Our Better Angels – File This Under Inspirational and Hope

We overcome by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of our testimony, below are some of the most inspirational videos you may ever see. There is always going to be someone better or smarter or more talented than ourselves. The best thing for us to do in reply is praise God that HE introduced us to them, feeling us worthy enough to meet them.

They make God very real to us all.

Thank You, Jesus.


Another One

In the renaissance, painters would paint women as angels because no one was allowed to read the scriptures back then, and like today common sense did not rule. Besides, back then, heaven must be missing an angel was and is still a great pick-up line.  Renaissance angels were fake news because it is clear in Genesis chapter 6 the rebellion was because they wanted to be with the women of men. Women were made specifically for us so that we can be here through procreation methods. It was not so with the angels, and if there had been voluptuous blondes with wings and a harp as the painters suggest, they would not have bothered leaving heaven. Had they not left, Islam would not have risen up,  who to even this day stand opposed to the dragon and his church for persuading them to leave heaven by allowing God to make women to reveal HIMSELF in HIS SON.  The first rebellion was over power and control, not over women, because there weren’t any, so they have no desire for them, and the spirits from the first rebellion use men as their avatars and the name of Jesus in vain to build their new world order.

They easily dupe the unelect. God would not draw HIS Jewish people to the cross using Pagan devices.

Tolkien again plagiarized Norse mythology to produce “The Lord of the Rings.” Still, the church he belonged to incorporated pagan cultures into Christianity, lacking understanding of the word,  he did not know any better his church was unhelpful men controlling men. Rome embraced Christianity into their pagan culture for economic reasons, making Christ just another God among many? Sowing a new patch on an old wineskin? So no wonder no great moves of God among the pagans.  How is that conforming to the image of Christ?

In the late sixties and early seventies, a program called Hollywood Squares played on television; the host Peter Marshall would ask a question leaving the celebrities to fill in the blank. Here is my question to you “You were most like Jesus when you _________.”

For me, it was rather simple I was most like Jesus when I thought Obama was the Antichrist, and I said,  “I hope he is. I want to go wrap my arms around him and say thank you for coming my Jesus is next.”

Brother Abel (who should be filed under hope).

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