My stepfather the carpenter…Revised

The story of G-d has been written into my life,  I do feel honored and at the same time a little apprehensive.   Coincidentally I work in the transportation industry??? So what do I know about leadership?  I do know good leadership when I see it and hear it, they usually have a membership of more than 100 saints.   I know the enemy does not win because G-d is wiser than he could ever be. The goal be ready for the rapture and be separate from the ones in the world. Show the world there is a better way because we know there is.

Seven circles down and five across giving us twelve.  The heart of G-d should always be looked at twice. For the faithful, it should be every day. Jesus’s head lies to the west the mind of Christ America is the furthest west. The world’s technology emanates from the west. Also in the wilderness tabernacle camped the tribes of Benjamin. Ephriam and Mannesah the older England shall serve the younger America. Benjamin the new covering above the cross brother of Joseph and loved of his father Jacob. He is the star sign Gemini the twins Saul who became Paul boasted his ties to the tribe of Benjamin. Not hard to figure out what role I play in all of this. The top of the cross is supported by four circles four represents the heart of G-d also the top four commandments.


Since Christianity was hijacked and taken over by the state of Rome that changed.  They assimilated the culture into Christianity and blurred the line of what is holy from what is not. Everything the state touched and claimed was holy became sacred only for a profit. The restoration of the discarded priesthood of 70 AD came back with a new form to mock sacrifice Christ eternally. What we bind on earth will be bound in heaven,  is that what G-d would want us to do throughout eternity hold masses?  Threaten lives and intimidate others to do their will?  They continually beat the rock and never speak to it.  Those who do so are not welcome in the fold by those of us who understand what Christ said and meant by saying “It is finished!”  The priesthood resurfaced to make servants of the ones G-d came to set free. Instead of remaining free from the cross and resurrected they placed Jesus back on the cross as to intimidate others to follow them.

Some will rise up and kill you thinking they are doing G-d a service. Although G-d rejoices in the death of HIS saints, it is the ones doing the killing HE is trying to reach.

Latin is a DEAD language!

This same group has with Mafia-like precision have taken over America, but they are a priesthood of phonies who can never bring about peace because monsters know nothing about peace. Dropping a nuclear bomb to show they now are a dragon that breathes fire may take place and Damascus is the road Paul the persecutor was on when his eyes were opened.   Their sheep follow blindly and seduce the house of G-d’s children to aid and support them in their perverted fetish lifestyles which includes pedophilia.  Want the serpent dead then we need to crush its head. It means we must rise above them. Evil wants power and G-d remained silent until the greatest nation on earth was seized by the harlot to reveal she is the harlot.

Its rattle goes Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. Thank G-d he placed a rattle on him because the Watchmen really haven’t a clue.

The weight of the world should not be upon my shoulders. However, I see no help coming forth to win the world to Christ.  Some ministers are awaiting the outpouring of G-d’s spirit in a mighty way.  Right now they took what he has given them to begin the revival and tossed it away like it was evil or trash.  The word of G-d opened to the world?!?  We don’t want that at all,  we want emotion and not to hear the voice of reason.

It is the word of G-d that set me on the path to understanding. This war began before man was created and man was created to bring pleasure to G-d. Finding the truth means the world to HIM. His SON is not anyone’s pet to profit by.

The rejection of truth is the rejection of G-d for we know G-d rejoices in the truth.

So I never knew my parents and my stepfather was a carpenter I only wed once and through her had only one son.   My son is far from being like Christ; he was there when G-d began giving me the revelations of the crop circles. He gave up his birthright but was that because I delayed or the ones who claim to know Christ delayed? If he remains left behind and most likely he will,  I can always have another Son I can even adopt another as our Father has adopted us. I can call one of yours from among you to play the role for the rehearsal of the wedding feast; every wedding has a rehearsal at least the good ones do. the greatest wedding feast is about to happen we must prepare.

