My First Pet I can now see it was a Gift From God

A Sheep Dog, Father, I love you!

My stepparents were 32 years of age when they adopted me my stepmother began drinking at the age of 16 while still living in a Catholic orphanage where she had been raised for twelve of them. She did not know God’s word or was shown how to have a proper relationship with Christ. No relationship means no power to overcome the temptation to sin or keep the demons at bay, and she had many.

My oldest stepbrother went into the Navy as soon as he was old enough to join and was stationed in Virginia or was stopped over in Virginia when he brought up the dog.  He was a Seabee who spent time in Antartica.  I always had a thrill when he came by to visit when I was five, he brought me my first dog.  No one ever forgets their first dog this one made me the envy of my neighbors together we looked like Timmy and Lassie.

Unfortunately, the only picture I have of him with me is his hind end drinking from the pool. That’s the roof of the garage the pool was built alongside it.  At four years old, I heard the voice of Father and Son one night as laid in the neighbor’s yard, not understanding why they placed me here,  my stepparents always fought — looking up at the stars crying asking why did he not like me? When I heard a voice say,  “He acts like he knows we’re here”? To which I replied, “Of course, I know you are there.”  Then I heard the other say,  “Quite he can hear us as well.”

My first dog was a breed that’s well-known for herding and protecting abilities. Rough collie dogs are described as strong, loyal, affectionate, responsive, and fast. The rough-coated collie has a beautiful long coat that flows as he runs, and his head is a smooth and elegant wedge shape. Rough collies can do well in the country or the city, but they need companionship and daily runs or long walks. Although they are a little less active than border collies, rough collies do need at least forty-five to sixty minutes of outdoor activity every day. Surprisingly, once he is back inside, he is very calm and happy to sit and lounge with his owner.

Now and then I will watch a rerun of Lassie.

I loved going outside in the neighbor’s yard and laying on their well-kept lawn with the dog.  The Mother and Daughter who lived there were Christian’s who never shared the word with us. Their witness was every Sunday they dressed up and walked to the Marsh Corner Community Church.  We were a lost Catholic family that had no word to hide in our heart. I would look up at the stars and still do.  Back then, my comment was.  Whatever you are doing, it has to be big because you make great things.

My comment today is, “You want me to do what?” Open up the word? Lift up, Jesus give him a peace plan. Well, Father, I would love too, what an excellent opportunity to get the Churches together and celebrate your return and we can kill two birds with one stone,   however I noticed the clergy seems to be opposed to a Truck Driver who has you as the precious cargo and we are not doing Peter Popoff or Benny Hinn. All we have is those two hundred plus crop circles you made that point to your word.

This seems to be a big disappointment to the Pentacostal’s,  Catholic’s, Atheists, Scientists and Satanist’s and not necessarily in that order.

Is that because I cried out to you what chance do the lost have when those who claim to know you hide the word from them?

What’s that, Father?  What do you get when you take the greeting out of OHIO?

The whole earth became cursed because the enemy made a graven image of the SON in Egypt, claiming if the Son ever showed up, he would make him his pet.

(Jeremiah 4:28)  For this shall the earth mourn, and the heavens above be black: because I have spoken it, I have purposed it, and will not repent, neither will I turn back from it.

We can see the enemy kept his part of the prophecy and used a church to make mocking of Jesus while destroying our world. God does not reward them with HIS blessing. We can be grateful they prayed their blessings over the German soldiers because God curses their benedictions.

Jesuit World Conquest Map

Catholic Jesuit world conquest map using Son’s name in Vain to build their one world order.

Finding this truth gave me the knowledge I have because HE opened my eyes wider and gave me HIS wisdom in greater measure. I found what needed to be seen and know how the true order of things should be. We should be more like a dog than a cat; we should be wagging our tails sitting by the door for the master is about to enter in.

God reveals the same map a little differently. Every nation darkened one more to go it is America, the harlot has placed her puppets everyplace else. You have to be deaf dumb and blind not to see it.

Lucifer turned against God made accusations claiming there was no SON and that when HE showed up, he would make HIM his pet.

Let me know when you see it.

Those theologians who claim the Son was visible in heaven before man do not know what they are talking about. If HE were visible before the fall, they would have done the same thing; we did to him.

All of the creation needed an example of HIS love and allow free will to chose one so loving from one so evil.

The symbols say he never met the SON nor did any angel until God makes HIS appearance in a manger.

The New World Order begins before man is here. The enemy built the symbols; one of these pyramids is not like the others. The son of G-d is no one’s pet, and HE will not be mocked.


Brother Abel

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