It’s All About The Erl Earl!

That black gold that Texas tea with record-breaking temperatures that cause us to inhale it like it was air. We are warming our homes heating our cars consuming hours of fuel before we even enter into them.  I say turn up those thermostats and consume that oil if he won’t give me my three and one-half years of harvest he doesn’t need oil for his weapons of war!

Stop G-d from having his peace plan and try it another way and as a nation, we suffer the consequences when are we going to learn?

Please pray for those who are without heat and for our seniors and may G-d grant many wisdom to those who use standalone heat sources.

This cold snap may be a result of a promise I was unable to keep to the congregation at my church. Follow along to understand why.

Oil has been a big part of the church in that it represents the HOLY SPIRIT.     However, this oil in the ground is a by-product of an extinct species that helped the fallen angels to build their large stone structures and to even mock and insult G-d. (It was fallen Angels’s not ancient Aliens)  I spoke to my stepbrother in South Carolina where it dropped to twenty degrees and covered them in over seven inches of snow.  Like God’s love, it is hard to get away from.

Turn up the heat I told him!

In delaying the creation of man G-d wanted his angels to visualize what death was and how differences in species cause bad behavior and even territorial violence.   However, they stuck to their stubbornness and insisted on seeing the SON of whom G-d whom Father always spoke so highly of.  To see the SON one would surely have to die. To an eternal creature like an angel, what is death??? Check out my post on chariots,  jars-of-clay, earthen vessels, and avatars.

Christmas eve before this snap of cold weather came on I promised the congregation that I would begin revival before the New Year to end 2017.  Again the devil reared up his jealous Nancy and prevented me from keeping my promise. I hate to break promises but the devil wanted to be as the most high G-d and Father said he could be for seven years after HIS SON gets HIS seven.   Which technically leaves Jesus with 3.5 years does it not? 555 comes before 666 all day every day!

The enemy wanted to be like the most high G-d well for men and the angels that is the Lord Jesus Christ who had his start in the manger in Bethlehem which means house of bread.   So at the end of the age, G-d is going to place the light like HE did in heaven into someone here to finish his last three and one-half years 3.5 or 555 comes before 666.  My last name means beautiful place not a house of bread but I know of HIM and I love Him.

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Those weapons of war don’t run on seawater Lou and we have plenty of that.  Seawater sustains the ecological system of our planet.  Someone needs those weapons to conclude his reign of terror but what he needs more than that is a temple to sit in and a body to drive.  Misery in my life was because I was going to spot the antichrist first and point him out to the world.  He was not on top of the hill at all he was right down here where he needs to start.  Just like the most high G-d had HIS start!

Digging for oil in the Gulf after selling out the Whitehouse to the dragon and his church was not very smart Republicannot’s.


Every time you try to bring peace without Jesus you pay the consequences. Still, even the preachers don’t learn,  who do not speak the truth and allowed Rome to come into power not to bring peace but inquisition and death. Only by the preaching and hearing of God’s word is anyone moved to serve and fall before the throne of G-d.

Sometimes the fear of coming to G-d is that ominous feeling what if G-d asks you to be a missionary in the mosquito-infested jungles of Africa? Well first,  He will prepare you for it and when the time comes you will be happy to do it and feel sad if you don’t.

If I have not love I am but a clanging cymbal. A verse from the love chapter read at just about every Christian wedding.   My pastor bless his heart thinks love is sleighing people in the spirit not opening the word to the world.  We do differ in a lot of ways our visions are completely different his I am beginning to believe is to leave millions behind and not tell the world the whole truth. It is after all the truth that sets men free to worship G-d.  I am not looking for people to fall backwards but on their knees before the throne of G-d and understand what G-d has done here. Confessing Jesus is Lord!

They have eyes to see (crop images) they have ears to hear (the word of God) and they want neither. Jesus is the Son of the living God and the church is built on that!  Not on Peter, Peter we know was sent by Jesus to feed HIS sheep or better known as to win the Jews to Christ.

Everyone knows the heart has four chambers God want’s access to all the chambers of our heart. HIS heart is found in four gospels Jesus is HIS heart worn on HIS sleeve to show us all how valuable we are to HIM.

Anyone who knows HIM knows the first four commandments deal with HIM exclusively!

Do you know people like this and are you clanging because of it?  Look what a fabulous Christian I am I have all the saints in plaster of Paris all over my front lawn I am a good steward of my property all neatly manicured.   I just know I am making those Muslims and Jews jealous with envy over my relationship to God. With Protestants claiming I love Jesus too how can I not be welcomed into God’s eternal home? Oh what’s that you say Bobby?  I am breaking one of the top four commandments???  Which one?

  1. I am the LORD your God. You shall worship the Lord your God and Him only shall you serve.
  2. You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain.
  3. Remember to keep holy the Sabbath day.
  4. Honor your father and your mother.

To allow the blind to follow the blind puts how many souls at risk?  1.2 billion add to that to the nation of Islam which is nearly another 2 billion and growing whom Rome is responsible for,  because they never preached the gospel nor opened up God’s word when they had the chance.

All those new world order translations was to spew confusion and to make them feel as if they fit in because by their commandments the word is always changing.  I praise G-d HE is not! This little man is saying the Emporer is wearing new clothes and they are see thru to those who are not blind as bats and whose radar is working, we cannot be deceived.

Paying her back double?!?

God dressed his dragon and look how many went after him! Surely they do not know HIM!

Let me enlighten you to who Lucifer was and why he was created to be God’s best friend.
It’s all about value!

The angels began to drift from the heart of worship and murmured against the need to worship what they couldn’t see. Finding no value in the worship of the Son who was clearly not making an appearance anytime soon in heaven.  So G-d made a covering of many colors for HIS SON and placed HIS Spirit into HIM as a chariot to show the SON has value! He was the light bearer not the light but upon hearing the complainers and the ones who claimed they knew G-d better than he,  only caused him frustration.

He was failing the task of bringing them back to worship.  It is one of the reasons there are angels held in chains for not coming out in time to help restore order to the kingdom and use the gift G-d made for HIS SON as help to bring back the fallen back to worship.

Can you imagine what it must of been like for him trying to tell the other angels G-d was living in him?  Yes, you do even harder is to be the carrier of light that is greater than those who claim they carry it. You know they are wrong but for the sake of argument, you let it go.  Trusting in G-d  that HE will make them see it,  the way it is meant to be seen.

The power G-d gave him corrupted him,  he was only beautiful because of whom he carried which he carries no more.  He told me as I was growing up I would never be anyone well I guess he just doesn’t know G-d as well as he thought.  G-d told him I was off limits that I would know who his ride was when the time came.  He was right about one thing I do have a one-track mind. The track I am on is to lead the world to Jesus.  🙂

My last name it was divinely given to me, it means beautiful place, and praise be to G-d I have something beautiful inside me thanks to Jesus.   Maybe that’s why he wants to give me the wealth of the world truth has value and Christ is worth the world.

Come quickly Lord Jesus the church has become cold! There love is like a clanging cymbal.

They’re for pro-life…Yeah right!

This is what a priesthood of Satan has built for the world. Jesuits and Catholic Priests need to understand Jesus ended the need for the priesthood’s purpose at the cross.

The more truth you carry the more value you have in the kingdom.

Jealous Nancy say’s G-d shouldn’t have a friend.

Brother Abel

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