Perfect Love casts out Fear

I heard this in a message last Sunday and several times during a prayer rally last night and it is true perfect love casts out fear and Jesus loves you perfectly and death is nothing to fear any longer for those who put their hope in him.

I am not perfect nor do I ever try to give you that impression if I have my apologies, if you have fear of me it is only the darkness in you fearful of the light and truth I bring.   Darkness fears the light and if you loved me perfectly I could do the work I was sent to do.

Daniel 8:12 tells us this is not Jesus falling to the ground because Jesus is the way the life and the truth and there was no darkness in HIM.   I did not even have the lamps that made the crop circles a week before being told to pray them away, another called a council together to condemn me for telling them the truth and did not want me to speak about what it was I found being hidden in Egypt.

Moses held a staff that when it was placed on the floor of the Pharoah court who at the time was housing the prince of darkness it turned into a serpent.  The false priests of the false gods placed their two staffs down as well and darkness was able to do the same exact thing! The difference was Moses staff ate the other two up and God was backing  Moses.

God our loving Father is going to use a man like he used that staff first to part waters and second too devour the other vipers.  It is very clever indeed and if God thought of it I would go with it.

Duplicating the gifts the devil can do every one of them,  he tried to get man to duplicate crop circles for him that’s how we ended up with the Nazca lines of Peru. Every now and then he squeezes one out which doesn’t point to a Bible passage that reveals itself.  That is how I know his from God’s. How can I give you the best visual of him trying to make a crop circle?  It takes a lot out of him it would be like a constipated Husky in the frozen tundra doing his business. He has his liars around and agents of darkness to be sure the world doesn’t see them for what they are God’s love for mankind.

God and the angels are spirits they are all around us, the harvest is ripe on the vine too long it begins to rot. Doing something the whole world can see with their smartphones screams mercy and pleads for repentance. But the agents of Rome say nay they’re for pro-life.

One thing he will not duplicate and reveal is the word of God you know the one you are supposed to hide in your heart that you may not sin against HIM.  The devil tries to keep that away from you so supporting a Church who is best noted at hiding the word leaves very little room for error where the loyalty for God lies. Fact is you do not love them perfectly as God loves them and it is because you do not understand what HE is doing.

When you stand with those who destroyed America and they admit their intentions in the defected priests book “Fifty Years in the Church of Rome” which should be in every serious soldier’s arsenal the  HOLY SPIRIT will guide you into all truth and if he be in you than you would know if it is truth Chiniquy speaks.

I know who doesn’t love you perfectly who doesn’t love you at all. You need to shine the light that they may fear God and find Jesus. They are taught to put on a smile around Protestant’s when they are in the majority they are ruthless killers when in the minority they are gentle as lambs.

They understood it in the 1930’s.

The new Pro-life sticker.


Brother Abel

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