Iron(I-C) isn’t it?

John 9:40-41  And some of the Pharisees which were with him heard these words, and said unto him, Are we blind also?  (41)  Jesus said unto them, If ye were blind, ye should have no sin: but now ye say, We see; therefore your sin remaineth.

James 4:17  Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him, it is a sin.

Ironically, those who need the most help continue to do the most damage.

I am not called to turn stones into bread or walk on water. Neither are any of you; you are called to shine the light on Jesus, something the first bringer of light failed to do.   I have heard through the Pentecostal grapevine some have been known to walk on water?

Today there is no excuse with modern technology; get pictures!

Mary has appeared in places along with ufos as well, and neither is relaying the truth.

Mommy has nothing ever bad to say about her children, or her leadership and prisons are filled with convicts because Mommy does nothing to discipline them. You never hear Mommy say leave those innocent children alone.  Well, Father is coming, and discipline is what HE is bringing, but before he brings judgment, he sends out a messenger that no one wants to listen too.

That would be me.

I am if, at all this Daniel 8:12 and 250 pounds, I will not be walking on water. We still do not do stones into bread, and who is asking for demonstrations of power?

The iron mixed with clay isn’t it iron(ic) that the very ones who need saving have peppered our Protestant Churches with their people making sure the rest of them, including themselves, never get saved. The truth does not get out to the lost as it should.

I look at it like the trucking industry, which has so many vacancies is it a real shortage, or is it just drivers moving around from one company to another? Are we being added to, or is it just a game of the enemy to send his people to make it look as if it is growth? If you are dancing with wolves and there is no true repentance or remorse, it is not growing; it is church hopping. The iron is mixed in with the cay G-d can work with clay iron must remain to be tempered by heat; it refuses to honor HIS will.

It is HIS HOME we are going to, and we must honor HIS way or stay behind until we understand why. The hint is HE does not like SIN or wicked behavior, and when it comes to HIS SON mocking HIM is not allowed EVER!

Each of the websites has a different login page. It shows what I know to be the significant moves to win the world to Jesus; you can only because of the strain on the sites belong to one. So that when we leave, we do not want to crash the network each site will space out tweets and posts, there will be three safe days in which to do it before MR. Big and his brain-damaged body starts taking over.  It tells it like it is the world will get the leader they deserve.

If you are political, try; if you are for Justice, then try if you are a fisherman for Jesus or a sportsman and like the thrill of the catch this one is sure to bring repentance conversion and make new Saints

Do you like Father rejoice in the truth, then you belong to Link2truth and want others to know about it  We are all called to be light-bearers, and if you seek to shine the light on all the others, the sites shine on Jesus is the one for you.  is the place for you.

The  SIXTH is death, and I do not want anyone to join it.   There are too many members in it now. I hope to move them from there to the others.  These are liars, government spy agencies, and devils destroying our world because they do not know the truth; they are the harlot’s hands and fingers and do the bidding of the men who have all the money and power.  Truth alludes them.  I do love them, and of course, so does G-d I pray they find the Jesus of scripture and get out and away from the MOB Jesus.
I put up their login in page just for effect and revelation.

I do not recall Jesus holding up a weapon and forcing the will of others???

It all leads up to the last one, and you women have a chance to redeem yourselves.   My hope is Christ is your redeemer first, of course.  Men have no clue as to how to bring peace, the opposite of war is love, and it is love that brings peace.

There are twelve princes of Abraham on Ishmael’s side, and there are somewhere twelve Jewish Princes on Isaccs side, and all are in Christ. They need matchmakers and weddings.

Your men will never figure this out; they are too war-minded and have no Romance in them. G-d hid the peace plan in the very name of the ones who will never see it in themselves. They don’t even have natural relations with women “Romans,”  and HE did it to save them.   This is where you shine. I have picked out the emblem for the world; you should have assisted me, but your husbands just don’t get it.

In the emblem, Abel seeks the respect he did not get from his brother Cain and the devil who assisted him in the evil act; Satan also needs to respect the offering. We will force the issue by taking from HIS coffers the dowry needed to do this.  Not only does my last name mean a Beautiful place. I also received no respect for what Father sent me to find in Egypt. So I am OK with being addressed as MR. B the Lions represent the King and Lion of the tribe of Judah and the crown one more deserving than the last one Jesus was given.

When we are gone, it can be changed into the enemy’s emblem, and they can call him MR. Big. Works on so many levels.  That is what I like to do,   address it all. HE needs help in finishing his new world order.  The sign in for this site ladies is at hope you want to participate in saving the world.


Brother Abel.

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