Separating the Wheat from the Chaff or Who’s Going and Who is Staying.

There are people among us who believe they are Christians, but you can usually tell who walks and talks with God.  Today I will help you to see more clearly that I am Abel and our God is able to do all things.

God does not seek to or make slaves HE makes saints who truly love HIS SON and honor HIS word.

The featured image was created on August 14, 2001, before the downing of the twin towers that killed thousands of innocent victims who were minding their own business or where they like Mother Theresa where they needed to be doing what they needed to be doing?  I immediately noticed it looked like a winnowing fan that no-one else had discovered it.    On the very same night, the Chilbolton returned Arecibo message appeared of which I just gave you the Bible passages that it pointed too in my series “Getting the Message” where I break down the ten sections of the message and to think only last year in 2018 they discovered ten new moons around Jupiter. For a total of 79 moons, four are highlighted around Jupiter.

It was Galileo who discovered the first four moons you remember him and what the Church did to him forcing him to lie against his conscience of what he knew to be true. Psalm 79:4, Judgment is coming!

Show Father's Handy work.

We arrived on August 14, 2001.

On August 14, 2001, it was the day the conspirators were finalizing their plans to take down the twin towers, and I will introduce you to them by way of Abraham Lincoln because they tell you they were going to do it.  I love Abraham Lincoln  Father and I would like to see more men like Lincoln and Kennedy in the world, wouldn’t you? People like that belong in the Kingdom of God.

Some people in the world would like to see Me,  Kennedy,  and Lincoln dead. They don’t belong in the Kingdom of God they are destroying our world and they do it with a smile while pretending to be your friends.

Those guys with the planks and string had to be pretty busy the night of August 14 because the fan has 409 crop circles and it would have taken a group to make each circle within thirty seconds to have completed it through the night, while no one saw them?  Then travel 54 miles away to do the Arecibo Message on the same night doing the message including the face of man??? Something smells fishy someone is hiding something from us.  Those who claim they did them and hide them should read my last post. “What’s hell really like?

You CIA people should find that post very informative also I give you here an excerpt of a terrorist plot against the United States of America that you will probably do nothing about because of your own complicatedness. The plot to take down the towers was revealed to us by my namesake Abe L incoln another notable character who set the captives free like my Father and HIS SON Jesus Christ who is also my Father.   I know it seems confusing, but I am from the Government of the Kingdom, and I am here to help take away the confusion and having the initials B_A_B_E_L appears to be appropriate seeing we are here to help you complete the New World Order.

I just need to get to my money sitting over there in the bank of England that God does not need for revival. You know the price you guys paid to buy the Whitehouse in 2008?  However,  it wouldn’t hurt help get that peace plan in place what is that worth?

I think when the True American soldiers and Protestants of America figure out what they have done, we are going to have ash Wednesday every day all over the world.  Ever wonder why veterans you are not better honored and given more respect by your government?

You will want to listen and share it with others; we are not out for blood; we are out to break hearts and bring repentance.

This is the flag the angels, and I serve under, and I came in pieces to bring peace.

777 = 21 plus 24 scrolls adds to Psalm 45:1-17 Think About It. Psalm 21:1-13 highlight 7  and Psalm 24:1-10 keep it balanced highlight 7.

I cannot denounce my present allegiance and fidelity to the Kingdom of God because of my current position, but I would support you in destroying the Terrorists of the United States and help repair the damage they have done. By getting America back for you and make the US the former glory we once were even if it is for a short time.

They call me Babel and want me to have the last kingdom to make up my loss of the first one by the same spirits.  The angels and they are wonderful, and if you want to meet them, you must meet the Jesus of Scripture and not the one who plotted against the United States. I don’t like that Jesus, and neither does my Father’s.  That Jesus causes way to much trouble and damage, he keeps people lost and confused asks them to sin against conscience.

I am not at war with the Christians who love Christ or seek to honor HIM.  I am, however, at war with the Jesus Cookie!  Why can’t they make it more like an Oreo or those delicious Smores? Get rid of the priesthood it is more trouble than its worth.  Jesus warned us about them and technically had his enemy end it permanently in 70 AD; after all, it was no longer needed.

