PB and J a good combination and a recipe for success.

Rom 11:1  I say then, Hath G-d cast away his people? G-d forbid. For I also am an Israelite, of the seed of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin.

We have examined the wilderness tabernacle and its outline bringing it into the present.

Paul began his efforts to destroy the Church. We know that he ends up becoming its greatest champion as he is confronted with G-d / Jesus on the road to Damascus.

Paul,  Benjamin and Jesus the PB and J of success.

Benjamin we know is duplicitous his star sign assigned by G-d is Gemini his mother Rachel names him Ben Oni son of her sorrow, while Jacob calls him son of his right hand Benjamin. The place G-d has clearly given him seems to be a covering over the cross replacing a covering which failed him originally. He is the most important of all figures within scripture because he is loved by the Father of Joseph, who we know is a picture of Christ. Benjamin is the closest relative to Joseph. Joseph honors him five times more than his brothers while also making him unwittingly the Kings cup bearer. A king is what Joseph was to his brothers before they knew he was Joseph.


When Benjamin enters Egypt, the truth is revealed to us all. There is great weeping and rejoicing…Benjamin and I do have a lot in common. 

A cup bearer carries to the king wine in the cup, wine represents the spirit. In the end, G-d gives one man the wisdom an added abundance of knowledge to bring peace into the world along with His harvest. He is the Son of his right hand and one also of sorrow for what follows after peace is destruction as the enemy gets his promised seven years.

The man starts with championing the church and increasing it five fold. It is the end of Christ 3.5 years of harvest. During this time, the warnings are going out about the mark and what is to come and why it is happening. The wealth of the world was ripped from it using Christ’s name in vain, those who took it will be confronted to give it to the man who will use it where it will win the most souls and promote the true body of Christ. This is G-d’s Benjamin brother to His only-begotten Son Jesus through adoption. Abel the first born among the angels and a picture of the promise.

The headlines should read…Abel to bring world peace…Head guaranteed to be wounded but not before the going away parties and wedding rehearsals for the bride of Christ.  🙂


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