Let’s have a surprise party…

Then tell all those who it’s for we’re doing it for them before we have it. Not much of surprise at all if you do that. I like surprises and so does G-d. He likes throwing them, though he is one tough person to throw a surprise party for, it could be those seven eyes of His.


Zechariah 4:10, Revelation 5:6

There are seven eyes to the spirit of G-d made by the seven lamps.  All the raised sections add to fourteen. Psalm 14:2

There are seven eyes to the spirit of G-d made by the seven lamps. All the raised sections add to fourteen. Psalm 14:2

It seems its never what we expect, the Jewish people were waiting for a great king like David, who would over throw the Roman empire and restore to them their land free from unclean gentiles. What G-d sent them was not expected, a carpenter’s stepson from Galilee friend of sinful men who hung around smelly fishermen and tax collectors.

He is the great king, and he was doing just that, taking what was unclean and making them clean. We do not need to reinstall new politicians to give us back America we only need to get them clean by showing them the wicked path they are on, show them what they are building and whom they are building it for and serving.

In heaven the faithless rebelled and insisted on seeing the most high G-d the Son. So G-d started by creating a covering for His Son.  Kind of like…You want to see something,  take a look at this…He was the first enforcer protector of the throne of G-d to bring the fallen back to worship the Son and restore order.

When the demons thought they had won,  up from the grave comes Jesus…Surprise! The angels who asked to see the son and and watched as man arrested him in the garden was that what they wanted? Surprise!

The image below is to give us an idea of his size in comparison to them,  that’s as he is now. However, in heaven he was magnificent covered in precious stones.
creature 2Many angels were attracted to him someone in whom they could see.  He was adorned beautifully he glittered and shined it was G-d’s over-sized fishing lure. The wise ones went back to worship the Son fearing what this big thing meant if they did not. Things haven’t really changed free will stays the same the faithless still go after the pomp, the glitter and the gold.  Ignoring the clearly written and spoken commands of G-d,  without faith it is impossible to please G-d.  Wanting to see the invisible brought with it a lot of pain for us especially for Him.

Whether Lucifer and his false teachers want to admit it,  he is doing just as he was created to do bringing worship back to the Son of G-d.  It may be reluctantly but it is happening.  G-d allowed him to dress himself so that he could be exposed here in America by taking this great nation and making it his, he used the Catholics to make it happen…Surprise!


Guess who is getting left behind??? Surprise! You pastors that stood with her and defended her think you are going up in the first wave…Surprise! What is the definition of the word TRAITOR? Do we really want Jesus coming back to a Nazified America? Most ministers wanted to place a man whose religion tells him he is going to be a G-d some day in the highest office in the land, while they sent their kids to schools around pagan Catholicized idols to pledge the allegiance to one nation under G-d, would that be Mitt Romney or the Pope? Surprise! G-d seen it all with His seven eyes… Do you?


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