Open letter to Cain ~ by Brother Abel

God is in the business of saving souls and fixing families.

We are called to forgive and make amends to those we wronged. When it comes to family God is the one we look to for restoration.  We both know how special father was to God sure I was angry; you took me from the land of the living.  I was still only a child of 125.  I had hoped to have started a family with one of our cousins who were here before the fall of father.  When the LORD said, HE would curse the whole earth for the sake of man they fell under it and mother’s labor pains increased you were her firstborn after the fall. Hey there you go,  you were a pain from the beginning.  Sorry,  I  didn’t mean to go there.  HE made no distinction between them or Mom and Dad.  In the beginning, I was seeking revenge.  Little did you realize you had placed me on the path to who I am today.  Thank You!

You could say you sent me to my first foster family and they treated me like royalty, some asked is this the Son? To which the LORD replied no he is not,  but he can fill in until the Son arrives and when HE did,  what a party!   It poured over into Acts when Peter was preaching. It almost happened in your church, but you knew best and had me pray away the gift. So, brother, I owe you everything you got it wrong I’m not the king,  you are.   At least one of five.  I hope if that is OK with you or are you too busy to be anointed by the likes of me?


Rough diagram of the mothership.

Unfortunately, when I arrived here in 1959,  by the other mothership  I was quickly placed into another foster family.  Only this one was not as grand as the last one nor as special as the first mother whose heart you broke.  I loved them as if they were mine, but there were disastrous complications.

One thing I learned was how important a vow was.  My stepdad was a flesh burner and a carpenter, and he rewally liked you. He did not have a romantic bone in his body.  My stepmom was raised by nuns and never knew Jesus until HE called me and I brought her to a retreat in Maine. You should have seen the discussion and pleas I made for her soul for two years every day when we were given the time she had left to live.

Most people do not realize how they even get here.  First, he knits our frame together and assigns a spirit to each frame. The technical not so miraculous term is called gestation or cell division at conception a spirit is assigned.  If he does not come through the first time he sent again until he does but the shock each time makes him a what we refer to as special needs child.

The first shall be last G-d want’s to restore us so we can restore many as a team and together show them that bygones can be bygones and that family matters to God.  We have a much better world coming, and we would like them to join us or stay for the remake of the NAZI and Inquisition combined by the church you so easily defend.   I am sorry I got angry I expected you to understand what Christian is and isn’t.  What I came to do is not pleasant but having fun doing it only irritates the one I’m sent to destroy.

What would you do if you were like me and had another frame in the dust waiting for you?  You wanted G-d to respect you, here’s your chance.  Do you want HIS respect or mans? Will you stand against evil if you knew that you were protected as possibly being the ride for our enemy just as I may be? That he the enemy needed you to bring in peace? The peace that G-d would like him to have. The head injury is necessary,  maybe it is you then you can know what it felt like for me. We want to leave the world with a brain damaged leader to make an awesome statement to the wicked. You miss resurrection you do not need a leader with brains. It also shows the spirit runs the flesh, not the brain.

I was angry because again you reaped where you did not sow and gathered where you did not plant.  Now, do you see the importance of the Lamb and the sacrifice?  Of course, you do I know you do. To side with HIS enemy is an offense you wanted me to get rid of the light and asked that I pray against it? A man banging on G-d’s door should know what he wants?  When asked what do you want?  You did not answer.    We are called to defend the kingdom not tear it down, and we are to judge those who do. We are not supporting them because of one or two good works.  The priesthood ended at the cross pray about it.  One thing was for sure you did not want what G-d wanted or what I wanted. I wanted the church I loved the most to be where it was,  the only church where the women ministered Christ to my stepmother.  Where’s that church?

Still, you have not learned anything, and to be jealous is how this all began.  I see you today, and I am jealous of you, but I thank God it is a godly jealousy.  I am happy for you because you are a leader of others while I am not,  at least not here.   At home that’s a different story.  Did you see how we did Genesis 4:4 and Revelation 4:4?    How about the remake of Noah’s ark and the towers did you catch that?   It seems to me you are always too busy to talk with me, and you don’t even know who you are?  If you understood the battle you would know that I carry the battle plans.  As a commanding officer, you should be thrilled; I’m here to hand a big part of the mission to you.  I just want to be with the one I love,  the one I missed out on the first time.

Sure I made a mistake 23 years ago, but I was told by someone who you and I respected that G-d wanted me to be happy and that making a vow of not getting married again was a silly vow. That G-d would not be hurt if I remarried.   So I began looking, and I stumbled did he leave me weak to stumble?  So I would know that I should avoid female relations completely?  I think so and  I didn’t kill anybody like David did.  The pastor said that the sin was going to cost me and that a blank check was drawn.  Do you have any idea how big it is? It’s everything the dragon has saved and more.  I still get the J.C. Penny’s wealth and Walton’s wealth, and the J.B. Hunt’s wealth that’s just a few of our Christian family members and you don’t want to talk to me. The pastor felt the homeless ministry I was involved with was turning away those who tithed and placing in the seats those who couldn’t. Look up the passages on treating the poor and turning your back on them.

All this wealth because G-d placed a value on HIS SONS HONOR do you?

I knew it was only a matter of time G-d would bring in judgment, when will you learn it’s not your ministry it was given to you by Father,  HE had prepared them for us before we were born. What I learned is how the enemy can divide a solid, charismatic God fearing Church. You send someone in with a vision you were only there three years when you told me yours, then the enemy places Catholics around them to make them feel special.  Not that you aren’t, but God has bigger plans for you than they ever could. If they really knew Jesus they would see the wickedness their church created and how it mocks God and not be any part of it.

Do you want to lift up Jesus so all men can be drawn to HIM? I know how it is to be done, but the short time we have left I want to get to know my queen again.  The body of Christ needs to stand up and crush the serpent’s head. God allowed his serpent to dress himself in the treasures he lost in the fall.

Guess who his body is?

We’re back and welcome to the awakening.

Brother Abel

P.S. Really like the new Sister in Law.

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