The winnowing fan is designed to blow the chaff away from the wheat, or the wheat becomes super intelligent and steps away from the chaff hoping it will become wheat,  We prefer the latter that’s why Father says come out of her my people. If not, then they really should read, “What’s hell really like?

Made up of 409 crop circles 409 may be a great cleaner, but it cannot remove the stain of SIN only the blood of Christ can do that.

Four hundred and nine chapters into the Bible we stumble upon Nehemiah Chapter 6 the conspiracy against him and the rebuilding of the temple.  I came with the plans for peace in the middle east to get the temple built the way God wants it built with HIS peace plan. The conspirators and the transformed ministers of righteousness will be revealed as I step up to the plate.  At the moment, I see too much Jesuit influence and have a difficult time trusting those who support them.

Bowing down to a Jesuit or one who I think is a Jesuit by their behavior will never happen. So those who hide the word of God stand out to me as not belonging to God.

Why do they want something so bad that they hate and are willing to kill our Presidents and children for it?

I found the Chapters about Lincoln fascinating. I was born in Cook County Illinois 94 years after the assassination of Lincoln the same amount of fruits found on the tree of knowledge were also numbered 94 the atomic number for plutonium. Barak Obamanation was from Illinois as well, but he did not have a birth certificate, you need one to be president you have to be a citizen, not a false Muslim Messiah must be the Queen of Heaven lost faith in her Son you think? It was a sad day in heaven.
Psalm 94:1-23

Below are three excerpts feel free to minimize the page and listen while you browse or work at your station. Download it if you would like, and I hope that the excerpts will help you to decide to buy the book at Amazon or get the audiobook. Right out of their very mouths, they tell us their plot against America and the Protestant Church.

First up is a Bishops confession of his plans to overthrow the American Government. It stops becoming a conspiracy theory when it is visually a fact!

Donal Trump, by the way, was taught by the Jesuits while Hillary hid the victims of the pedophiles by paying them and making them sign gag orders,  she’s a real team player only she plays for the wrong team.

When you own all the horses in the race! Expect evil to have a hand in it. There is no Democrat-Republican there is only the Vatican.

He who controls the wealth of a nation controls the destiny of its people.

Have ears to hear, and I will show you how to win the world to Christ.

The image represents sound waves there are 4 sets of 7 and 6 sets of 6  2 encompass the 6 6’s
2 encompass all making for eight at all points the number of perfection, please listen to what we want you to hear. It’s perfect.

There are 10 sets of 8  Psalms 80:1-19,  Psalm 28:1-9, Psalm 36:1-12  (36+28=64)
Psalm 64:1-10 (64+80=144) Psalm 144:1-15



Why many ministers are seen in the eyes of God as traitors and treasonous, that heaven-like America would not be safe with them there it seems they learn nothing.  The dragon dressed they embraced him claiming they walk in the light???   Angel’s will need to test their love by leaving them in the tribulation and see if they would seek to harm Christ and the Kingdom during HIS 1000 year reign on Earth Isaiah 9:6-7. I don’t even feel safe in my own country.

The Plot against the UnitedStates right click and save if so inclined.


Abraham Lincoln makes a Prophecy against Rome.

Plot Against President Abraham Lincoln right click and save if so inclined.


Why was this information suppressed were they that embedded into American culture?

The protection of this book is no doubt by the very hand of God, making the final harvest easier for me.

The killing of Lincoln right click and save if so inclined.

When someone in the body of Christ concludes that it was the divine hand of God and that Mother Theresa was doing what God wanted her to do at the time. Who does not weep at the thought of such a wonderful person lost to all eternity because she was not “Born Again”  John 3:3 knowing full well works do not get us into heaven,  faith in the finished work of Christ does.  If one believes that Christ is had in a bread wafer then no one was saved for three hundred years before Conman Constantine established authority over the bible.

When learned men more than myself start spewing their praises and defending her place in the kingdom it is a sure sign heaven is lost to us all.

Who are you going to believe the terrorists determined to destroy America since it was founded?

or Moses, Joshua, Daniel, and David and the rest of the cloud of witnesses.

Made in the backyard of Rome who gave us the fish and took away the word from us. Just to reveal G-d is not anywhere within them to be found.

If you like to join us and leave here for greener gardens and cleaner waters this will help.

Brother Abel

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