Inner Value

We carry a treasure within earthen vessels those who possess it are hated by the god of this world, one time it was he who carried the same treasure.

He found more value in his outward appearance and turned against the light he carried.  Many others went after this visible outward beauty denying the purpose for which the covering was created.

It was to reveal to the angels/creation the value of the SON of G-d.  G-d is spirit and they that worship HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in truth G-d seeks such to worship HIM.

The best line found concerning those who are getting by without G-d was written in G-d’s not Dead.

You have been warned.

Ministers fall into the same trap they follow after the enemy here by not standing against him, they assist him to lead billions away from G-d their favorite line is “Some Catholic’s love Christ”.  Some is not enough and you do not know G-d if you think it is OK.  As a Protestant and a lover of Christ, I want them to see the truth I want them all to be saved and love Christ.

See Rome for what she really is and those who claim a relationship with G-d and defend her do not know G-d.

If darkness is in you how great is it?

Brother Abel


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