Jesus Christ is Coming to Earth

So you better watch out, don’t be caught in a lie.
Fall on your knees I’m telling you why,
Jesus Christ is coming to earth.

He knows when you’ve been bad or good
HE knows if your AWAKE
So be ready for heaven’s sake.

HE has a list HE’s not checking it twice,
HE’s taking the ones who gave HIM their life.
Jesus Christ is coming to earth.

He knows when you’ve been sleeping around
HE knows when you mock HIS work,
So you better get with the program
And find out about new birth.

John 3:3  Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

I just attended a Christmas festivity and it was well done,  very well done.  We rode on a wagon through the many imaginative Christmas stories that are shared at this time of year.  Their songs so conveniently playing as we came upon each one.  It was like going through the imagination of lies until we finally ended up at the truth, the one that is most important of all. Where we happened upon Mary and the child that was promised to us in Isaiah 9:6 700 years before HE was born.

In God’s word HE never asked us to set a particular day aside for the birth of HIS SON, first, his manhood had a start but HIS life had no beginning,  HE always was so providing HIM with a birthday makes HIM less divine to the untrained eye. He is the SON the angels asked to see and the one man needed to get right with G-d because it was inevitable free will would falter and need to be educated.

Also it was a good example to the enemy of what to look for in a most high God especially if you want to be like HIM.

G-d is holy and they that come to HIM must worship HIM in spirit and in TRUTH!

Jesus is called the cornerstone HE is how Father asks us to live our lives. A role model of manhood, HE did not conform to the clergy of HIS day because they were getting it wrong and though HE loved them and tried to set them right they hated HIM because HE claimed to have come down from G-d and that HE was the promised one.

I do not believe George Washington ever said: “I cannot tell a lie” that may have been a lie made up by another.  Children cannot tell fantasy from fact,  they only believe what the older ones tell them. It is one of the reasons G-d insisted the Jews relay the Exodus story and the stories of scripture throughout history HIS story is to be told over and over G-d rejoices in truth and you can tell who are HIS by those who rejoice in it as well.

We had to come through all these lies until we could come to the ultimate truth, without Christ, there can be no peace. That God’s Son has a value of the highest kind placed upon HIM.  Before the making of man, HE was covered by every precious stone and the jealousy increased in the hearts of the angels who refused to worship the SON or respect the leadership provided them,  which is now leading the rebellion.

I’m a big guy and when I laugh my belly shakes like a bowl full of jelly,  I have a white beard and children have asked me if I was Santa?  I had to reply with the truth. No, I am not because Santa doesn’t love Jesus nor does HIS day bring ultimate glory to G-d it came about as a lifting a man who was kind to children, but it would not be the first time the institution that started his fame was hiding his real intent.

It was Rome who set the day aside and took that from the Pagan’s solstice and called it now a holy day. When you consider who is behind Rome it isn’t hard to see why we even have that one day a year the CHRIST MASS.

Isaiah 42:8  I am the LORD: that is my name: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.

The angels rejoice at one sinner saved we could be having year-long jubilees if others did not follow Romes interpretation of Jesus who claimed in 1954 Mary was a co-redeemer to Christ.

Leadership in heaven is based on eldership age and wisdom, not young children called elders like Mormon teens are. That is done to give them a sense of importance to the work of error.  Elders of heaven the twenty and four are selected by God to oversee the kingdom.

They recognize the truth they stand on it and they do not waver. I may be hated because I am not looking for people to fall backwards under some anointing that can be mimicked by the enemy. I would prefer people to bend their knee confess with their mouth believe in their heart Jesus Christ was raised from the dead and submit to HIS Lordship.

Sending confusion into the enemies camp is helping to set others free.

I warn you the video below is drastically disturbing the person who compiled it did not edit it to remove the strong language but we are all familiar with the terms so don’t play it if you are offended by four-letter words. You can avoid them by stopping at 18:28 into the video.

It is mystifying to the spiritual world that G-d would call someone who is not bent on being the one who stands up, I did not ask for the call and was very surprised when I got it. I  have been opposed by men who do not rejoice in the truth, I call them Antichrist’s Santa’s little helpers double-minded men who want it both ways which keeps Rome standing and the child abuse going.

G-d wrote HIS story into my life and led me to see HIS effigy hidden in Egypt I am not one darkness wants in the lead slot,  they are holding out for another.  I know about five others who would be better than me.  In the video, you will see the confusion that is going on. If you do not know Christ you need to,  resurrection happens only once and blessed are they who are out of here first.

You will see people who were not under some government mind control but victims of a Church who did not go and do as G-d called them to do, preach the word to all nations instead they kept it away from others and Protestant clergy have assisted them.


Demons have gotten comfortable in their chariots like the one who drives John Kerry,  he took him to Antarctica during Hillary’s campaign to see the snow melting from a pyramid not built with the hands of man.

Like the Christmas ride, I was on you have to go through all the lies to get to the truth!

God’s honor has value and HIS SON”s equally so!

Facing east as the sun rises. Lucifer once looked into the glory of G-d. The dream Steele tells a powerful story. Written when Abraham’s descendants were slaves in Egypt it says this was covered in sand someone was trying to hide something. If I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.

If you want to stop using four-letter words in your own life the new birth will help.  Those who speak with new tongues reveal evidence of the Holy Spirit in you.

Brother Abel because life is eternal.





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