We could even have a lottery, whatever we do,  we do it to lift up Jesus and save souls through the hearing of the message.  We are to compel the lost to come in to show them the wonderful work of Christ.  I can have another son mine is not as important as the one I point too. However,  the G-d of heaven cannot for HE has only one Son that matters to HIM and HIS role HE will give to no other.  Father played the role of the SON. If you saw Jesus you saw HIS father they were one.

When I was seven years old, I went with my stepfather to the job sites where he worked as a framer and builder of some of the most beautiful homes you will ever lay eyes upon. He was employed by two Jewish builders who built homes in Andover Ma. off of Reservation Rd. on Mayflower Drive,  Pioneer Circle,  Pilgrim Drive, and Standish Circle.  Homes today that are over 50 years old and still look as modern and as beautiful as when they had first been built.

The yards were unfinished when I was there, only dirt and gravel.  I would clean up the scrap wood and throw it into the fire that became a tradition of ending the build. I cleaned bathrooms and kitchens to help out my dad.  Sometimes the workers would leave something behind in a dry bowl before the water was turned on, but you cleaned it because you were doing it for someone you loved.

 Since my father’s death, our own home has been torn down, as much as it broke my heart to have something my father built with his own hands and sweat destroyed because it was not good enough for others to live in.   There are still homes he built that people are living in and enjoying.  Reservation Road is where I played and spent my summer vacations,  around electricians,  plumbers, and finished carpenters. Making friends was not hard for me the kids who were moving in needed new friends but my friendships only lasted ten weeks at best and then back to school in Methuen when summer rolled around again those kids moved on to newer friends.

On our way to Montreal Canada for Expo 67 and also for my stepmother to meet her mothers family for the first time. Her mother had died when she was just four at the hands of another Catholic alcoholic who had placed her in a Catholic orphanage for twelve years.

Every summer for seven years I went to work with him we would eat scrambled eggs he would make n the back of our Volkswagen van that he converted into a camper.  Leaving me home was not an option my stepmom was a functioning alcoholic, and he did not want her all wound up when he got home from work, so he took me with him every summer.  I did not mind I loved being with my Stepfather.

As I got older, he transitioned from houses to apartment buildings. The same builders who did the homes in Andover Mass.  Built and operated Brookvillage East in Marlborough and Brookvillage West apartment complexes in Salem NH.  We spent most of the time in Marlborough many times staying away from mom and sleeping in vacant apartments where he would paint and prep them for new tenants.   He had several family members and friends helping him with painting when several went empty at the same time, and as always I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchens.

I did get to swim in the pool which was the highlight of my vacation but only on occasions when someone would watch over me.

At Brookvillage East in the making.

My childhood was not playing or having fun as an average child; it was more like work than anything. I used to take the risers cut-outs that were left from making stair frames each one shaped as a triangle.  I would nail them together and build pyramids turning them upside down to stuff them with scrap nails or other trash.  Our Father in heaven must have been saying look, Lou, he’s onto something.   My stepmother’s name was Lucille and she did not like me at all, but that was the alcohol. Do you know who came to visit me often and call me all those special names and say all those mean things to me it was the real fallen Lucifer?

Sticks and stones and yes names do hurt.  Like Jesus, they hate me because I won’t do what they want.  They were never his kingdoms to give away so there is no need for me to bow down to what he would like. G-d would like HIS word opened to the world, and HIS Son lifted up and isn’t that what matters most? It’s the best peace plan I have, and with HIS story written into my life,  what do, we have to lose?

Brother Abel

P.S. Don’t fall for that Mother Theresa she had no certainty where she was spending eternity she said so herself.   In fact, to know for certain is anathema in the Catholic church. She never had the infilling of the HOLY SPIRIT though her spirit was holy in its works or she would have never doubted or remained had her eyes been opened. She is exalted because it is the only one in that church who was closest to getting it right and doing most of the work the others should have been doing.  They need to lift up what few they have that do anything and even then at the cost of overshadowing Christ and HIS finished work.  All the glory goes to Christ.

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