thing they were Catholic and as so they were guaranteed a place in heaven.  The fruit they exhibited was rotten because the tree from which the came was equally rotten. Proving they have no relationship with G-d it is a delusion spawned on by works with little or no faith.

Adopted at the age of two she never held my hand only at the wrist.  If she were frustrated, she would let me know by digging her fingernails into me a method maybe she learned in her upbringing. Twelve years in a Catholic home for girls placed there by her father who was an alcoholic himself.  She went in a frightened little girl and came out a terrified woman who sprinkled holy water on the windows of our house when it thundered.

She had me convinced she secured my soul by having me baptized at the age of two something my birth mother neglected to do.  It wasn’t until 1982 at the age of 23 I became saved and learned what I lie I had been fed.   Six years of Catechism on Saturday was not the teachings of G-d or Christ but that of controlling delusional men who never knew Jesus ended the priesthood at the cross by crying out “It is finished.”

Jesus ended the need for the priesthood with HIS final sacrifice.  However, it served Satan so well throughout the past he brought it back in 300 AD to build his one world order.

The Jews learned their lesson that fellowship with pagan gods and idols would place them in bondage and G-d allowed them to be led away as captives to serve these false gods and they became slaves of the pagan culture and served it rather than serving G-d.

Like a druggy hooked on drugs or an alcoholic, it is a slavery and only crying out to Jesus can set the captive free. My stepmother said the sinner’s prayer at a retreat.  As time passed she would go to services with my stepfather, she developed Alzheimer’s and was diagnosed with bone cancer.  She gave up drinking I watched the spirit move from her to another member of her family, and the spirit was just as antagonizing to me as he had always been.

I learned I do not have to put up with the bad behavior I have choices,  which also goes for those whose eyes are opened and can see the dragon see what she is doing to America and persist it isn’t the dragon all dressed up again,  but the church.  Until you ready to repent you will not see great moves of G-d.

G-d will not be mocked!

My family member asked me if I was G-d’s gift to the world.  I replied no G-d’s gift to the world is HIS SON Jesus I’m just G-d’s gift to himself someone has to send the wicked a message. You will not get away with it,  molesting children is the last straw. The trash has surfaced at the top, and it is time to clean it up by rising the pure at the bottom to show the world what G-d is looking for in eternal friendships.

Jesus tells us HIS burden is light and HIS yoke is easy; there is joy found in serving Christ because it deals with serving others rather than self.  Self is never satisfied these lost souls need the word of G-d, and that is why G-d has opened them up in the crop fields of England.

I always knew the truth that my stepmother was hidden beneath the demons that possessed her. Though at the time I was young I did not understand that; I only saw a frightened child in a larger body crying out for help.

Maybe you might be one of these tormented children, and you are afraid to ask for help or feel too ashamed to come to G-d.   Abel in the book of Genesis earned G-d’s respect because he had seen (heard) how G-d covered the shame of Adam and Eve.  The lamb that was sacrificed on the cross is the only one who can ever cover your shame. He does it one better HE removes your guilt creates in you a new heart, gives you a new start a clean slate it is the only new life you will ever need.

In the game of life, it is imperative; we get this new life for it is the one that will last for eternity.

I always felt there was a purpose to my situation I did not understand it fully until Jesus came to me bodily in May of 2009.   He told me he would restore my marriage and I would restore HIS relationship to Israel that’s what friends are for.

Only the righteous can enter heaven, and only HE can make us so.  It is only the righteous who can admit the SON of G-d’s honor is worth the world.

Brother Abel.


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